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Voices of the Spring.

Voices of the Spring.

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Thou renewest the face of the earth. PSALM civ. 30.


Thou renewest the face of the earth. PSALM civ. 30.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Voices of the Spring.UPPER CAADA TRACT SOCIETYThou renewest the face of the earth. PSALM civ. 30.THE first voice we hear speaks directly for God for the divineexistence and presence with us in His works. The foolhath said in his heart, There is no God. ature says in her heart,and in every colour and feature of her flushing face, There is a God,and He is here !If any one shall say that all the beauty and abundance of thenatural world is no proof to him that there is a God, and that awhole earth awakening into new life is just as little proof as theearth lying dead in winter, that in either case you have only phenomena, and that his mind cannot rise above phenomena or look inany way beyond them, I do not know that you can reason to mucheffect with such a man. early all you can say is just this, Mymind is not constituted as your mind. I must believe that thesegrand effects have a still grander cause ; I must believe that a livingspring is a voice from the living God.II. The spring has not only this loud and general voice as to God sexistence and presence with us, it utters something more exact anddefinite as to His attributes and ways. Does it not, for instance, singa clear song of the divine faithfulness ?All who know God know that His covenant of providence as wellas of grace standeth sure. If the providential covenant were broken,the gracious one could not be fulfilled. But there is no sign of anybreach anywhere. Great is His faithfulness. The lengthening daysare telling it, the birds are singing it, the flowers are blooming it, thewhole earth is quick with it, and it breathes abroad in the balmyair.III. There is another of the voices of the season. It tells us clearlyand constantly, and every day with louder voice, of God s great goodness. He brings the spring not merely because He is faithful, butstill more because He is good. It is not merely that He made a certainpromise four thousand years ago and must keep it, it is that Hemade the promise and loves to keep it. When He made it He knewthat He would love to keep it.IV. As we speak thus of freshness and beauty, we seem to hearanother voice of the season telling us softly and melodiously of divine
tenderness.Autumn declares, with perhaps still fuller voice than the spring,the divine goodness, but it does not speak so much of God s tender-52OUTLIES O VARIOUS PASSAGESness. God takes this season of the year to tell us especially whattenderness, what delicacy, what colourings of exquisite beauty thereare in His nature. Did God raise with His own hand that flower onits stem, with all those rich minglings of colour ? Then He must lovebeauty. Did He call out in the grass and in the buds and flowersthat exceeding delicacy of texture, that softness almost ethereal,which will vanish if you touch it, which seems to quiver almost if youdraw near ? Then God must be very tender Himself.V. It has a voice of good cheer to all who are serving God faithfully, and seeking good ends for themselves or for others, althoughas yet with little apparent result. For when does it come? Immediately after the winter. The darkest, bleakest, deadest season of all the year is followed by the freshest and most reviving, as if toshow us every year anew that nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes the reign of winter is protracted, and the earth lies torpid andstill beyond the time when she usually awakes. Then the springcomes rapidly. The frost breaks up, the wind shifts round to thesouth, the showers fall, and, amid the glints of the sunshine, theimprisoned vegetation rushes out on the sight. Almost every yearthere are some few days together when there is this clear triumphantpassing from the one season to the other. In such a time each dayis like a joyous trumpet-cry, Winter is dying winter is dead !Summer is coming : the spring is here ! 1* Lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feebleknees. 1 Our God cannot forget, cannot forsake. He needs thewinter for souls to prepare for the spring, but He never forgets tobring the spring when the time has come. Let us toil on then,assured that in due season we shall reap if we faint not, and thatGod has always a spring after a winter.VI. The spring has another voice a voice which sounds away intothe far future and foretells the time of the restitution of all things." 1God, in renewing the face of the earth, seems to give us a visiblepicture and bright image of that blessed moral renovation which iscoming in the fulness of the time.

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