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CPS - Polymer Clay

CPS - Polymer Clay

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Published by Phoebe Hepzibah
CPS freemium on polymer clay
CPS freemium on polymer clay

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Published by: Phoebe Hepzibah on May 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Polymer Clay Jewelry making:
5 Free Projects to Learn How to Make PoLyMer cLay jeweLry
© Interweave
 not to be reprInted 
all rIghts reserved
This pemium has ee pulished  Iteeave, 201 E. Fouth St., Lovelad, CO 80537-5655; (970) 669-7672. Copiht © 2012  Iteeave Pess LLC, a divisio of Aspie Media,all ihts eseved. The cotets of this pulicatio ma ot e epoduced eithe i hole o i pat ithout coset of the copiht oe.
 vesatile polme cla opes up aold of ceative possiilities usicommo tools ad householdequipmet. with little moe thaa shap ife, some sadpape, a pastamachie, ad a toaste ove, ou camae polme cla jeel that isas old o as delicate as ou lie.Iside this teific e-oo, ou’ll fid pojects that illsho ou ho to tae advatae of the paitel qualitiesof polme cla to mae a checeoad patte, a jellollpatte, ad a aduated colo led. you’ll fid out hoto decoate the sufaces of ou polme cla eads ithtextues ad aclic paits.you’ll lea to comie polme cla ith silve fomold jeel ou’e ead to tae apat ad ive e life toi a ad-e desi. you’ll o faic, metal, ad moeito ou polme cla eads, eclaces, ad pedats– eve a comiatio pi/pedat! Ad ou’ll love holihteiht polme cla is: eve ve lae statemetpieces ae eas to ea all da lo.Add polme cla to ou jeel mai epetoietoda!
Ml whi
Editoial Diecto, Iteeave Jeel goup
Polymer Clay Jewelry making:
5 Free Projects to Learn How to Make PoLyMer cLay jeweLry
orIgInally publIshed In
step by step beads,
march/aprIl 2009
Tx P& Pt
If you joy dig up you oufi ih  buiful pi o pd hgig fom  impl ilv hi, hi tuxdopi/pd i ju h hig. w h pi o h lpl of  jk o o o bigh i up.
Polymer clay:
• 2 oz yellow• 1 oz turquoise• 1 oz magenta• 1 oz black• 1 pin back with bail• 1 tablespoon of fine or very fineglitter (optional)• 4mm silver-ringed crystal ABSwarovski hotfix flatback (optional)• Clear liquid clay• Superglue
• Pasta machine*• Tissue blade• 50-grit sandpaper for texture• 400-, 600-, 800-, 1000-grit wet/drysandpaper for sanding• 4” x 6” index card cut to the width ofyour pasta machine• 2-1/2” square cutter* The settings in the directions are for theAtlas pasta machine (the widest settingis #1), so please adjust accordingly.
Polymer Clay Jewelry making:
5 Free Projects to Learn How to Make PoLyMer cLay jeweLry
PaTTern guide for SkinnerBlend
Cut a idex cad to the idth of oupasta machie. O oe lo ede of the idexcad, mae a ma at the
poits. Othe othe lo ede, mae a ma at the
 poit. Da a lie fom the
poit to the
 poit ad aothe lie fom the
poit to the
poit. next, da a lie fom the
poit tothe loe coe of the idex cad ad do thesame at the
CreaTe The Skinner Blend
Coditio the ello, tuquoise, adfuchsia clas o the idest setti o ou pastamachie (#1 setti o a Atlas). Cut out 2tiales of each colo ith each tiale olled atthe idest setti of ou pasta machie.
Put the same colo tiales toetheso that each colo is o a doule thicess.Usi the idex cad as a uide, place the colotiales of cla o the cad as sho.
Pess the seams toethe ith ou fieso oth sides of the cla. This is doe to esuethat the cla ill ot split at the seams heolled thouh the pasta machie. The tialesdo ot have to e pefect. Eve if the ae ot theexact size o shape as da o the idex cad, ouSie bled ill still come out ve ice.Place the lo ed of ou ectaleaaist the olles (this ill o e called theottom ede) ad oll it thouh the pastamachie at the idest setti (#1 setti o aAtlas). If ou have chose to add litte to ouled, ou ca ei to add it o (please eadote elo aout addi litte).Fold the sheet i half, ottom ede to topede, matchi colo to colo. roll the foldedsheet thouh the pasta machie aai maisue that the folded ede oes thouh the pastamachie fist. Cotiue foldi ad olli thesheet thouh the pasta machie i the samemae fo aout 20–25 passes. Alas pass thecla thouh the pasta machie i the samediectio each time, otheise ou ill smea thecolos, ad ou ill ot et a aduated led.
Addi litte to polme cla ca etmess. To educe the mess of litte evehee,add a small amout of it oto the Sie bledsheet—o moe tha 1 teaspoo at a time—each time ou oll the sheet thouh the pastamachie. ru the litte ove the suface of thecla ith ou fie ad the fold the cla sheeti half, ottom ede to top ede ith the litteo the iside, seali the side edes lie a pocet.Put the sheet thouh the pasta machie, foldedside fist. Cotiue addi small amouts of thelitte i the same a util all the litte hasee mixed i.
CreaTe The Pin/PendanT
Cut off a 2” sectio of the led, acossthe colos.
ru this stip thouh the pasta machieo a thi setti (#4 o a Atlas). Esuethat the colo stipes ae pepedicula tothe olles.
did you know?
you ca coditio ou cla usi a pasta machie, oiith 1-2 ouces at a time. Softe the cla i ou hads, the flatteit out ith a olli tool. Set the pasta machie o the idest settiad oll out the cla.
neve foce a sheet of cla that is thice thathe olle opei ecause this could damae the pasta machie. Fold thecla i half ad u it thouh the pasta machie aai, fold side fist. repeatutil the cla is soft ad pliale, o aout 15 times.
¼ ¾½
tuxedo pIn & pendant

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