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Published by Gaurang Basarkar

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Published by: Gaurang Basarkar on Apr 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Which of the following services allows you to assign IP addresses and other addressing info to hosts automatically?a.DNSb. NATc.ARPd.DHCP2. Which of the following types of cabling is least susceptible to EMI?a. Thicknetb. UTPc. STPd. Fiber-optice. Thinnet3. What is the maximum partition size in Windows NT Server?a. 4 GBb. 24 GBc.1 Terabyted.16 Terabytese.16 Exabytes4. T/F: Attenuation is the amplification of the network signala. Trueb. False5. Which of the following Operating Systems use an Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) (Choose all that apply)A. Windows 95B. Windows 98C. Windows NT 4D. Windows 20006. NICs are used to connect workstations to servers or workstations to workstations.A. TrueB. False7. The dial up networking function of windows NT is referred to as which of the following?a.Free PPPb.Remote Access Servicec.Radiusd.SLIP Service8. Which of the following media types is most susceptible to EMI?a. Fiber Opticb. STPc. Co-axiald. UTP9. What is the most common network medium?a.Fiberb.Copperc.Goldd.Silvere.None of the Above10 Which type of connector assembly is responsible for twisted-pair?a. AUIb.BNCc. BBCd. RJ-55e. RJ-4511. What is a router?a. A hardware device that connects dissimilar networks, such as Cat 5 cabling and FDDIb. A network host that reads the source and destination addresses in the packet header and makes decisions about where toforward the packetc. A network host that can forward LAN-based email messages onto the Internet, after repackaging them into the SMTPformatd. A software system that can translate between dissimilar networks such as Ethernet and Token Ring12. What is a crossover cable typically used for?A. Perform NIC loopback testsB. Extend the maximum cable lengthC. Connect two hubs togetherD. Transmit test data to devicesE. Connect a computer to a switch13. How can you protect your private network from the Internet? [Choose the two best answers]A. FirewallB. Password securityC. MAC port groupingD. VLAN14. This protocol is used in web server/web client communications.a.HTMb.SMTPc.FTPd.HTTPe.HTML15.
Which of the following is not one of the four basic network topology types.a.Ring

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