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5012381 Making Powerful Healing Water

5012381 Making Powerful Healing Water

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Published by Chhaya
healing water
healing water

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Published by: Chhaya on May 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Making Powerful Healing Water With Reiki Energy
In this short course, you will learn many secrets that will significantlyimprove your healing ability and provide you with new and unique tools thatcan be applied in your healing practice. These methods work extremely wellwith Reiki and Qigong energy healings and will set you apart from other energy healers. This course is not long nor is it complicated, but theinformation is excellent and practical. Once you begin to use it, you willimmediately see the extraordinary benefits this simple procedure offers.In this course, you will learn how to make powerful healing energywater for individuals suffering from illness (physical or emotional). You willlearn how to make your own drinking water designed to raise your spiritualvibration or tonal frequency thus allowing you to channel progressivelygreater and greater amounts of universal energy, which will make you a very powerful healer. You will also learn how to charge physical objects with Kienergy that can be utilized as additional healing aids in a person’s treatmentor recovery. These physical items along with drinking the healing water allow the patient to become proactive in their treatments as well, whichdramatically improves the self-healing process and overall success of your efforts. Having these extra items and services also provides you with newresources to earn additional income from your energetic healing practice,which is a nice win: win situation for you and your clients!Healing water is a very powerful modality due to the high water composition of nearly all-living things. The human body is 70% water and 
the blood is 90% water. In fact, nearly every major organ in the body (brain,heart, kidneys, liver, etc.) is at least 80% water. When you introduce healingenergy water into the human system via consumption, you effect thevibration of the entire body. The ancients have always discussed watersability to both accumulate intent and purify the body. Water represents Yinqualities and Fire represents the opposite polarity of Yang.Dr. Masaru Emoto has done much research on water crystals and howthey change shape and become more beautiful and ornate with simple words.In order to save time, you are encouraged to search Dr. Emoto’s work on theweb. This link will give you the gist and implications of his researchhttp://www.guardiantrader.com/Water_Crystals.htmlbut there are manyothers that you will find by simply searching his name.As was stated earlier, water can be regarded as an accumulator, whichwas not only discovered more recently by Dr. Emoto, but was known and used by the ancients as well. Water’s ability to accumulate is also effected  by temperature. Its peak receptivity is just a few degrees above the freezing point at 39°F (+ 4°C). This has more to do with understanding the nature of universal energy and the qualities of the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth but to sum it up simply and concisely you can understand that oncewater freezes, it becomes a solid which is now a quality associated with theEarth element. When water boils it becomes a steam or vapor, which is nowa quality of the Air element. Cold contracts and absorbs (Yin) while heatexpands and radiates (Yang). Therefore water will accumulate best at cold temperatures where it is still a liquid, but not at temperatures cold enough tosolidify it. That said, you can simply refrigerate your water prior to charging
it with healing energy since the logic and reason for this step has now beenexplained.Dr. Emoto’s research also shows that charged water tends to proliferate and similarly charge other water molecules it comes into contactwith. In other words, it causes the other water molecules to assume theshape, vibration and intent of the charged water molecule somewhat similar to making clones of itself. When you consider the water composition of thehuman body and its organs, this has very powerful healing aid applications.
The Procedure for Making Reiki Healing Water
 1) Purchase or fill a 1-gallon container with filtered, purified or naturalspring water. Do not use distilled water for Reiki Healing Water.2) Write the person’s name on a piece of masking tape and attach it tothe gallon of water along with a photo of the person. This step formsthe structural link to the individual similar in concept to the idea of avoodoo doll. Based on Emoto’s work, this should cause the water totake on characteristics similar to the water in the actual person.

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