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Improve Eyesight - Keeping the Eyes Moving

Improve Eyesight - Keeping the Eyes Moving

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Published by affordacash
To Learn More On How To Improve Your Vision Naturally Visit: http://vision.ehealthimprove.com
To Learn More On How To Improve Your Vision Naturally Visit: http://vision.ehealthimprove.com

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Published by: affordacash on May 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====To Learn More On How To Improve Your Vision Naturally Visit:http://vision.ehealthimprove.com ==== ====>- /,%`bjbj"x"x4@@BBBBN \fffffAAA$Jh @AAAAAffA ffAfZBK(,0\ s@AAAAAAA} AAA \AAAABBEyesight Improvement - Keeping the Eyes Moving  A clear mind is always on the go. The mind is constantly working out solutions to problems andsolving the issues of the day. A mind that is stressed or strain struggles to work properly. The mindcan get overwhelmed and then freeze and become stagnate. Problems dont get solved and issuescontinue to pile up. Likewise, the eyes need movement to work properly. When the eyes arerelaxed, they are moving around and enjoying the world around them. When eyes are strained,they stare and vision worsens.The eyes love to stay busy, rapidly moving around and taking in the sights all around us. Eyesdont like to stop moving and focus on only one item. When this happens, the eyes start to strainand concentrate and vision is not as accurate. Your eyes and brain work at a much more rapidpace then we give them credit for. When we are out in nature, the eyes are moving quickly fromone tree or flower to the next. The only time they stop and stare is when your brain isnt aware ofwhat it is looking at. If you are looking at roses and then a unknown flower comes into focus, youwill stop and stare until you realize it is a daisy and then move on.Eyes never stop moving, unless we force them to. Even when we are asleep the eyes are movingaround in the darkness. When the eyes are still for too long, they start to become damaged andlose the focus. Eye movement should always be smooth and flowing, never jerky or bouncingaround.You can teach the eyes to move smoothly by tracing objects. The eyes dont have to look from oneitem to the next in jerky movements. Try tracing around the edges of objects. Look out the windowallowing your eyes to outline cars, buildings, trees, and bushes. After a few times, the objectsshould start to get clearer and the color brighter. You can trace just about anything, couches,chairs, and the television. Do this exercise at least once a day to train the eyes to really look atthings and not just stare. . /12, -

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