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Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol VI - B - Part I

Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol VI - B - Part I

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Published by GasMaskBob
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol VI - B - Part I

Plant-based toxins.
Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense - Vol VI - B - Part I

Plant-based toxins.

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Published by: GasMaskBob on May 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scientific PrinciplesOf ImprovisedWarfare & Home DefenseAdvanced Biological Weapons Series
Volume 6-BPlant Based Weapons
In the immortal words of Socrates “I Drank What”Scientific & Technical Intelligence Press 2000By Timothy W. Tobiason
After two years of constant surveillance and harassment by an FBI led taskforce and being banned from selling my books in Iowa I decided to begin writing the“politically Incorrect” series of weapons books under the acronym of STIP. I havehad the US Army and FBI outside my home over the writing of these books.This book is dedicated to the US Government and it’s law enforcementbranches that believes dangerous knowledge is only for their eyes and not thepublics. With Syphilis tests on it’s black colored citizens, radiation experiments onhospitalized subjects, bacteria distribution on the general public, WACO, and manyother incidents in which the government did what it wished to its citizens, it is hardto pretend that “We the People” actually have rights where the government isconcerned.In my opinion, we live under a “By, For, and of Itself” government thatconcerns itself primarily with the well being of itself and its electoral bodies wealthyconstituents. We live under the illusion of Freedoms, Rights, and Protections. Thisgovernment, like all others, quietly does what it wishes to the citizens that say or dothings it doesn’t like.In order to aid the people of this nation in protecting itself from thisgovernment and other forms of tyranny, I write books on how people can armthemselves with the dangerous knowledge of how to build their own weapons. Thisis one of those books.“All Americans Have the Right to Know Everything that this GovernmentKnows How To Do to Us.” And I intend to see that they have this knowledge!I have also dedicated this book to an overzealous tax collector from the Stateof Iowa who has barred me from selling there for about $20 in sales tax. Poor peopleare not helpless when government bullies become intoxicated over the power givento them by a few words on a piece of paper and use them to push their financiallydefenseless citizens around. We can fight back!Timothy
W. Tobiason
Biological Weapons are unique in the field of warfare. They have been used to poison, assassinate, decimate armies and cities, and change the course of history for thousands of years.Bio-weapons are generally invisible and self-reproducing. They are easily hiddenand camouflaged. They can be grown, mass produced and used by anyone. They can bemailed to anyone, anywhere on earth in pure form and be grown by the recipients quicklywith little training. Entire armies can be built virtually overnight from nearly nothing.This is the seventh volume of the “Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfareand Home Defense Series”. It is the second of the Biological Weapons series. The first,Volume 6A dealt with the recovery, cultivation and production of Bacteria and their toxic products. This second volume covers a wide range of Plants and substances they producethat can be used as weapons. The most important of these being direct poisons and thedermal irritants that can be used to enhance other categories of weapons. Dermalirritation that causes scratching enables the skins protective barrier to be broken by thetarget themselves. This allows subcutaneous inoculation of other biological or chemicalweapons greatly enhancing their effects.The third in the Bio-warfare series (Volume 6-C) will cover Mold and FungiWeapons. Although these are considered members of the plant kingdom, their livingcharacteristics are sufficiently different to be dealt with separately.The fourth book (Volume 6-D), if it is written, will cover “The Organization &Conduct of Biological Warfare”. Where the first three volumes deal with where to find,how to grow, and how to produce the organisms and their toxins, they do not teach howto fight with them. This 4
volume will cover all aspects of strategy, tactics, army building, training, supplying, weapons delivery and so on.It is also possible to write a 5
volume in this series detailing virus and genetically or otherwise modified bacteria, molds and plants. Imagine flowers withBotulinum toxin as a protein portion of a pollen. Imagine gas gangrene produced by air  breathing bacteria transforming almost all life to food and sweeping the planet clean of species like the comet that ended the dinosaurs reign (All the upper life forms on the planet would perish). Imagine molds that decay living human beings like the dead wood tissues they currently consume. Imagine no more. The patents and technology are alreadyhere.For governments intoxicated with their own power and self importance, it should  be obvious by now how easily and quickly they can be swept from history. Perhaps theyshould concern themselves more with fair laws for everyone instead of rigging the systemfor the own exclusive benefit. Then I could concern myself with writing and selling books that enhance life rather than destroy it.

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