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Donald Trump; The Early Years

Donald Trump; The Early Years

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Published by oros_ghe

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Published by: oros_ghe on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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16.05.2013Donald Trump; The Early Yearsskarlet.hubpages.com/hub/Donald-Trump-The-Early-Years1/9
Donald Trump; The Early Years
bySkarlet265 Followers
 Young Donald TrumpTrump, Wharton School andReal Estate
Donald Trump is well known today for his great wealth, and celebrity status.Some people admire him, and manydespise him. Either way, one mustacknowledge that he is an expert ingetting what he wants throughsuccessful deal making, marketing andpromoting.Trump has stated, "Deal making is something you are born with. Its not aboutbeing brilliant, although it takes some intelligence, most people who do have theinstincts, and if they do will never recognize that they do, because they don't havethe courage or the good fortune to discover their potential."By all accounts Trump is un-afraid, and has channeled his energy from an earlyage into becoming the biggest and most successful person he can be. His goalseems to be to keep himself in the spotlight and maintain his notorious reputationas an aggressive, wealthy and powerful figure.In the Good old American tradition of thinking big, Trump says, "to me it's verysimple: if you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. Mostpeople think small, because most people are afraid of success, afraid of makingdecisions, afraid of winning. And that gives people like me a great advantage."
 Young donald Trump In His Earliest Development Project
16.05.2013Donald Trump; The Early Yearsskarlet.hubpages.com/hub/Donald-Trump-The-Early-Years2/9
With His Parents At Graduation from Military SchoolFred Trump
The most important influence onDonald Trump growing up was hisfather, Fred Trump. He learned a lotfrom him, such as toughness,business, motivating people, andefficiency: get it done, get it done right,and get out. Donald also realized earlyon that he did not want to be in thesame type of business that his father was in. Fred Trump did very wellbuilding rent-controlled and rent-stabilized housing in Queens andBrooklyn, but it was a very tough wayto make a buck. Donald wantedsomething more glamorous, andexciting. He also realized that if heever wanted to be known as more thanFred Trump's son, he had to make hisown mark, and that he did, inManhattan.Fred Trump was born in New Jersey in 1905. His father was a Sweedish immigrantwho owned a restaurant and drank heavily. He died when Fred was 11 years oldand his mother had to start working as a seamstress to support her three children,while Fred immediately began taking odd jobs. Fred worked as a delivery boy, ashoe shiner and as a "construction donkey" hauling lumbar.Construction interested him very much, and he began taking night classes incarpentry, plan-reading, and estimating. By age 16, he built his first structure, atwo-car frame garage for a neighbor. Middle class people were just beginning to
16.05.2013Donald Trump; The Early Yearsskarlet.hubpages.com/hub/Donald-Trump-The-Early-Years3/9
buy cars, and Fred Trump was soon able to establish a good new businessbuilding prefabricated garages for fifty dollars each.He never considered college because he was responsible for supporting hisfamily, so he began working as a carpenter's helper for a home-builder in Queens.Fred was a very focused and ambitious young man who decided shortly after hisfather's death that if he could develop skills, he would be able to support a familyand get ahead.Before he was of legal age, he built his first home and called his company
Elizabeth Trump & Son.
(Elizabeth/ his mother) As soon as he sold his first house,he used the profit to build another, and he kept his business going from there,building bigger projects one after another in working-class communities aroundQueens. He continued to build over the years but began to aim at a more affluentmarket, building larger homes.In 1929 when the depression suddenly hit, and Fred turned to other businesses.He bought a bankrupt mortgage-servicing company and later sold it at a profit. In1934 Trump went back to building low priced homes. Selling hundreds of homesthroughout the 1930's.Fred Trump married Mary MacLeod in 1936. Their first son, Freddy, was not of thesame mold as either Fred Trump or his younger brother, Donald. He was a goodlooking, easy going guy who loved parties, much to the frustration of thedisciplined Fred Trump Sr. Freddy never could become interested in business andeventually became a pilot for TWA. He died of alcoholism at age 43.Their middle son, Donald, was drawn to business very early on, yet he never imitated his father. Young Donald was always assertive, being a neighborhoodleader with his peers during high school. Younger brother Robert was always closeto Donald, but in no way as confident and independent. At 13 donald Trump went to military school. He attended New York Military Academy in upstate New York beginning 8th grade, and stayed there until hissenior year. It was there that he learned about discipline and the channeling of hisaggression into achievement. He was appointed captain of the cadets, and after graduating Donald went to the Wharton School of Finance, where he earned hisdegree in economics.Upon graduation he worked for his father briefly to finally seal what his thoughtshad always been, that he was not interested in the way his father did Real Estate.Fred Trump built low income and middle income buildings in Booklyn and Queens,while Donald's ambitions gravitated to the best possible locations. All the years of thinking big had set his ambitions in another direction.

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