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Him - written by rose

Him - written by rose



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Published by Rose
This is a vampire story i wrote after reading twilight, its short but i hope you all enjoy it :)
This is a vampire story i wrote after reading twilight, its short but i hope you all enjoy it :)

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Published by: Rose on Apr 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Him – A short story by Ro-ro.
“Don’t be afraid” He murmured under his breath. Although a fair distance away Icould hear his whisper. His marble eyes followed me as I moved closer towardshim. Afraid I was not, but stupid I was. Each step I moved closer I could feel myheart beating, faster and faster until...BAM it was leaping out of my chest. I couldsee him grinning, showing off his perfect white teeth. He was as smooth asmarble and as black as a night sky. Not your average blood sucker and yet I wasdrawn in. Never in my entire life had I seen such a wonder. I remember our firstmeeting clearly as if it was only yesterday, which it was.
The meeting
“Juliet getoff your lazy arse, it’s time for school!” my impatient mother called. Asalways I was late. In fact later than late, the bell had already rung. ‘Great,’ Ithought ‘late for my first day of school in the new term’. Year 10. So much layahead of me during this year, so many opportunities and new people to meet.“Juliet move!” Again the witch had spoken. Yuck, I hated the name Juliet, mymother had decided to call me after the tragic girl who fell in love with a manand killed herself. Joys. I knew I was going to have to endure all the teasing Ireceived from the last few years. I sighed, but got up and changed and ran downstairs. I flew out of the door and started the one minutewalk to the school. I divedthrough the doors and sprinted down the corridor to my tutor. Made it, but I wasmarked down as late anyway. I didn’t care. As a hung my head low and headedfor my seat at the back of the class I found it full. Sitting in my seat - the seatthat I had had since I was year seven, the seat I always sat on my lonesome - ayoung boy, my age naturally and extremely handsome. It startled me that sucha good looking child should be allowed in school! I gawped, gasped and gaped atthe same time. I must have looked like a fish out of water. He stared back, a grinplaying on his lips. Yet he seemed cold towards me and shifted away as I satdown in the seat next to him. How dare him! Steal
seat. Determination to getback at him and desperate to spark up conversation I turned to him, unawarethat he was already looking at me.“What?” I questioningly asked.“You.” He replied, and smiled again, more warmly this time. Embarrassed Iflushed as red as a lobster. ‘Great start’ I thought. I bent my head down anddesperately tried to focus on copying down the notes for Shakespeare’s Othello. Ifound this very difficult.
Getting to know him
As I stood up to leave he grabbed my arm and dragged me back down into myseat. Having now got used to him shortening my breath I obeyed.“Stay” he commanded. He stood up and left. I was very confused, I could notunderstand him and I still had no idea what his name was. I was too restless toask. Staring round the room I was unaware of his returning presence. I had notheard him come in. As I turned round there he was, his face an inch away frommine.“Follow” he said. My feet obeyed me, although I knew I should not and that mymother would murder me, I didn’t care. I followed him in admiration. He wasamazing. Fast, beautiful and very promiscuous always looking behind him tocheck I was still following. A short while later he sparked up conversation.“So, Juliet, do you like it here?” Stunned I could not reply. I had not told him myname that day at all. “You know my name?” I foolishly replied.
“Yes...I do” he hesitated, a confused look on his face and yet he was still perfect,not a crease or frown line to be seen.“I didn’t know I had told you that’s all.” Self conscious I hung my head as low as Icould. I was suddenly aware of his breath close to my cheeks. I looked up slowly.He stood right in front of me, his hand stroking my face, caressing my skin. Itwas at that point I fainted.
His home
My eyes opened and researched the room. It was full of dusty books. Millions andtrillions of them, all packed into this rather large room. As my eyes adjusted tothe light I was conscious there was more than just me in this room. Sitting updelicately I looked around some more. Now sat up I noted there was more thatmet the eye in this room. My naked eye swept the room and lastly fell on him. Iwas suddenly terrified. But he smiled and my heart melted. This was anunfamiliar feeling and yet here it was; love. As strong as drugs, as soothing aslife, as life changing as death. I meant to speak but no words could be found. He just watched me. His eyes darting from my eyes to my lips to my body and backto my eyes. Timid I was now, as he looked at me like I was a mere object, hisprey, something to eat. He stood up swiftly and was instantly by my side beforeI could blink. He put his face close to mine and whispered in my ear.“Are you afraid?”“No” I spoke, and even I believed it.“You should be” His perfect face turned to anger. He stormed out of the room. Abig fat tear rolled down my cheek and I sobbed in my own arms. No one to holdme tight.
My home and back to school
Back at home I broke down. My eyes were red and swollen when I cried everytear left in me. That night as I settled down to sleep, I heard a rustling. Blinkingmy eyes open I looked out of the window, but there was nothing there. I sankback to sleep and had a bloodcurdling dream.I was walking through school when I saw him. His eyes turned red, and hesmiled. Stampeding towards me he came. When he reached me he stopped anddragged me towards him. He lifted me into the air and to his home. Hecommanded me to change into this purple velvet dress he had left me on thesofa. I changed. He came back and lay me down on the sofa. He started to gentlycaress my neck with his lips. And then I felt pain, a sort of numbness spreadingthroughout my body. In my dream I could feel his teeth sinking deeper anddeeper into my neck and when he took his mouth away from it, he whispered inmy ear.‘Live not thy life for it has to be said, I did once love thee, and now love is dead.’He chuckled darkly and then left me there to die.I awoke with a start, dripping in sweat. My bed sheets thrown off me and mywindow wide open.Suddenly alert my eyes swept the room, but it was bare. Noone was hidden in any crooks or crannies. As calmly as I could I sauntereddownstairs and out the door. I was early for school a first for sure. I walked intothe classroom at sat in my usual place. I was both scared and excited. I twiddledwith my thumbs and waited patiently for him to enter however he did not. Manyemotions swept over me and I felt all alone. Where was he? My mind raced.Millions of possibilities ran into my conscious.“Hello Juliet” a distant voice purred. I flashed around and there he was standingnext to the seat. Silently he sat down and grinned obviously pleased with his
entrance. I was angry and yet could not control the happiness in my voice as Iasked him a question what I thought would be a simple one to answer. It washowever not.“Where have you been?” I demanded.“What do you mean; I have been here all along” He replied, a dangerous spark inhis eyes. The fury bubbled inside of me. He was lying to my face. How dare him! Trying to control my blushing face I looked away and out of the window. Howeverthrough that entire lesson I could not control my urge to look into his perfecteyes, and let them caress my own. I fought with all my might and stayed strongand did not look once. The bell went for the end of school and I packed up toleave. I stood up and made with a quick but slightly strange dash to the doorthinking he was behind me. He was, however, not. He was waiting for me outsideand grabbed my hand at first opportunity. It stunned me and I fought for controlof my breath. He was only squeezing my hand but it felt like he was squeezingmy neck, stopping me from reaching air.“You’ll come with me won’t you?” he begged with his eyes. I nodded, and at oncehe let go of my hand. I spluttered for my breath but he just raised his eyebrowsand beaconed for me to follow. Naturally I did.
The woods
I followed him out of town. We walked until I felt as if I could walk no more. I haddropped my bag at school, left it behind. It felt as if that was not all I was leavingbehind today. I dragged myself on although was desperate to rest. I dared notsay though; he had a rough look in his eyes. He stared at me for long periods of time, opening his mouth to say something and then turning back again to thefront. After a while we stopped. I was glad and collapsed to the floor. He rushedto my side with worry in his eyes.Are you ok? You’re not hurt or anything?” He spoke in a frightened voice and hereminded me of a little boy who had lost his mummy.“I’m fine.” I said coldly. I still had not totally forgiven him for what he had saidearlier.“Good.” He said with an equal coldness in his tone. Our eyes drifted to eachother and without much of a second thought I leaned in to kiss him. My heartwas beating fast. My mind was speeding up. I could hardly breathe. Our lips met.And then he was not there. I opened my eyes and blinked. He was standingseveral feet away.“Juliet...this isn’t right” his voice seemed to stroke my name. I was Puzzled andfrowned in confusion. I went to speak but he carried on.“I’m not what you could call normal; I’m something I can’t control.” He wasfinding it hard to put words into his own mouth.“Explain” I said simply. Little had I known that what I had asked for was adangerous thing.“Look at me Juliet, I have cold skin, red eyes, and I am a cold blooded killer.” Hiseyes seemed to water but stopped before flowing over. And suddenly a little lightwas shed and I understood.“Vampire.” And I was relieved. I stood up. As I sauntered towards him my eyesleft his and drifted down to what he was carrying. A large sharp knife was in hishand. I hadn’t noticed it was there. Although it took me a while to note what itwas in my head, I still continued to move forward.“Come a little closer” he grinned at me his eyes flashing a deep red. My hearthad stopped and yet I carried on towards him my pace quickening. My head wasscreaming at me, and yet I chose to ignore its cries. I reached out towards him,but fell before I reached him. In less than a second he was by my side.

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