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MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin-2001 by Rick Joyner

MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin-2001 by Rick Joyner

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Published by jonah_1111111

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Published by: jonah_1111111 on May 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MorningStar Prophetic Bulletins - 2001
3) Freedom from debtSin leads to every form of bondage, and every form of bondage is rooted in sin. There are manypeople who have been striving to get free of fear and/or debt. However, because they have notconfronted basic areas of sin in their lives, they are fighting a losing battle until the stronghold of sin isbroken. Grace is coming to set us free from besetting sins—we truly can be free from sin. This is notto imply that we will not occasionally have a slip, but we can be free so that sin no longer controls us.We must have a vision of freedom from sin—the power over sin was given to us at the cross. There isspecial grace coming for our deliverance.Because
perfect love casts out fear”
(I John 4:18), the more we come to know the perfect love of God, the more we are freed from our fears. Since sin does separate us from God, it is hard to knowHis perfect love if there are continuous sins in our lives.Debt is also rooted in sin. It usually has roots in lust (for things), and irresponsibility—such as thefailure to tithe or be liberal in our giving. There are other areas of financial disobedience that canrelease “the devourer” into our lives. Because the love of money can be the root of all evil, it isimportant for us to learn how to handle money properly. There is grace coming for all of God’s peopleto get free from the stronghold of debt. One of the primary ways that God’s grace is coming to us isthrough “preachers of righteousness,” who are now being commissioned to go and set the Lord’speople free. Many of them, like Moses, have been on the back side of the desert for many years,faithfully tending their little flocks. A dramatic change is coming to their lives, and to the entire church.
Beholding His Glory
Like Moses, those who are being called will tend to think that they are inadequate for the task, andthey are! No one is ever adequate for what God calls them to do. We will, therefore, always bedependent on His Holy Spirit to accomplish our commissions. Moses did not need a big organizationand huge staff, he only needed the “staff” that was already in his hand to be empowered by God. Those being called should beware of thinking that they need any more than what they already have intheir hand to accomplish their purpose. How much glory would the Lord have received if Moses hadreturned to set Israel free with a great army behind him? How much glory would the Lord havereceived if Jesus had fed the five thousand from a truckload of food that He had with Him? If we wantto see the greater glory, we need to be willing to go with little and let God show what He can do withit. This is a major lesson that the Lord is seeking to teach His people, so that we can survive and evenprosper in the coming times. He is going to be steering our faith away from all of the props andsupports that we think ministry must have, and back to the ability of His Holy Spirit. In the beginningHis Spirit moved upon chaos and brought forth this beautiful creation. He can move upon the greatestchaos in our lives and do the same. It does not matter if we receive a little paycheck or a big one,what matters is that God is moving in our lives. Having a little paycheck provides an even greateropportunity to see His glory and grow in faith. One of His great lessons is not getting more, but seeingwhat He has already given us be multiplied.It is the Lord’s will for every single one of His people to be financially independent. This has little to dowith how much money we have, but in how much faith we have. To be financially independent is toalways make decisions based simply on the Lord’s will—never on how much we have.
Power with Character 
MorningStar Prophetic Bulletins - 2001
 The ultimate purpose of the Lord for every believer is for His glory and power to be revealed throughour lives. He wants to show who He is through us. He is the Almighty, and we cannot really revealHim as He is unless His power is manifested in our lives. However, His power is only meant tohighlight the glory of His nature. He wants us to be like Him, and have His nature, which is to manifestthe fruit of the Spirit. Therefore one of the most important scriptures for the coming times is Psalm100:4:
Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless Hisname.
  The way of escape from most of our unwanted circumstances is to begin thanking God for them. Weenter His gates with thanksgiving, but we go even deeper into His very courts when thanksgiving isturned into genuine praise. There is a fresh wave of worship that is going to come upon us that willoverflow into every aspect of our daily lives.Very soon, many are going to enter into a grace of worshiping the Lord continually. This does notmean that they will sing to Him every waking minute, but they will do everything as unto the Lord.When they wash dishes, they will be doing it as unto Him. When they go to work, regardless of whattheir jobs are, they will do them with thanksgiving in their hearts as unto Him. This will arise as praiseto the Lord, setting Christians apart in a remarkable way, and causing them to prosper.Complaining is what caused the first generation of Israelites to leave Egypt and perish in thewilderness without receiving what they had been promised. Becoming a thankful people is thegreatest open door to the presence of the Lord and to His provision. Thankfulness is faith, andtherefore releases faith. Faith will move God to help us. Complaining is sin because it is unbelief, andit will never release the provision of God into our lives. Turning complaining into thanksgiving willmore radically change lives than nearly any other single factor.When Christians stop complaining about their churches and start thanking the Lord for them, they willbe astonished at how radically those churches will change. When we start thanking the Lord for ourpublic officials and government, we will be astonished at how they will begin to change. WhenChristians stop complaining about their jobs, mates, and circumstances, they will be astonished athow fast these can change. Those who repent of the sin that they have been practicing, and turn their complaining intothanksgiving, will feel that they have been born again, again. If the stock market goes down and ourbig account turns into a little one, rejoice and thank the Lord. We will then see Him stretch the littleone far more than we could have ever stretched the big one. This is not to imply that we should be irresponsible and not manage our resources well. However, thefoundation of the best management we can have on this earth is seeing the Lord in all that we do,trusting in His goodness and good intentions for us, and thanking Him for it. We must start trusting Hisgoodness and His power more than we trust anything else. Every situation and every trial in our livesare intended to draw us closer to Him, build our faith in Him, and therefore enable Him to trust us withmore of His power. Do not waste your trials. Thank the Lord for every one of them and you will seethem begin more and more quickly to turn into great victories. God is good. He is always good and if we will trust Him, everything in our lives will turn out good.
But thanks be to God, who always leads us in His triumph in Christ, and manifests through usthe sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place (II Corinthians 2:14).

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