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Ash Proposal 2003 Format

Ash Proposal 2003 Format

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Published by inderdhindsa

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Published by: inderdhindsa on Apr 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Hobbit’s Choice
Research Proposal
Marketing Research & Analysis MKTG 424Submitted to: Prof. Patrick EllwoodAshish TandonStudent Id: 300 522 516
 Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Background Information
 Jeff Dean a restaurant supplies business owner, wishes to open an upscalefine dining restaurant in the Minneapolis area in State of Minnesota. Throughhis business, Jeff has extensive business knowledge in the food serviceindustry and is familiar with restaurants in regions like San Francisco, Miamiand also Canadian cities like Vancouver & Toronto. He plans to name therestaurant “The Hobbit’s Choice”
The Marketing Research/Problem
Marketing research problem here is to identify key parameters that willensure long time success of the restaurant. Hobbits Choice is not a typicalrestaurant; it is an upscale market restaurant that requires targeting affluentrestaurant goers. We need to segment the target market & bases of theirdemographics understand their interests ie likings and preferences withregards to food in particular.
The Objective
 Through this research we aim to develop a robust and quantifiable analysisof the key indicators. Mentioned below are some of the issues that we will beresearching in detail:
Size of the restaurant industry and specially the fine dining marketshare in Minnesota.
Direct & Indirect Competition from other restaurants.
 The target customers / what is their share in total restaurant goers.
Average dollar amount spent.
External legal factors such as Food safety regulations & Labour Lawamong other that will come in play.
Field Methodology
We will be employing various data gathering techniques to capture data froma larger spectrum of market. Earlier part of this research will be heavilybased on the secondary data that is available from different sources likecensus, regional restaurant associations and other articles and journalsavailable in the print media and large data bases like Business Source, LexisNexis. Through this data we get a complete bird’s eye view of the picture andare able to identify industry trends and factors that influence it.For more specific primary research we intend to hire a team of 5 highlytrained staff for face –to-face questionnaire. Reason being that these staff members are competent and also ensure that right people are asked in theright way to get the most appropriate answer. The questionnaire discussedwill be pre-tested to ensure that we have a set of optimum questions and weare then able to quantify our findings easily.
Data Analysis
Data gathered through the questionnaire will be processed by a dataoperator. He is specialised resource to handle data specific queries. His jobwould be to collate all the information together using complex databasesoftware and presenting various graphs and reports to assess each factor.
For this report the project completion time is two months. This amount of time is sufficient for in presenting the findings and also allows us to go backand recheck the work should it be necessary. We plan to have meetings with Jeff Dean on fortnightly basis to update him on the progress and also forcourse correction and his insights. After the first month a preliminary reportwill be presented to Jeff Dean for his sign off and then the data analysis workshall commence.

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