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YU Today Spring 13

YU Today Spring 13

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Published by Yeshiva University
A Publication of Yeshiva University. University and Alumni News.
A Publication of Yeshiva University. University and Alumni News.

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Published by: Yeshiva University on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOLUME 17 • NO. 1
YU extends
wins byYU basketballcoach
Revel PhDcandidateplaces
in internationalBible contest
in science grants toundergraduatefaculty
Ferkauf awarded
AffordableCare Act grant
studentsparticipated inCJF winter missionsaround the world
n July 2006, Yeshiva University launched the quiet phase o a $1billion comprehensive University-wide campaign. This past De-cember, during the 88th Annual Hanukkah Dinner and Convoca-tion—YU’s most important undraising event o the year—thecampaign went public in a special video narrated by President Rich-ard M. Joel describing the impact o the campaign on the Univer-sity: rom increased scholarship assistance and new acilities on allcampuses to growth in aculty productivity, curriculum enhance-ment and innovative programming.“The Yeshiva University experience is more than an intellec-tual pursuit,” said President Joel. “It is about providing each andevery student, undergraduate and graduate, with the knowledge,skills, opportunities and values to become a whole person and tolive a lie o meaning. The Campaign or Yeshiva University is de-signed to secure the resources that will enable our students to ullltheir Mandate to Matter.”President Joel’s maxim, “Mandate to Matter,” neatly encapsu-lates YU’s unique role o both educating students to succeed in theirchosen proessions and preparing students to contribute to the wel-are o their communities, society at large and the shaping o theJewish uture through the philosophy o Torah Umadda, the syn-ergy between Jewish law and tradition and contemporary society.In light o YU’s distinctive values and mission, the capital cam-paign has two main goals: to advance excellence in all YU schools,while giving students the tools to live lives o meaning; and to
Students, Alumni and Faculty Illuminate Annual Hanukkah Dinner
tudents, aculty and alumni who embody the mission o  Yeshiva University were recognized as “Points o Light” dur-ing the dinner portion o YU’s 88th Annual Hanukkah Din-ner and Convocation, held at New York City’s Waldor=Astoria onDecember 16.“There are so many lights that shine brightly at Yeshiva. Tonight,we ocus on individuals who serve as exemplars o the past, presentand uture o Yeshiva University,” said President Richard M. Joel,who invited each Point o Light on stage to light a symbolic candle ona menorah.The Points o Light included Helen Unger, a senior at Stern Col-lege or Women, and Dr. Marina Holz, assistant proessor o biology.Unger grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she attended public schoolbeore enrolling in Stern College’s S. Daniel Abraham Honor’s Pro-gram. Under Holz’s tutelage, Unger’s research in the breast cancereld has won numerous awards, including the Toby Eagle MemorialScholarship in Cancer Biology and a position in the highly selectiveSloan-Kettering Undergraduate Research Program. Unger is also therst YU student to receive the Thomas Bardos Science EducationAward or Undergraduate Students.“I wanted an environment where being an Orthodox Jewwouldn’t be at odds with my secular education,” Unger said o her de-cision to attend Yeshiva University. “Moreover, I value a small learn-ing environment, and the direct mentorship I received at YU morethan speaks to why I chose to come here.”Daniel Simkin, a sophomore at the Sy Syms School o Business,began his university studies in his native Venezuela, but longed ora place where “I could walk around wearing a kippa and eel Jew-ish,” he said. Ater discovering YU on a visit to a riend enrolled inthe school, Simkin taught himsel English so that he could attend.His entrepreneurship activities on campus include creating the LatinAmerican Business Club and Hope Book, a collaboration with his YUclassmates to develop an inspirational book or children with cancer,sparked by his own struggle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a child.Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program student GavrielBrown spent nine days helping out at Washington Heights’ 192ndStreet Shelter ater Hurricane Sandy hit and coordinated the shel-ter’s daily volunteer ow and general operations to make sure evacu-ees were cared or. Brown is eatures editor o 
The Commentator
andserves as the editor o the
Chronos Historical Journal o Yeshiva Uni-versity
as well as design editor and sta writer or
 Kol Hamevaser
,the Jewish thought magazine o YU’s student body. During his stud-ies in Israel, he was a ull-time volunteer at Save a Child’s HeartFoundation and volunteer emergency medical technician withMagen David Adom.Grace Meng, a 2002 graduate o YU’s Benjamin N. CardozoSchool o Law, was sworn into Congress on January 3, representing New York’s Sixth District. A dedicated public interest attorney andgrassroots political activist, her top priorities are children’s healthand education, improving the quality o lie or senior citizens andhelping small business owners achieve their American dream.Emily Miller is an MD/PhD student at YU’s Albert Einstein Col-lege o Medicine whose groundbreaking discovery in Ebola researchmay lead to the disease’s rst treatment plan. The breakthrough cameduring her our years in Dr. Kartik Chandran’s laboratory when theyidentied a protein on healthy cells that can act as a portal or thedeadly virus, which kills up to 90 percent o inected patients.Rabbi Benjamin Blech is an internationally recognized educa-
Points o Light Shine
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 Daniel Simkin, a budding entrepreneur at Sy Syms, let his studies inVenezuela in search o a Jewish environment.
Mandate to Matter
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 Nearly 75% o undergraduate students received scholarship support in 2012–13.
Yeshiva University Extends $1 Billion Capital Campaign to Raise Additional $400 Millionin Undergraduate Scholarships
Online Master’s Brings AzrieliTraining to Educators Worldwide
Chairman, YU Board of Trustees
President Chancellor 
Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Director of Media Relations, Editor Art Director Editor in Chief 
Aliza Berenholz, Barbara Birch, Bruce Bobbins, Mayer Fertig, David Huggins, Andrea Kahn,Elie Klein, Marganit Rauch, Ilan Regenbaum, Tova Ross, V. Jane Windsor
yutoday@yu.edu www.yu.edu/cpa
is published quarterly by the Oce o Communications and Public Aairs and isdistributed ree to aculty, sta, students, alumni, donors and riends. It keeps them inormedo news rom across Yeshiva University’s undergraduate and graduate divisions and aliates.The quarterly newsletter covers academic and campus lie, aculty and student research, com-munity outreach and philanthropic support. It showcases the University’s mission o TorahUmadda, the combination o Jewish study and values with secular learning, through storiesabout the diverse achievements o the University community.© Yeshiva University 2013 • Oce o Communications and Public AairsFurst Hall Room 401 • 500 West 185th St. • New York, NY 10033-3201 • Tel.: 212.960.5285Stanley I. Raskas, Chairman, Board o Overseers, Yeshiva College; Shira Yoshor, Chairman, Boardo Overseers, Stern College or Women; Alan Kestenbaum, Chairman, Board o Overseers, SySyms School o Business; Ruth L. Gottesman, Chair, Board o Overseers, Albert Einstein Collegeo Medicine; Leslie E. Payson, Chair, Board o Overseers, Benjamin N. Cardozo School o Law;Froma Beneroe, Chair, Board o Overseers, Wurzweiler School o Social Work; Mordecai D.Katz, Chairman, Board o Overseers, Bernard Revel Graduate School o Jewish Studies; CarolBravmann, Chair, Board o Overseers, Ferkau Graduate School o Psychology; Moshael J. Straus,Chairman, Board o Overseers, Azrieli Graduate School o Jewish Education and Administration;Joel M. Schreiber, Chairman, Board o Trustees, (aliate) Rabbi Isaac Elchanan TheologicalSeminary; Miriam P. Goldberg, Chairman, Board o Trustees, YU High Schools; Michael Jesselsonand Theodore N. Mirvis, Co-Chairs, Board o Directors, (aliate) Yeshiva University Museum.Board listings as o January 5, 2013.
ime and place are no longer barriers to earn-ing an advanced degree rom the premierinstitution o Jewish education in NorthAmerica. Yeshiva University’s Azrieli GraduateSchool o Jewish Education and Administrationhas launched Azrieli Online, its rst onlinemaster’s program.The classes or this 36-credit degree are asyn-chronous—that is, they will accommodate stu-dents’ work and teaching schedules and ree themrom being bound to a specic time or location, inaddition to granting them access to renowned ex-perts in Jewish education around the world. Mostimportant, it will provide the same rigorous, high-quality advanced training or which Azrieli is re-nowned, including its pioneering coursework inelds such as dierentiated instruction, cognitionand assessment, all geared toward
limudei kodesh
 [Judaic studies].“In my work with schools all across the conti-nent, teachers and administrators tell me,‘We’d love to attend Azrieli, but we are in Vancouver or Dallas or Miami, and relocat-ing to New York, even or a summer, is dif-cult,’ ” said Dr. Jerey Glanz, who directsthe master’s programs at Azrieli and holdsthe Raine and Stanley Silverstein Chair inProessional Ethics and Values. “Azrieli On-line allows us to reach out to those whocan’t physically be here and enhances theproessionalism o Jewish educators world-wide by exposing them to our stellar acultyand innovative curriculum.”Azrieli Dean David J. Schnall notedthat the school already oered ve onlinecourses in all 2012, including two taughtby Jerusalem-based instructor Dr. IlanaTuretsky.“This initiative allows us to employull-time and adjunct aculty rom many dierentlocations and to expand quality and access or ourstudents,” said Schnall. “In doing this we alsomodel or our students the use o distance tech-nology in their own schools, encouraging them tocollaborate across geographic boundaries in pro-viding a more advanced or wider variety o classesand projects, especially to smaller schools whosestudents might otherwise be deprived.”Candidates or Azrieli Online should possessa bachelor’s degree rom an accredited institu-tion, have a strong background in Jewish studiesand live in a community with an Azrieli-approvedJewish day school or yeshiva where they cancomplete their eldwork and student teaching.The application and interview process can becompleted online.
For more inormation, visit www.yu.edu/azrieli/online-courses or email azrieli@yu.edu
Maccabees’ Halpert Nets 400th Win
U men’s basketball coach Dr. JonathanHalpert has recorded his 400th careervictory—becoming just the seventh men’sbasketball coach in New York City history to doso. The Maccabees achieved the milestone onDecember 6, 2012, with a 72–50 win over Mari-time College on the court named in Halpert’shonor at the Max Stern Athletic Center.Halpert, a two-time Coach o the Year winnerin the Skyline Conerence, took over the Macca-bees roster in 1972 and is the longest tenured men’sbasketball coach in New YorkCity history.He joins a select group o New York City men’s collegebasketball coaches with 400 ormore victories, including hisclose riend, legendary St. John’scoach Lou Carnesecca, who re-tired with 526 wins.“I have always believed thata true measure o success is con-sistency,” said Halpert, a ormerMaccabee point guard, and agraduate o Yeshiva UniversityHigh School or Boys, YeshivaCollege and Ferkau GraduateSchool o Humanities and So-cial Sciences. “Four hundredwins means a lot to me, becausedespite the constraints o Yeshiva’s dual academiccurriculum, I have been able to give countlessyoung men the opportunity to compete and win.”“For our decades, Coach Halpert has imbuedthe Macs and the entire Yeshiva community withthe values o sportsmanship, teamwork and Jewishpride,” said Yeshiva University President RichardM. Joel. “He has taught our players so much morethan how to win and how to play the game o bas-ketball the right way—he has taught them how tolive their lives.”
 Jonathan Halpert ’62YUHS, ’66YC, ’78F, seated with his wie Aviva, celebrates400 victories at Yeshiva.
Experience a university like no other. Welcome to Yeshiva University!
YU’s 88th Annual Hanukkah Dinner and Convocation
Download the iPad edition of
This IsYeshiva University,
specially createdto give you a window into our schools,our life and our mission.
Available ree on the App Store.
 Joins Elite Group o NYC Basketball Coaches
our Roshei Yeshiva at the Rabbi Isaac ElchananTheological Seminary (RIETS) who have exten-sive experience with end-o-lie halachic issuesare oering consultation to community rabbis and ob-servant Jewish amilies.Rabbi Herschel Schachter, Rabbi Yaakov Neuber-ger, Rabbi Mordechai Willig and Rabbi Moshe Tendlerserve on a rotating basis as pre-hospice advisers as parto the YU-RIETS End-o-Lie Care Halachic AdvisoryProgram, ormed in collaboration with Calvary Hospital.“There is a pressing need in the Orthodox com-munity or accurate and thorough inormation on theconditions under which end-o-lie care should be pro-vided,” said Dr. Edward Burns, executive dean o YU’sAlbert Einstein College o Medicine, who conceivedthe program. “Regardless o where a person chooses toseek hospice care, Yeshiva University’s End-o-Lie CareHalachic Advisory Program is designed to answer theirquestions. Our decision to collaborate with Calvary rec-ognizes the unmatched quality o care that every patientreceives there and the sta’s commitment to the hospi-tal’s mission.”Ater a physician has recommended that a termi-nally ill individual receive hospice care, a communityrabbi or amily member who may be unamiliar with theintricate
[Jewish laws] in this area can request aconsultation with the program.A panel o physicians associated with Einstein andits afliates is also available to advise community rab-bis on the clinical issues surrounding the terminallyill. The medical panel includes Dr. Burns, Dr. SeymourHubereld, Dr. Beth Popp, Dr. Edward Reichman andDr. Robert Sidlow.“Since the hospital was ounded more than 113 yearsago, Calvary has embraced the opportunity to care orpeople rom all religious backgrounds,” said Frank Cala-mari, president and chie executive ofcer o CalvaryHospital. “We are condent that our collaboration with Yeshiva University will provide the Orthodox commu-nity with the inormation they need to make the righthealthcare decisions or their loved ones.”Calvary’s Bronx acility is now included in the Ein-stein and Pelham Parkway eruv. Its range o services orobservant Jewish amilies includes pastoral care by twosta rabbis who are RIETS graduates; kosher meals in-cluding cholov yisroel dairy products upon request; alocked kosher ood pantry with two microwave ovens,rerigerator and sink; and Shabbat and Jewish holidayobservances.
For more inormation, please visit www.yu.edu/riets/end-o-lie-care
s colleagues and students on the Wil campus inNew York watched online and cheered him on,Rabbi Ezra Frazer, an instructor o Hebrew at Yeshiva College who is pursuing a PhD in Bible at theBernard Revel Graduate School o Jewish Studies, tooksecond place in the International Chidon Hatanach(Bible Contest) or Adults.The contest at the International Convention Cen-ter in Jerusalem on December 12, 2012 was the rstsuch competition in 32 years. Twenty-seven experts onTanach rom around the world gathered in Jerusalemduring the week o Hanukkah to participate. A writtentest two days earlier selected 16 o them to appear in thetelevised event on December 12.Frazer described his week in Israel as “a tremen-dous opportunity to meet Jews rom all over the worldand to learn about their diverse communities. And, o course, it was an incredible experience to see thousandso people—including the prime minister—ll a conven-tion center to watch a contest that ocuses on mastering the Bible.”
For more inormation about Revel, please visit www.yu.edu/revel
 Revel PhD Candidate and YC Instructor Places Second in International Tanach Contest
RIETS, Einstein FormEnd-o-Lie CareHalachic AdvisoryProgram
Bible Quiz Wiz
 Rabbi Ezra Frazer
he Jewish Book Council hasnamed
City o Promises: A History o the Jews o NewYork
(NYU Press, September2012) recipient o The EverettFamily Foundation Jewish Booko the Year Award.The three-volume work—with contributions rom JereyS. Gurock, Libby M. KlapermanProessor o Jewish History at Yeshiva University,as well as Howard B. Rock, Annie Polland and DanielSoyer—explores the relationship Jews have had withNew York City and how they have been a visible and in-tegral part o the city’s culture, economy and politics,beginning with the rst Jews to arrive to New Amster-dam in 1654, and moving through history to present day.Gurock’s volume,
 Jews in Gotham: New York Jewsin a Changing City, 1920–2010
, is the third in the seriesand ocuses on neighborhoods, exploring Jewish liewithin the streets o the metropolis and showcasing thereasons or New York’s continued pre-eminence as thecapital o American Jews.“I am gratied by this recognition o my work andthe collaborative eorts that made
City o Promises
a joyto write,” said Gurock. “I am also grateul or the oppor-tunity our University has provided me to teach my stu-dents and write my books in an atmosphere that valuesJewish studies. This is not the rst time a YU academichas been so honored and will not be the last.”
Gurock Co-AuthorsBook o the Year
 Dr. Jerey S. GurockYeshiva University’s Zahava and Moshael Straus Center or Torah and Western Thoughthosted Proessor Alan M. Dershowitz on November 20 or a program titled “From Sodomto Nuremberg: A Conversation About Genesis, Justice and Law.” A world-renowned lawyerand political commentator, Dershowitz addressed topics ranging rom capital punishmentand post-Holocaust Germany to the recent Gaza War and Dershowitz’s own role in thedeense o O.J. Simpson.On November 30, Chie Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik, directoro the Straus Center, discussed Torah, law and literature in an event titled “The Merchant o Venice: A Jewish and British Reection.” 
Straus Center Welcomes Dershowitz, Sacks
Learn more about the Straus Center and upcoming events at www.yu.edu/straus

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