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Kerrys First Mission

Kerrys First Mission

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Published by topoff
a extra story from the cherub series
a extra story from the cherub series

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Published by: topoff on Apr 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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James and Kyle were playing Tekken. James was on his bed, Kyle on the floor.‘Come on Nina…’ James screamed, tipping his body with the joypad.The Playstation yelled out, ‘NINA WILLIAMS WINS.’Kyle threw down his controller, James punched the air.Kyle shrugged, ‘Like to see you do that to me in real life.’‘Got my Karate blue belt yesterday,’ James said.Kyle laughed, ‘Good, now you can mash up the eight year olds.’Kerry banged on the door.‘It’s open,’ James said.Kerry walked in, ‘Hey Kyle, didn’t know you were here.’Kerry had a big grin. She went down her pocket and pulled out a plastic card.‘Look what I’ve got,’ Kerry said.‘What is it?’ James asked.‘Card for the eighth floor,’ Kyle explained. ‘Mission Preparation. It means Kerry’s gota mission.’James smiled, ‘Cool. When you going?’Kerry shrugged, ‘Dunno. I see the Mission Controller for my briefing tomorrowmorning.’‘Who you got?’ Kyle asked.‘Dennis King,’ Kerry said.‘DK, he’s good,’ Kyle said. ‘Best one to get. Nice old guy, handles all the routinestuff.’‘Anyway,’ Kerry said. ‘I better go to bed. It’s gone eleven. I just had to tell someone.I’m really nervous.’‘Before you go Kerry,’ Kyle said. ‘I bought a big bag of fake stuff back from Manila.There’s Lacoste shirts for four quid. Nike shorts, fiver. It’s all in my room. You want a look?’
Kerry shook her head, ‘Nah. I bought some of that fake stuff off someone before. Putit through the wash once and it shrunk down to about half the size.’‘It’s good stuff,’ Kyle said. ‘Most of it comes out the same factories that make the realones.’‘I’ll pass,’ Kerry said. ‘I’m going to bed now anyway. See you at breakfast I expect.’‘Night Kerry,’ James said. ‘Good luck tomorrow.’Kerry went out.‘All that stuff you sold me better not bloody shrink Kyle,’ James said. _  First impressions count. Doing well on your first mission is important: If you get a couple of easy missions in without problems, you soon get moved up to the interesting stuff.Kerry never slept. She was awake at 6AM and went for breakfast. She couldn’t gether head straight. Her guts were in her mouth. She flicked through a morning paper, but her mind wasn’t on it. There were three hours to kill before the briefing.Kerry went back up to her room. She brushed her teeth for the second time andcombed what there was of her hair. Kerry never realised how long it would take to grow back when she shaved her head for Basic Training. There was a rule that you were supposed totuck your t-shirt in. Nobody ever enforced it, but Kerry thought she ought to tuck it in for her first mission briefing. Best to look extra smart. She was sure there was something importantshe’d forgotten. But there wasn’t. She’d thought of everything 500 times.Kerry looked at her watch. Still over an hour and a half to wait. She hated the waytime lasts forever when you’re anxious. _  
Kerry got out of the lift on the eighth floor. Every door had a notice warning of dire punishments for anyone found in the wrong room. All except Dennis King’s door, which wasat the end of the corridor, wide open.Dennis King was at his desk. Dyed hair, combed back and greased down. Thick glasses with black frames. He was on the phone, sounding pretty frantic about a missing fax.Three boys sat opposite King. One of them was Josh Clarke. He was fifteen. He used to beKerry’s Spanish tutor when she first got to CHERUB.Josh whispered so he didn’t blot out Dennis King’s phone call.‘Hey Kerry. Congratulations on passing basic. First mission?’Kerry nodded.‘Nervous?’Kerry shook her head, ‘Not really.’Dennis King slammed the phone down, ‘The Swiss. They’re all idiots.’ He looked atKerry, ‘You must be Chung,’‘Chang,’ Kerry said. ‘Kerry Chang.’Dennis King reached between the kids sitting at his desk and shook Kerry’s hand.‘Nice to meet you Kerry. Call me DK, everybody does. Everything you need is in the box in drawer sixteen. Read the briefing, talk to Josh if you have any questions. Nice easyfirst mission for you.’Kerry found drawer sixteen and lifted out a plastic box. It contained the mission briefing, Kerry’s passport, a set of airline tickets, a mobile phone and a metal tube about sixtycentemetres long. The tube had a yellow warning triangle with
written beneath it.  _  

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