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Nadi Intro

Nadi Intro

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Published by Chhaya

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Published by: Chhaya on May 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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D.K.Sen, (Chief Astrologer), MindSutra Software Technologies
t is very natural that Nadi Literatures immensely attract the attention and interest of any advanced student of thesacred subject of Astrology, and of any serious researcher in the field. There are more than24 "Nadi Granthas"available in various parts of South India; most of these have still been lying in the form of palm-leaf bundles writtenin Sanskrit language, but have been scribed by using the scripts of regional languages (like Tamil) of South India.These are chiefly the property of their respective owners, and many of these are available in big libraries.In NorthIndia, the Nadi Granthas are more popularly known as "Samhitas".Even some educated and accomplished persons are of the opinion that the predictions obtained from the "NadiReadings" about possible future happenings almost invariably prove to be wrong - although the readings in respect of past events appear to be amazingly accurate (and therefore the querent gets duly impressed). But this not at all abalanced view; often it is observed that people acquire lopsided views owing to their personal bad experiences, or bybelieving what they might have listened from people whom they respect and/ or trust. One should arrive atconclusions after gathering sufficient knowledge and information about the subject, and after judiciously consideringall the pros and cons.It is however true that many learned Astrologers have had cautioned us that
there are a number of fake or spuriousworks available on the subject
, and these imitations are heavily banked upon by some cunning habitual deceivers -most of whom possess little or no knowledge of Astrology. It should be noted thatthere are two different classes of Nadis: (1). Mantra Nadis., and (2). Tantra Nadis.Whilethe latter class of Granthas (Tantra Nadis) is essentially basedon age-old well-known Astrological principles- and hence merits the attention of Astrology lovers,the former class of Granthas (Mantra Nadis) is basically 'dangerous'.Mantra Nadis are based on acquiring control over some "uchchista" or 'kshudra' (mean or profane) deities by using theMantras. From these Nadis, the querent obtains very accurate reading of all the major events and happenings of thepast, but most of the (or even all the) predictions about the future that are given normally prove to be false when thepredicted time of fructification actually arrives.For information of the more inquisitive users, the names of the various available Nadi Granthas are given hereunder:1. Bhrigu Nadi., 2. Shukra Nadi., 3. Dhruva Nadi*., 4. Satya Nadi., 5. Surya Nadi., 6. Agastya Nadi., 7. Guru Nadi., 8.Nandi Nadi., 9. Budha Nadi., 10. Chandra Kala Nadi (Deva Keralam)., 11. Koumara Nadi., 12. Ishwara Nadi., 13.Sapta Rishi Nadi., 14. Kuja Nadi., 15. Kaka Bhujandar Nadi., 16. Kapila Nadi., 17. Bhargava Nadi., 18. Shani Nadi.,19. Nava Nadi., 20. Garga Nadi (more popularly known as Garga Samhita)., 21. Narada Nadi., 22. Markandeya Nadi.,23. Koushika Nadi., 24. Saraswati Nadi., etc.* There are two different "Dhruva Nadis":one is by Satyacharya, and the other is by Jaya Muni. A very importantnoteworthy point is that
"Dhruva Nadi" has been compiled on"SAYANA"basis
- while the other Nadis like SatyaNadi (or Satya Samhita) has been compiled on usual "NIRAYANA" basis.Certain Nadi Granthas like"Satya Nadi"
(alternately known as Satya Samhita)
generally deal with the lives of the
great, outstanding, and illustrious persons of various fields. Whereas "Dhruva Nadi" covers the lives of allkinds of persons hailing form various walks of life.
There are basically2 types of Nadi Granthas:(1). The former kind deals with the actual horoscopes obtained by means of various possible permutations andcombinations."Bhrigu Samhita" is an example of this type; it is available in Hindi also. This kind of Nadi Granthas isof great interest to the serious students of Astrology.(2). The latter kind uses certain starting points - known by the term Nadi-Amsha (which are actually 150 unequaldivisions of any sign) - and go on discussing the possible events and happenings at length by taking the commencingpoint as effective "Ascendant". “Deva Keralam" (Chandra Kala Nadi) is such a book(available in English* also). There

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