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French / FREN 051 Z1 - SUMMER SESSION 2012
DATES: le 21 mai au 28 juin 2012CRN: 60277CREDIT HOURS -
DAYS: TUES, WED, THURSTIME: 5:00p.m. - 7:30 p.m.LOCATION
Professeur: Brenda Beaudette-KaimCourriel:brenda.beaudette-kaim@uvm.edu Bureau: Waterman 542Office Hours: TBD. Also by appointment.
1. Text: Vista Higher Learning.
 Imaginez: le français sans frontières
, secondedition.2. Giono, Jean,
 L'homme qui plantait des arbres
Welcome to French 051. This course consists of an in-depth revision of the grammar youlearned in French I and II and is taught in French. You will improve on textcomprehension and oral and written expression through short stories/excerpts, and videosthat focus on francophone culture. We will cover five chapters of the textbook. Inaddition to the chapters we will cover in the text, we will read one short story. The onlynew grammar concept you will learn is the plus-que-parfait tense. You will be introducedto the passé simple tense for the reading of Giono. Essentially, we will be reviewinggrammar and focusing on vocabulary, but most importantly you will be applying thelanguage through conversation and written expression. The course will be interesting andfun as we delve into francophone cultures around the world, sharing and comparing ourknowledge, experiences, perceptions, ideas, and opinions.
Attendance/Arriving on time:In order for you to be successful in this class, it is essential that you attend all classes.Please arrive to class on time. Arriving late disrupts the momentum of the class. In fact,because this is a condensed course, missing even one class will set you back and you will
quickly get behind making it difficult to catch up.AbsencesYou are allowed one
unexcused absence throughout the course. Exceptions will be madefor illness or family emergencies however such absences may require notification to mefrom the Dean. If you have
more than one
, your participation gradewill drop by a third. For example, if you have a A+, your participation grade will drop toan A. and so forth for every unexcused absence after that. So, please come to class!Homework Expect to have homework every day. Make sure you set time aside each day to work onyour assignments.Late Assignments/Make-up Quizzes, Tests, and ExamsWhen assignments are due, I expect you to hand them in during the class period. I willnot accept late assignments unless your absence is due to family emergency or illness.You will not be able to make up quizzes, tests, or exams unless your absence is due tofamily emergency or illness. If you have a family emergency, illness, or something elsethat would qualify as an excused absence, and if this/these absences will exceed yourthree excused absences, I will need notification from the Dean. Please do NOT emailassignments to me unless instructed to do so.Grading BreakdownParticipation (includes attendance and being on time and speaking!)...……………..20%Homework (online assessments and writing assignments.......................................... 40%Mini Tests (5) and quizzzes.....……………………………........................................40%AssessmentsYou will have many opportunities to be assessed in this course and in a variety of ways.You will have online homework drills, mini tests for each lesson, quizzes, short writtenassignments, and oral assignments (class participation in discussion) There will be nofinal exam. All assignments will be announced in class.Classroom ConductYou may bring food and drinks to class. We will be spending a long time together and I'llhave a 10 minute break every class. Please do not sleep during class. Be respectful toeveryone.
Please make sure your cell phones are turned off before you get to class.
Academic IntegrityOffenses against the Code of Academic Integrity are deemed serious and insult theintegrity of the entire academic community. Any suspected violations of the Code aretaken very seriously and will be forwarded to the Center for Student Ethics & Standardsfor further intervention. To read the Code of Academic Integrity visit:http://www.uvm.edu/cses/?Page=ah.html&SM=ahmenu.html Successful Students will:
Have excellent attendance
Arrive to class on time
Come to class prepared
Participate actively in classroom activities
Set aside approximately two- three hours a day for French homework Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but it should be fun! Please do not worryabout making mistakes. No one is perfect! I
you to make mistakes. I will makemistakes. If you are having difficulty with something, please come to see me as soon aspossible so that I can help you.Tips:Set aside time to study the lesson vocabulary every day. Review the structures and cometo class with questions if you are unclear on anything.Always bring your textbook to class.Take risks with the language. It does not matter if you do not get it right. My job is toteach you.Make a couple of contacts in the class so that you can have study partners to work onyour French together.
Bon semestre!

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