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Published by Vicky Shi

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Published by: Vicky Shi on May 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1The team attended a leadershipretreat on Dec. 9, where they brain-stormed ideas for the upcoming se-mester, established goals, and bond-ed. For one exercise, each member wrote two social and environmentalissues on Post-It notes, which werethen placed on a blackboard for ev-eryone to look over. The memberssplit up into different teams, chosethree topics, and discussed how theycould incorporate the topics intoevents for Net Impact. At the endof the retreat, the team pinpointed amajor goal: to achieve gold status,the highest honor for an undergrad-uate chapter, within two years.(
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Spring 2013
et Impact is a nonprot
organization that pro-vides opportunities andknowledge to make positive so-cial and environmental changeon campus, in the community,and throughout one’s career. Un-dergraduate chapters throughoutthe nation provide professionalskill-building, networking, andexperiential learning opportuni-ties to empower students to usetheir future careers for good.Until recently, the Universityof Maryland did not have an un-dergraduate chapter.
In the fall of 2012, junior 
-nance and management major Austin Lee attended the annual Net Impact conference.“I realized that what I learnedshould not be limited to yearlyconferences,” said Lee, now pres-ident of Net Impact. “They should be brought back to campus so stu-dents can experience the opportu-nities I had at the conference.”On Nov. 18, 10 people gath-ered to discuss the launch of theundergraduate chapter of NetImpact at the university’s Rob-ert H. Smith School of Business.After a round of interviews andapplications, the leadership teamgrew to 23 people, consisting of a president, executive vice presi-dent, multiple vice presidents, andcommittees.
Creating Net Impact to empower undergraduates
The Net Impact leadership team lets loose after a productiveleadership retreat on Dec. 9, 2012. Photo source: Vicky Shi
A Look Inside
Launch Event.................2Past Events....................
3Collaborations...............3President Q&A...............4Get Involved
et Impact kicked off their new undergraduatechapter at the Robert H.Smith School of Business witha corporate social responsibilityevent featuring John Kordsmei-er, President of NorthwesternMutual Foundation.The Foundation is the chari-table arm of the insurance com- pany Northwestern Mutual Fund, based in Milwaukee, Wis. Their 
 Lissa Murakami, Net  Impact Executive Vice Presi-dent, welcomes students to theevent. Photo source: Vicky Shi John Kordmeier, Presi-dent of Northwestern Mutu-al Foundation, spoke at Net  Impact’s launch event. Photo source: Business Wire
ended in thunderous applausefrom an audience of more thanone-hundred people, the attend-ees migrated to a networking re-ception with Northwestern Mu-tual Foundation representatives.
“The success of our rst
event went above and beyondour expectations,” Vice Presidentof Career Development NimaFarshchi said. “We hope that thisevent helped establish Net Im- pact within the Smith School andcampus community.”
Corporate social responsibility event launches chapter
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Over winter break, the teammet via Google Hangout. Al-though leaders were scattered in places such as Nicaragua, Austra-lia, and India, they were able toconnect across time zones to dis-cuss expectations and logistics of the coming semester.When the semester began,the leadership team met every
Thursday. The rst step was to
attract new members, so the mar-keting committee designed and dis-
tributed yers, managed a tabling
schedule, and utilized social media.Junior supply chain major KushaanShah created SmithNetImpact.org
as the ofcial website for the Smith
School undergraduate chapter.On Feb. 12, the leadership team
held their rst information session.
Twenty-seven people attended andlistened to the team discuss up-
coming events, the micronance
fund, membership requirements,and marketing efforts.After all of the marketing ef-forts, Net Impact has now grownfrom the initial ten people to 138members.“We’re well on our wayto achieving gold status,” said
Lissa Murakami, senior 
-nance major and executive vice president of Net Impact.
main cause is to ght childhood
cancer, and some initiatives involve partnerships with Alex’s Lemon-ade Stand and Starlight ChildhoodFoundation.The leadership team of Net Im- pact tabled in Van Munching Hallfor over a week to market the event.The marketing committee not onlycreated buzz through Facebook andTwitter, but also implemented a dig-ital contest on the Net Impact web-site.This unique contest prompted participants to submit a response tothe question, “What does corporatesocial responsibility mean to you?”Based on the answers, the teamchose three respondents to receive prizes.The event began with Kordsmei-er’s presentation at 6 p.m., where hediscussed Northwestern Mutual’sstrategy for corporate social respon-sibility. He engaged the audience byincorporating group activities and posing questions.“Complete this phrase,” Kords-meier said. “I exist to – what? Whydo you exist?”After Kordsmeier’s presentation
 Members of Net Impact and Ashoka Changemak-ers form connections at the annual Social Enter- prise Symposium. Photo source: Vicky Shi
s a new organization, Net Impact has workedto establish long-term partnerships with organizationsaround the Robert H. SmithSchool of Business, includingAshoka Changemakers,the Center for Social Val-ue Creation, and terpA-MA.Ashoka Changemak-ers is a student organi-zation that supports so-cial entrepreneurship oncampus and throughoutthe community. The part-nership between Net Im- pact and Changemakerscomes naturally, as bothorganizations are invest-ed in spreading the move-ment of using businessfor social change. Net Im- pact plans to co-sponsor eventswith Changemakers, as well asengage in a symbiotic relation-ship in which one organizationmarkets the others events.Furthermore, the Center for 
Net Impact creates powerful collaborations
Social Value Creation (CSVC) atthe Smith School provides oppor-tunities for students to engage inhands-on learning experiences tocreate a better world through busi-ness principles. The CSVC plans towork with Net Impact for a major event in the fall semester of 2013that will bring Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman to speak.Goldman is president and“TeaEO” of Honest Tea, a bottledorganic tea company based inBethesda, Md. Coincidentally,he also serves on the board of the national Net Impact, whichsuits the Smith School NetImpact chapter’s involvementin the event. Together,the CSVC and NetImpact hope to get atleast 400 students and professionals to attendthe event.Net Impact hasalso established a partner-ship with terpAMA, theUniversity of Marylandchapter of the AmericanMarketing Association.The result of the collab-oration was a mini casechallenge that occurredin April, in which teamscompeted to brainstorm amarketing strategy for a start-upcalled Knotch.Through all of the upcoming partnerships and events, Net Im- pact hopes to solidify its presencewithin the Smith School.
  P a s t   E v e n t s
Net Impact events have featuredtopics such as microfinance, mar-keting, corporate sustainability,leveraging social media, and tipsfor pursuing a meaningful career.

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