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CloudAccess.net brings high performance to the cloud

CloudAccess.net brings high performance to the cloud

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Learn how CloudAccess.net brings high performance to the cloud. The RamSan-810 (predecessor to the IBM FlashSystem 810) chosen by CloudAccess.net offers scalable performance and affordable high capacity that is both space- and energy-efficient. For more information on IBM FlashSystem, visit http://ibm.co/10KodHl.

Visit http://bit.ly/KWh5Dx to 'Follow' the official Twitter handle of IBM India Smarter Computing.
Learn how CloudAccess.net brings high performance to the cloud. The RamSan-810 (predecessor to the IBM FlashSystem 810) chosen by CloudAccess.net offers scalable performance and affordable high capacity that is both space- and energy-efficient. For more information on IBM FlashSystem, visit http://ibm.co/10KodHl.

Visit http://bit.ly/KWh5Dx to 'Follow' the official Twitter handle of IBM India Smarter Computing.

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Published by: IBM India Smarter Computing on May 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Case Study
IBM Systems and Technology 
Computer Services
CloudAccess.net provides a comprehensive range o hosted cloudsolutions. Originally ounded as MichiganMedia.net in 2008, today CloudAccess.net employs 35 people and serves approximately 15,000customers every month. CloudAccess.net is the world’s premierinternet hosting and support company or Joomla!, an open sourcecontent management system (CMS) used to build websites and onlineapplications.
Staying on top of huge demand
In 2010, CloudAccess.net beat out strong competition to become theocial and exclusive host o the Joomla! demo site. Initial demand orthe system surpassed all expectations – within a month o going live with the site, tens o thousands o people had registered.Faced with such overwhelming demand, the company realized that theoriginal inrastructure could not sustain the load, and moved to upgradethe platorm. CloudAccess.net needed to build a high-perormancecloud inrastructure that could support extreme processing and capacity requirements.
Thinking outside the box
Key to guaranteeing optimum perormance or the platorm waseliminating latency issues that led to delays in accessing storedcustomer data. Building an ecient cloud platorm requiredCloudAccess.net to re-think the conventions o current cloud storageservices, designed to minimize the cost o storing inactive data, but lacking the capability to support high-perormance applications.Gary Brooks, CEO o CloudAccess.net, elaborates, “A huge part o theappeal o cloud computing lies in the act that it can be a much morecost-eective alternative to hosting an elaborate IT inrastructure onsite. This perception puts a lot o pressure on cloud service providers tokeep costs as low as possible. Taking the low-cost approach, however,oten means sacricing perormance. We wanted to design a solutionthat combined cloud economics with data-center class perormance, which could handle our users’ demands or high perormance andcapacity at a low cost.”
CloudAccess.net bringshigh performanceto the cloud
The need
When CloudAccess.net was chosen tohost the Joomla! content managementsystem demo site, the company neededto build a cloud platform that met hugeperformance and capacity demands.
The solution
CloudAccess.net built the Joomla! VirtualPrivate Memory Cloud, delivering datacenter-class performance at a competitive
cost with high-performance ash storage
from Texas Memory Systems (TMS), anIBM company.
The beneft
Offers scalable performance andaffordable high capacity in a compact,
efcient design. Enables the company
to deliver an unthrottled platform thatsupports tens of thousands of users.
Case Study
IBM Systems and Technology 
Computer Services
Building a better cloud platform
CloudAccess.net decided to rebuild its inrastructure rom the groundup, and worked to develop the Joomla! Virtual Private Memory Cloud(VPMC), which is currently the world’s astest Joomla! cloud hostingsystem. The cloud platorm is based on Dell R810 servers, eaturingIntel Xeon E7 processors and virtualized with Citrix XenServertechnology, and uses SAN memory connected though a Fibre Channelnetwork in a high-availability conguration. While the virtualization model improved hardware utilization andprovided the agility to quickly and easily roll out new virtual machines,it also imposed more demands on the network storage as it completely randomizes I/Os, increasing latency on hard drives optimized orsequential-access jobs.“When you make the decision to virtualize you inevitably createoverhead,” notes Brooks. “Using 7200 RPM disks and trying to put a database on them causes bottlenecks, and all you can do is programaround it.” To meet its high-perormance goals, CloudAccess.net realized that thenew architecture would need more I/O horsepower than was availablerom conventional 15K spinning hard disks. With this in mind,CloudAccess.net made the game-changing decision to eliminate harddisk storage bottlenecks completely and build its cloud exclusively onfash storage.
Selecting trusted technology
Once that decision was made, selecting a provider or the solid statestorage component o the solution was simple – CloudAccess.net chose Texas Memory Systems, an IBM Company, given its three decadelegacy and the intellectual property leadership position the company has earned or its or solid state storage technology.Brooks explains, “Since we were programming high-perormanceapplications, we decided to just have the astest gear underneath thehood rom the start to eliminate the bottlenecks. From there, it was anatural decision.“At the end o the day, I think what matters is the sotware andrmware that lays the les on the disk and accesses those les anddoes it quickly and eciently. I don’t know i I trust the new Flashcompanies to do that properly. TMS has been doing it or 30-plus years.”
Solution components
Texas Memory SystemsRamSan®-810
Case Study
IBM Systems and Technology 
Computer Services
High performance at a competitive price
 The RamSan®-810 (predecessor to the IBM® FlashSystem™ 810)chosen by CloudAccess.net oers scalable perormance and aordablehigh capacity that is both space- and energy-ecient. A single unit can provide up to 10 TB o reliable fash, with sub 100 microsecondlatency, 4 GB/s, and 400,000 IOPs. Achieving comparable perormance with hard disk technology would require more than 1,300 disk drives. The solution eatures patented Variable Stripe RAID technology that enhances system resiliency without sacricing perormance or usablecapacity.
Easy implementation, strong support
For CloudAccess.net, selecting TMS has proven to be the right decision, given the superb perormance o the RamSan-810s, theease o installation and the excellent customer care. During theinstallation and conguration, TMS engineers worked closely with theCloudAccess.net project team to ensure everything went smoothly.“We congured the RamSans, hooked up the Brocade switches andconnected the server nodes in less than two hours,” says Brooks. “It wasreally ast and really ecient, and the TMS team was there to help usthrough each step o the process.”
Exceeding expectations
 The RamSan 810s have exceeded the requirements that CloudAccess.net had or its cloud by creating a bottleneck-ree storageenvironment to easily handle the I/O demands o database and otherhigh-perormance applications on the Joomla! Virtual Private Memory Cloud.Brooks concludes, “Honestly, we don’t even touch the RamSan – theperormance and ease-o-use has gone way beyond our expectations,and Texas Memory Systems has the support and human part down pat. When it comes down to fash technology, they really can’t be beaten.”
“Honestly, we don’t eventouch the RamSan – the perormance and ease-o-use has gone waybeyond our expectations,and Texas MemorySystems has the support and human part down pat. When it comes downto fash technology, theyreally can’t be beaten.” 
— Gary Brooks, CEO, CloudAccess.net

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