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Spring 2013 UGM

Spring 2013 UGM

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Published by Nigel Moore

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Published by: Nigel Moore on May 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Minutes from the London Spring 2013 User Group Meeting
Held at the Canal Museum, 12-13 New Wharf Rd., London, N1 9RTWednesday 13
March 20131900
2115 hours
The meeting started at 1910, apologies were received from Brian Fender 
LondonPartnership Chair, Peter Palmer 
CRT Enforcement Supervisor and Graham Butler 
 Member of the public
Those present on behalf of CRT were;
Jon Guest Jim CrooksPhil Adshead Aiden Johnson-HugillSally Ash Sarah Emmings
Those present from the public;
Sue Barrett Robbie Barrett Pauline RileyHelen Smith John Smith Graham RileyDaniel Gee Trevor Gillam Bob LangleyBeryl Windsor D Hewitt Sheila DamonKeith Brown Karen Hubbard Miles HubbardTony Haines Chris Lloyd Diane RichardsRoger Squires Robert Philpotts Alan WildmanMathew Duke Anita Finch Chris FinchDohne Arnold Robyn Litchfield Paul AyresMichael Stimpson Gordon Meenn Pauline Lord A Pickard Louis Jankel John ShacklockSue Lees Ian Shacklock Simon Ryder Del Brenner Nigel Moore Paul StrudwickKeith Clayton Robin Bishop Sandra GreenChristine Kemp
The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as correct and the meetingcommenced with a welcome from Jon Guest, it was also confirmed that, in general, theelectronic form of communication is working well with people easily finding the documentsand receiving the emails.
Simon Ryder, Chief Executive of The Beauchamp Lodge Settlement, gave themeeting a presentation of their work with the Electric Barge. A full transcript of thepresentation is shown below; appendix 1, and the following links will take you to thewebsite and some of the projects mentioned;http://thefloatingclassroom.co.uk/ http://thefloatingclassroom.co.uk/on-the-waterfront/ http://theelectricbarge.co.uk/ 
General Questions and Answers
Post meeting note; these questions are in subject order, not in the order they were asked, I have highlighted the key words to assist.
Q. In regards to the
South Eastern mooring consultation
and its’ effect on customers
travelling to festivals will some leeway be given?
Sally Ash confirmed the details given in the advance questions and remindedcustomers that there is always the option to speak with the local EnforcementOfficers should it be needed.Q. Keith Clayton voiced his disappointment on the delay of the
on the Slough
 Arm and asked what guarantees there are that this won’t be delayed again?
Phil Adshead explained that dredging is funded nationally and if an urgent projectdevelops then the less urgent plans have to give way. We hope to achieve extraweed clearance in the area to ease the issue and requested more detailedinformation of specific hot spots so that should we get the opportunity to spot dredgeat any time we know where it is most needed. Jon Guest added his assurances thatas a local waterway we are also disappointed over this delay but the Slough Arm willstay at the top of our priority list, funding allowing but have to bear in mind we are anational organisation.Q. A resident from
Noel Road
, Islington voiced very strongly their objections to smokeemitted from the chimneys of craft moored at the bottom of their gardens and the affect it ishaving on their health. It was also noted that craft seem to generally disregard the rules.
Jon Guest explained how CRT are working with the local councils to find a wayforward in regards to smoke. It was explained that craft are exempt from the cleanair act and we have to work towards a better understanding between those that liveon land adjacent and those that live on the water. This problem is not particular toIslington and that we, the councils and planning officers are working and learningtogether on formulating better controls.
Jon also explained that it is a popular visitor mooring and will always be full; sosmoke and overstaying should be dealt with separately.
Miles Hubbard commented on the comparison of buying a property next to a busyroad and the expected consequences which led back to the need for a mutualunderstanding of the needs of all members of a local community.
Del Brenner commented that the problems at Noel Road have been an on-goingissue for more than 2 years and should have been addressed before.
Jon Guest pointed out that we have looked at it before and that the current meetingswith the councils show how we are progressing towards a better management plan.
Sally Ash confirmed the 2 major contributing factors were the increased number of craft on the waterway and a higher number of craft overstaying. CRT has 2 coursesof action to deal with overstaying; firstly by applying the extended stay charges or bythe judicial route. The judicial route can take anything up to 3 months and then thecraft moves on and the time and money spent comes to nothing.
Del Brenner commented that this situation should have been better managed in thepast and that CRT have allowed this to happen.
Sally Ash asked, bearing in mind the powers that CRT have, what more the floor feltcould have been done?
Sue Lees, an Islington resident, responded that the rules should be enforced andboaters stopped from causing a nuisance.
Sally Ash responded that there is currently an open dialogue with boaters to worktowards a solution to nuisance caused.
David Gee commented that this dialogue needs to done in a mindful way so as not topush boaters out but to work towards a better understanding between those that liveon the water and those on the land.Q. Louis Jankel asked how many
Officers now covered London andwhether they are PACE trained?
Jon Guest confirmed there are 3 Enforcement Officers supported by extra datacheckers and that the primary concern was unlicensed craft. Jon also confirmed thatenforcement does not sit with the local waterway but is a national team.
Louis Jankel questioned whether 3 are enough to deal with the current situation inLondon.
Jon Guest replied that, as explained previously, the team is bigger now than it ever has been.
Sally Ash explained that the Trustees endorse the more softly approach to theoverstaying issues and that it is agreed the way forward is by engagement. Moreenforcement officers would not help the situation, it is regrettable that so manypeople are upset but with outdated bye-laws this is the only way to proceed.Q. Could CRT restrict the number of licenses issued?
No, this is not possible but the numbers are being looked at.Q. Could the clean air act be applied?
No, craft come under marine law and are exempt.

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