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Manejo de Desechos Para Criadero de Cerdos

Manejo de Desechos Para Criadero de Cerdos

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Published by TaTan RiCko

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Published by: TaTan RiCko on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Manejo de Desechos Para Criadero de Cerdos
 Diana Marcela Lugo Díaz - 4012215
 Johan Sebastián Rico Fontecha - 41122150
Facultad de Ingeniería Civil 
Facultad de Ingeniería Ambiental y Sanitaria Bogotá D.C – Colombia
Residue, wastes, pollutant, pollution, recycling,harvesting, process, nutrition, nutrient excretion, procurement, decomposition.
All living things are nourished taking of foods thenecessary substances to subsist throughout life. Within the body of any organism foods are transformed, as extractingthe nutrients will turn the body gets rid of other substancesthat similarly no longer need, or have already played a rolein the body. Some of these wastes out of the body as fecesor urine which are the two most popular forms of excretionof a living, defined as excretion physiological process thatallows the body to eliminate waste products, maintainingthe composition of the blood and other bodily fluids atequilibrium, and other vital functions.Considering that is waste, it must be clear appropriatemanagement thereof, to allow maximum use, focused onthe next generation of products that can help in other sectors at a specific place. It's good to characterize the usemade of pig manure is to fertilize the grass and then thecrop, or the generation of biogas, which can be used as analternative fuel. In this case we can distinguish that thistype of fertilizer is natural because it is obtained from thedecomposition of animal wastes, which in our case are pigs.This type of fertilizer is also commonly known as organicfertilizer, we should clarify that in its composition have anoccasional filler used to facilitate the integration or assimilation into the soil and prevent loss of items. Theseexcreta of pigs that are so often used as fertilizer are rich inorganic matter, they contain substances derived from livingorganisms and are essential as a source of nutrients for thesoil.
The excreta of pigs are used extensively by a side as ameans of restoring the fertility of soils and maintain thelevel of production of food for a large human population,and the other for creating biogas, which is a fuelalternative. Every farm has almost the same components:crops, pastures, animals, home and family, but despite thisthey are all different in size, number of animals, number of  people. The same happens when we speak of the excreta,composition and quantity vary depending on the vastvariety of conditions that may or may not be a pig production stage.The excreta of pigs in adequate amounts have a number of positive effects on the soil and plants, which is knownfor its supply of nutrients and maintain soil moisture, butwe must know handle well as it can generate quite a largerange of pollution-related problems. A good manuremanagement is to make use of these according to the needsof each property, taking advantage of them as sources of nutrients for the soil and plants as a source of energy and preventing pollution of soil, water, air, plants, animals and people.

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