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Standing Orders 24 – 26 April 2009 Nottingham Britannia

Standing Orders 24 – 26 April 2009 Nottingham Britannia

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Published by: api-10863667 on Apr 13, 2009
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Standing Orders
24 – 26 April 2009Nottingham BritanniaHotel, Nottingham
If you need this document inanother format contact NUSon 0871 221 8221 or emailevents@nus.org.uk
LGBTLesbian, Gay, Bisexual and TransNUSThe National Union of Students (UK)The CampaignThe NUS LGBT CampaignThe CommitteeThe NUS LGBT CommitteeSteering CommitteeThe Steering Committee of the ConferenceConferenceA meeting of the Conference of the CampaignCaucusA meeting of the Conference for a specifiedsection of membersCMA Constituent Member (affiliated Union) of NUS(UK)Two-thirds majorityTwice as many votes in favour as against, ignoringabstentions.
2. The name of the Campaign shall be the NUS LGBT Campaign2.1
Equality of OpportunityThe aims of the NUS LGBT campaign shall be pursued without regard torace, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, ethnic origin,religion, age or creed, independent of any party political organisation orreligious body; but positive discrimination in favour of any disadvantagedsection of society shall be permissible.
No Platform PolicyIn pursuance of the aims of the campaign, any individuals or members of organisation or groups known to hold racist or fascist views will not beallowed to stand for election to any NUS LGBT campaign position, orattend, speak or otherwise participate in NUS LGBT conferences, meetingsor any other NUS LGBT events, and LGBT committee members will notshare a public platform with an individual or member of a organisation orgroup known to hold racist or fascist views.
Standing Orders
 From time to time by ordinary resolution of conference policy a person ororganisation or group can be subject to the "No Platform" policy of NUS .In this context no individual or member of any organisation or groupidentified by the steering committee as being subject to "No Platform"shall be able to stand for election to any NUS office, or attend, speak at orotherwise participate in the Conference. A list of the individuals andorganisations or groups subject to "No Platform" shall be kept on recordby the National Secretary.
2.2 (a)
Any Constituent Member or member of the Conference maycomplain to the Steering Committee about the entitlement of a person tobe present at the Conference on the basis that they are currently subjectto "No Platform". Such a complaint may be made at any time before orduring the Conference. In this event the Steering Committee shall beempowered at its absolute discretion to investigate the complaint andthen withhold or withdraw credentials to attend the Conference from anyperson who, in its view, is currently subject to "No Platform"
2.2 (b)
The Steering committee shall develop regulations for theoperation of these procedures to be approved as part of its report toConference
2.2 (c)
Any student identified in this section as not being eligible to standfor election at the conference shall be removed from the relevant and anysubsequent stages of the election process by the elections committee.
3. Conference Arrangements3.1 Timing3.1 (a)
There shall be at least one Conference in each academic year. Notmore than fourteen (14) months shall lapse between Annual Conferencemeetings.
 3.1 (b)
LGBT Conference shall be organised on dates recommended bythe LGBT Committee, who shall propose three (3) sets of dates in order of preference.

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