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Job Project 3 Letter of Credit

Job Project 3 Letter of Credit

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Published by Aslam Tabassum

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Published by: Aslam Tabassum on May 16, 2013
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 Letter of Credit
Learning objectives:
The students are required to
1. understand the definition and features of L/C;
2. master the contents and the types of L/C;
3. know the procedures of payment by L/C;
4. can read, check and amend L/C.
5. master the useful words and sentences
Letter of Credit
Ability objectives:
Understand L/C.
Master the skills of checking and amending L/C.
Job projects:
Check and amend L/C.
Warm-up activities (1-1)
What kinds of Contract do we often have? 
There are two kinds:
1) Sales Contract/Purchase Contract
2) Sales Confirmation and Purchase Confirmation
What are the contents of contract?
Contract usually includes three parts:

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