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Freemasonry and Fraternities Part 2

Freemasonry and Fraternities Part 2



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Published by Timothy
I wrote this article a while ago. I love exposing Freemasonry and Greek Lettered Fraternities, so this article is full of explosure. Also, included here are refutations of Masons and their supporters.
I wrote this article a while ago. I love exposing Freemasonry and Greek Lettered Fraternities, so this article is full of explosure. Also, included here are refutations of Masons and their supporters.

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Published by: Timothy on Apr 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Freemasonry and Fraternities Part 2 
It's wild that my information on this subject on Fraternities have spread effectively across the Internetand other locations.
I want to mention this before I do on. There has been bashing of real religionand I don’t accept that at all. There is nothing wrong with embracing real religion regardless ofwhat people say. Now, many great religious leaders have fought for liberty, loved justice, andmade great contributions in the world. Folks need to be reminded of that truth. Also, truereligion has nothing to do with carnage and destruction of innocent human life. Folks need toreminded of that as well.
Now, Greek fraternities are organizations that claim to build up characterand have the goal of almsgiving into the community. Yet, covertly, these fraternities have secretiveoaths, many of them have links to Freemasonry or are pro-Masonry, some praise false gods, andsome even link up with blatantly occult groups like the Skulls and Bones. Modern day Greek LetteredOrganizations existed from the early 1700’s in America. Phi Beta Kappa is the first modern GLO inAmerica. It was formed in December 5, 1776.
Phi Beta Kappa (
) stands for
 philosophia biou kybern
— "Love of learning is the guide of life."
To this day, many honor students in college including well known men are among its
ranks. It was established in Williamsburg, Virginia (in William and Mary University), yet itsheadquarters today resides in Washington, D.C. During the 1830’s, people wanted to eliminatesecrecy from their proceeding after the Masons murdered William Morgan in September 11,1826 ironically. Therefore, in 1832, a group of members of the Class of 1833, led by AlphonsoTaft and future valedictorian William Russell, formed a society nicknamed “The Scull andBones,” modeled after the old Phi Beta Kappa and set up as a chapter of a German academicsociety. Taft and Russell disagreed with the Phi Beta Kappa’s policy of eliminating secrecyfrom its order.
That is one of the reasons on why they formed the Skulls and Bones. Yalehave other secret fraternal orders as well.
Now, it's easy to see connections between GreekLettered Fraternities and Freemasonry. According to ex-sorority member and Christian Gail Gray sheknew Alphas and Omegas who are Masons. Gail said that these people remarked that they felt asense of deja-vu when getting their Masonic degrees.
The three founders of Phi Beta SigmaFraternity are Leonard F. Morse, Abram Langston Taylor, and Charles I. Brown, two of whichwere Masons. Leonard Taylor was not only a Mason, but interestingly enough, he claimed to bea “prophet.”
Abram Langston Taylor was a 33rd Degree Freemason. This information can actually befound on the fraternity’s national website in the section that gives a biography of each founder. SomeFraternities and Freemasonry have similarities like: having poems and songs, having oaths, there ismedals and marks of office relating to heraldy, they claim to promote excellence & a spirit ofbrotherhood, each groups must have a memorization of things (
like percepts, history, moral stories,etc
.) in order to join, and they same similar titles plus officer positions, each do community "service" tokeep up the good reputation.
Both groups have dues to be paid, their ritual books are held ingreat respect, and there are secret handshakes (including hand signs to signify each group).
There you go. Alpha Phi Alpha has an oath that members swear when Jesus said to swear no oaths atall:
 Fraternities and Sororities are entry level organizations in some cases into Freemasonry and other elitegroups. Many of those ruling the world today started out as members of Greek Lettered Organizations.Freemasonry is special writing about, because it harbors true deception. Freemasonry plainly claims to just want brotherhood among all men. They believe that they view all men as equal regardless of theirclass or religion. All men are indeed born equal. Masons readily are in charities, working with hospitals,and do other almsgiving. There is a catch though. The catch is that Masonic ritual have death oaths,there is Ecumenicalism (since Masonry believe that all men worship the same God if they areMonotheist. This has been said by Pike, Manly P. Hall, and other high level Freemasonry), theyembrace the occultism of the Kabbalah, and Freemasons admit that deception is placed on its lowerlevel members. The lower level members of Freemasonry are called the Blue Lodge. It's interesting tonote that the Masonic Temple always have the entrance in the West and the altar in the East. The Eastin the Bible refers to Sun Worship (Ezekiel 8:16-17) and the Scriptures also says that God resides inthe North. Even going further, the Bible says in the OT that the priest walked from east to west to gointo the Temple (or the Holy of Holies is in the West), while Freemasonry travels to the East. Thisoccult group of Masons are notorious for distorting or reversing biblical truths.
Not many people realize that many high level Freemasons either own or have great impact inthe food industry.Brother Nicholas Rivera made me known of these facts. For example, thefounder of Kentucky fired Chicken (or KFC) was Colonel" Harland David Sanders (September 9,1890–December 16, 1980).Col. Sanders was a 33rd Degree Freemason
Sanders was a mentorand a friend of Dave Thomas. See, the late Thomas not only founded Wendy’s, but he's a 33rd
Degree Freemason. Common sense tells you that a great deal of our food and water supplieshave been given dangerous chemicals. These chemicals include fluoride, aspartame,aluminum, mercury, chlorine, and other chemicals. They ruin the human immune system andincrease the chances of diseases. That's why we must embrace natural and organic foods sincethey originate from the Earth naturally. The Scottish Rite Journal wrote an article in praise ofDave Thomas
.Conrad Hilton made the Hilton Hotel empire and he has been accused of being aFreemason. His great granddaughter is the Kabbalist and whore Paris Hilton. Even on May 2003,George Pataki (the Governor of New York State) accepted an invitation to be a Master Mason. He laterdeclined from pressure from the Catholic Church. I find is funny that the Catholic Church forced Patakinot to be a Mason, yet Pataki is pro-abortion and anti-gun. John Wayne, W. Clement Stone, and RichDeVos are famous Freemasons as well.Liberal Democrat and ex-Klansmen Senator Robert Byrd is another 33rd Degree Freemason. WilliamBooth is a 33rd Degree Freemason, who founded the Salvation Army. Freemasonry consists of otherfamous people in its ranks. Jesse Jackson claims to be for civil rights, but won't call for the eliminationof the Confederate, some believe him to be the creator of the song Dixie (others deny it), convicted warcriminal, and occultist's Albert Pike's statue from Washington D.C. (a city that's has a majority blackAmerican population I might add).
It could be because Jesse Jackson is a 33rd Degree Prince HallFreemason. Jesse Jackson is obviously pro-abortion (though black babies are murdered byabortion with the support of pro-eugenics Margaret Sanger. Sanger was so extreme that shewanted parents to have licenses in order to conceive children.
 Jesse‘s ally is Bill Clinton. BillClinton is a Demolay Freemason and he received his Degree of Chevalier (
 or the highest degree that a DeMolay can receive
) at Hot Springs, Arkansas. Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates all supported abortion & the pro-population group of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has tons of scandals today.
The police found an infantdead inside a storage bin at the Planned Parenthood building in Winston-SalemSaturday morning in 9/11/2010
A lot of people don't know that Sanger was anoccultist in the New Age group called Unity and had pro-Nazis in her early staff
.George Grant and other authors wrote about this). Also, Jesse is a member in the Council ofForeign Relations. Jesse is an establishment guy.
A real black man won't support Albert Pike,whether they are Mason or not. He's the head of Rainbow PUSH and supports the NAACP. His friendand liberal preacher Al Sharpton is another Prince Hall Freemason. Thurgood Marshall is the first blackJustice to the Supreme Court. He is also a Freemason and he was appointed to the bench in 1967 byMason LBJ. Apostate Protestants are infiltrated by Freemasonry and this can't be denied. In fact,Freemasonry Watch.org shown that the Gizeh Shrine of BC fund Protestant Divinity Students and theMasonic Foundation of Ontario fund Protestant Divinity Students at Queens University TheologicalCollege. The site prove that the Order of the Eastern Star fund Divinity Students at Wartburg LutheranTheological Seminary. Other examples abound of this, but many Protestants and Baptists opposeFreemasonry rightfully. These Protestants and Baptists include D. L. Moody, Cutting Edge Ministries,William Morgan, Charles Finney, and other great people. Freemason Manly P. Hall is rather overt indesiring to have a world order: “
There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands ofyears, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed,an
Order of the Quest.
 Itis composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them thatcivilization has secret destiny...The outcome of this 'secret destiny' is a
World Order 
 ruled by aKing with supernatural powers. This King was descended of a divine race; that is, he belongedto the
Order of the Illumined 
for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family ofheroes-perfected human beings.”
From 'The Secret Destiny of America' by Manly P. Hall, whois a 33° Mason). Illuminists can be more powerful than 33
Degree Freemasons.
The Majority of Black Greek Lettered Societies existed after the racist Plessey versus Ferguson

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