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BBC Life - Creatures of the Deep Worksheet

BBC Life - Creatures of the Deep Worksheet

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Published by James Dauray
A worksheet of conceptual questions to accompany the BBC Life documentary series episode 'Creatures of the Deep'.
A worksheet of conceptual questions to accompany the BBC Life documentary series episode 'Creatures of the Deep'.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: James Dauray on May 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Written by James Dauray http://www.aurumscience.com/life.html Page 1
Creatures of the Deep
Where did
Pompeii worms
get their names from? What is their source of food?2.
Humboldt squid
has multiple characteristics that make it an extremely effective hunter. List three.3.
One of the scavengers shown at the bottom of McMurdo Sound is the
nemertine worm
. How is it ableto digest the flesh of the dead seal pup? Compare this to the scavenging of the sea stars.4.
Aurelia jellyfish
synchronize their hatching so their larvae all emerge together. How is this anadvantage for them?a.
Do jellyfish have eyes? What can they detect?5.
fried egg jellyfish
is able to prey on the other jellyfish easily. Since they are soft-bodied what isthe only defense that jellyfish have against predators?6.
What kind of protection do crustaceans like
spider crabs
One disadvantage of having an exoskeleton is the need to molt. Explain the process that the spider crabshave to go through in order to molt.8.
Which crabs does the
sting ray
look for when hunting?9.
What characteristic of 
makes them stand out compared to all other marine invertebrates?
The female is shown mating with two males. Describe the different tactics that each male uses,and come up with a reason why the female would want to mate with both.10.
Pacific giant octopus
provides an unusual amount of care to its eggs. Describe two things that itdoes to care for them before they hatch.11.
giant sun star
is a huge scavenger on the sea floor, but there are two organisms that are able to getthe best of it. Explain what the organisms are, and how they do this.12.
An old ship is intentionally sunk to encourage the growth of a coral reef. Why is it important to sink theship at just the right depth and location?13.
Coral reefs communities contain multiple species. What kinds of species live on the edges, and whichleave near the middle of the reef?a.
How do the coral polyps compete with each other?14.
Briefly describe how each of these organisms in the reef gathers food.a.
Christmas Tree Worm
Porcelin Crab
Boxer Crab
Orangutan Crab
Sea Cucumber 
Why do
sea slugs
have such bright colors?a.
emperor shrimp
is a parasite of sea slugs. What is a parasite?

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