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Endangered Species in Illinois by County

Endangered Species in Illinois by County

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Published by Chicagoist
The most recent list of endangered species compiled by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, compiled by county.
The most recent list of endangered species compiled by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, compiled by county.

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Published by: Chicagoist on May 20, 2013
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Illinois Threatened and Endangered Species by County 
Important Note:
The Illinois Natural Heritage Database is updated daily with data pertaining to threatened and endangeredspecies occurrences in Illinois. Please check this website quarterly for updates to this list or contact Database staff directly attara.kieninger@illinois.gov or (217)782-2685.Please note that because many birds observed in the state are merely migrants passing through, we typically only track thosesightings which have evidence of breeding (nest with young, breeding and/or nesting behavior in adults, juveniles observed, etc.).We normally do not track instances where a bird is observed perched on a tree branch, flying in the air, or feeding unless other evidence of breeding is witnessed or there is an existing breeding record for the species in the area.
State Status:
LE - listed as endangeredLT - listed as threatened
as of October 2012
Illinois Natural Heritage Database
Scientific NameCommon Name
State Protection
# of occurrencesLast ObservedAdams
cipenser fulvescens
Lake SturgeonLE11966-09-28
Carex prasina
Drooping SedgeLT11989-06-15
Cumberlandia monodonta
 Delphinium carolinianum
Wild Blue LarkspurLT21971-05-20
 Dendroica cerulea
Cerulean WarblerLT22007-06-30
 Ellipsaria lineolata
 Elliptio crassidens
 Fusconaia ebena
 Hybognathus hayi
Cypress MinnowLE12004-09-16
 Ictinia mississippiensis
Mississippi KiteLT11990-07-13
 Lanius ludovicianus
Loggerhead ShrikeLE21989
 Liatris scariosa var. nieuwlandii
Blazing StarLT42009-06-24
 Ligumia recta
Black SandshellLT22011-11-02
 Melanthium virginicum
BunchflowerLT 11944-06-29
 Myotis grisescens
Gray BatLE 12000-02-08
 Myotis sodalis
Indiana BatLE 82010-07-28
 Pandion haliaetus
OspreyLE 11986-SUM
 Plethobasus cyphyus
SheepnoseLE 11987-07-19
 Poa wolfii
Wolf's BluegrassLE 12003-05-22
Scirpus polyphyllus
BulrushLT 11989-06-15
Thryomanes bewickii
Bewick's WrenLE 12011
Tomanthera auriculata
Ear-leafed FoxgloveLT 11943-08-29
Trifolium reflexum
Buffalo CloverLT 12009-05-08
Trillium viride
Green TrilliumLE 12002-04-15
Viburnum molle
ArrowwoodLT 32004-11-06
Total # of Species25
Page 1 of 12810/4/2012
Scientific NameCommon Name
State Protection
# of occurrencesLast ObservedAlexander
Carex intumescens
Swollen SedgeLT11993
Carex oxylepis
Sharp-scaled SedgeLT32007-05-23
Carya aquatica
Water HickoryLT11993-07-03
Carya pallida
Pale HickoryLE11980-05-10
Cladrastis lutea
Clematis crispa
Blue JasmineLE22000-05-17
Corynorhinus rafinesquii
Rafinesque's Big-eared BatLE22010-06
Crotalus horridus
Timber RattlesnakeLT52010-09-24
 Egretta caerulea
Little Blue HeronLE 22006-07-30
 Eryngium prostratum
EryngoLE 21997-08-06
Glyceria arkansana
Manna GrassLE 12007-05-24
 Heteranthera reniformis
Mud PlantainLE 12004-10-29
 Hybognathus hayi
Cypress MinnowLE 11993-06-29
 Hyla avivoca
Bird-voiced TreefrogLT 12003-05-08
 Ictinia mississippiensis
Mississippi KiteLT 12004-08-12
 Justicia ovata
Water WillowLE 11991-08-20
 Lanius ludovicianus
Loggerhead ShrikeLE 21988
 Lepomis miniatus
Redspotted SunfishLE 12001
 Lepomis symmetricus
Bantam SunfishLT 41996-05-15
 Limnothlypis swainsonii
Swainson's WarblerLE 21993-06-24
 Melothria pendula
Squirting CucumberLT22007-07-01
 Moxostoma carinatum
River RedhorseLT12006
 Myotis austroriparius
Southeastern MyotisLE42011-02-14
 Myotis grisescens
Gray BatLE11991-07-01
 Myotis sodalis
Indiana BatLE62011-02-14
 Notropis boops
Bigeye ShinerLE82009-06-08
Ochrotomys nuttalli
Golden MouseLT52008-10
Orconectes lancifer 
Shrimp CrayfishLE21999-10-01
Oryzomys palustris
Rice RatLT62008-06-19
 Penstemon tubaeflorus
Tube Beard TongueLE22004-05-21
 Planera aquatica
Water ElmLT11991-08-21
 Pseudacris illinoensis
Illinois Chorus FrogLT12011-03-03
 Pseudemys concinna
River CooterLE11985-04-13
Quercus montana
Rock Chestnut OakLT12007-05-23
Quercus phellos
Willow OakLT 12006-07-01
Quercus texana
 Nuttall's OakLE 22006-07-01
Schoenoplectus hallii
Hall's BulrushLT 11993
Sternula antillarum
Least TernLE 32009-08-05
Styrax americana
StoraxLT 22010-09-15
Styrax grandifolia
Bigleaf Snowbell BushLE 12007-11-10
Urtica chamaedryoides
 NettleLT 22007-05-24Page 2 of 12810/4/2012
Scientific NameCommon Name
State Protection
# of occurrencesLast Observed
Total # of Species41
Page 3 of 12810/4/2012

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