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harakh Chand Nahata

harakh Chand Nahata

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Published by jain.tk2
harakh Chand Nahata the great social entrepreneur
harakh Chand Nahata the great social entrepreneur

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Published by: jain.tk2 on Apr 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By : Dr. T.K. Jain
Bikaner is a city of desert. Its tough life and hardships producedmany social entrepreneurs. There were people, who weredetermined to change the destiny. There werepeople who inspite of hardships, strived forexcellence. People from Bikaner travelledextensively to other places (as there were nobusiness opportunities in Bikaner) and went tofar off places like Japan, Rangoon, Chennai and Kolkatta (when wedidn’t have Railways). The persons who were able to set upprofitable businesses, were able to contribute to the well being of the society in Bikaner. They set up wells, ponds, dharmashalas,and other institutions.Harakh Chand Nahata was born on 18th. July, 1936 at Bikaner(Rajasthan) in an illustrious family. His father Shri BhairudanNahata was a businessman and soft natured social worker and hismother Durgadevi was a religious woman. Bhairudan Nahata wasa great social worker, who would always work silently. He alongwith his friend Mr. Kochar collected one rupee each from each
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Jain family in Bikaner and set up Jain School in Bikaner (which isopen for all). His initiatives enabled establishment of the firstschool by Jain community. Thus a series of initiatives were startedand later on a group of institutions were set up. Jain School wasthe first, but later we had institutions like Jain College etc. wereset up by the Jain community in Bikaner. Other Jain communitiesin other places also took similar iniatives after taking inspirationfrom this initiative. Mr. Bhairudan Nahata was a silent worker,you don’t even find anywhere on Jain School or associatedinstitutions.His (Harakh Chand Nahata’s) uncle Mr. Agarchand Nahata and hiselder brother Mr. Bhanwar Lal Nahata were authorities in Jainphilosophy, Prakrit, Pali, Apbransh, Rajasthani and Indianphilosophy. They had written extensively and contributed toRajasthani literature and literature on Jain philosophy. They hadset up one of the most illustrious private library of Bikaner withextensive coverage of manuscripts and books.After completing his schooling at Bikaner and during college yearsin Calcutta, Harakh Chand Nahata started his business career. Avisionary entrepreneur, who wanted to tread uncharted path, hewas the first person, who started road transportation in thedifficult and inhospitable terrain of Tripura. Handling the largestRailway Out Agency in Tripura (Tripura Town Out Agency) andestablishing a large network of road transport at his own heavycosts and risks, he was instrumental in starting economicdevelopment and two - way traffic to bring economic gains for thelocal tribal people and the state of Tripura.He contributed a lot for the development of cinema in EasternIndia through his Technicians Studio, Calcutta, with which manyinter nationally acclaimed directors like Satyajit Ray, Hritwik
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Ghatak and Basu Bhattacharya etc. were associated. Later, heturned film financier and Realtor and was known as an honest andup right person in trade circles. For his multi- facetedcontributions to the trade and industry, he was honored withawards by the Vice President of India and Lt. Governor of Delhi.He was a leading social leader and philanthropist, who steadfastlystood and fought for human dignity, equality and respect.Associated with more than 60 socio-religious organizations andTrusts like Heart Care Foundation of India, Prakrit BharatiAcademy, Rishabhdev Foundation, Mimjhar, Veerayatan,Rajasthan Bharati, Ahimsa International, Jain Mahasabha, BharatJain Mahamandal, Vishwa Jain Parishad and many others indifferent capacities, he relentlessly endeavored to attain theircherished goals. From 1990 onwards, he was the President of ‘Akhil Bhartiya Shree Jain Shwetamber Khartargachha body of thousands of Jams of this sect. As President, he relentlessly foughtto safeguard against many injustices and attacks on the rights,dignity and conventions of the Samaj.Harakh Chand Nahata encouraged many upcoming artists of filmsand performing arts with his sanguine advice, help and patronage.He was a great connoisseur of art and literature and helped manybudding artists, poets and writers. He spotted talents of writersand published many books including a Hindi monthly magazine athis own cost to encourage them. He was a voracious reader with arazor sharp analytical mind and compassioned heart. He wrotemany write ups on different subjects and was an orator parexcellence, who kept the audience spellbound with his thought-provoking dissertations and mastery over the chosen subject.Though a Jain by birth, he was an embodiment of ‘Sarv DharmaSambhav’. Regardless of caste, creed or religion, he respectedeach and every faith and contributed to various temples andplaces of worship without any distinction. He was a firm believer
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