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Measurement Tools Reliabiliy

Measurement Tools Reliabiliy

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Published by malyn1218

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Published by: malyn1218 on Apr 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reliability of Measurement Tools
Reliability of an instrumentis the degree of consistency withwhich it measures the attribute itis supposed to measure.
Aspects of Reliability Assessed in Data Collection Tools
 – refers to the extent to which the same results are obtainedon repeated administrations of the instrument.- test-retest reliability (this is usually through the use of 
PearsonProduct Moment coefficient (r)] 
Internal Consistency 
– the degree to which the subparts of aninstrument are all measuring the same attribute or dimension, as ameasure of the instrument’s reliability - also mean homogeneity-
Split half reliability 
- items are divided into two comparablehalves for scoring, creating two separate scores for each subject.- Cronbach’s alpha coefficient- a reliability index that estimates theinternal consistency or homogeneity of a measure composed of several items or parts (LikertScale).- Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 (KR-20) – a method of calculating aninternal consistency reliability coefficient for a scaled set of items whenthe items are dichotomous (Yes/No).
Aspects of Reliability to assess…
 – Measuring instruments exist in two or moreforms called equivalent, parallel, or alternative forms.- two approaches:a. When different observers/researchers are usingan instrument to measure the samephenomena at the same time.b. When two presumably parallel instruments areadministered to individuals at about the sametime.4.
Test Item Reliability 
- item analysis to see how each itemrelates to every other item and to the instrument as awhole.

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