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The Widening Universe.

The Widening Universe.

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President College of
the Pacific.

President College of
the Pacific.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE WIDEIG UIVERSE.BY WILLIAM W. GUTH,President College of the Pacific.Deep in the consciousness of men lies theconviction that for earnest and devotedconsecration to any cause there is no limitto the possibility of result. He who trulyloves his calling or pursuit is aware of thefact that there are wide areas for him topossess which as yet lie undiscovered.And even if he feel his incapacity to dis-cover and possess them, he is not ready tosay that no other is capable of this task.The most conceited or self-confident mandare not claim that human ability and ca-pacity have come to their final floweringin him.As we consider how man's universewidens as he loves and devotes himself toany one cause, we find a confirmation of the words, **Eye hath not seen, nor ear127SPIRITUAL VALUES.heard, neither have entered into the heartof man the things that God hath preparedfor them that love Him."Following this thought, we see how theloving mind and heart ever lives in awidening and expanding universe. Thisis true in our most commonplace experi-ences. He who loves the stars and the
flowers will exclaim with the psalmist that* * the heavens declare the glory of God andthe firmament showeth His handiwork."And his universe will be an ever wideningone, for he will discover the presence of God even in the common wayside bush.He who really loves his neighbor will be-gin to understand the power of love thatpasseth all knowledge. His universe willever be a widening one, for he will be inthe presence of the Eternal, whose love fillsthe earth as the waters cover the sea.But in a more particular sense we dis-cover how a devoted mind and heart en-larges its own world. We look out on theheavens at night and see a white patch of 128THE WIDEIG UIVERSE.light. To the naked eye it has the appear-ance of a filmy vapor. This is all it willremain to those who have no further in-terest in heavenly bodies. But for himwho really loves the stars, what a wideninguniverse there is ! He turns his telescopeupon that milky spot, and it miraculouslyexpands into a whole world of planets, eachmoving with as much regularity and pur-pose across the beaten tracks of the skyas the planet upon which we live. Withinthe radius of the natural eye one can countsix thousand stars; the telescopes of ourmodern observatories multiply this rangeof vision more than two hundred times,and in that ever widening area a hundredmillion suns are seen to revolve.Even after the eye of man, lookingthrough the strongest telescope, has ex-hausted its power, the universe of theheavens still continues to widen. For asensitized plate is applied to the eye-pieceof a telescope, the huge tube is turned to
what seems an empty space in the arching129SPIRITUAL VALUES.heavens, and after long exposure tlie plateis dotted with thousands of tiny points, — each point registering a planet circling inits orhit at a distance beyond even theguess of man. "What the human eye cannot see is by this miracle made known tohuman knowledge, and there is not a scien-tist foolish enough to dispute these facts.Eye hath not seen, — and yet to the mind of man it hath been revealed. Think of theenthusiasm of the psalmist as he said,**When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy finger, the moon and the starswhich Thou hast ordained. ' ' And yet thatancient Hebrew had no conception of theinnumerable unseen worlds the Almightywas holding in the hollow of His hand.For beyond all human vision a thousandmillion suns and planets were revolving,and he could see only a few stars.Shall we stop with the astronomer!What the telescope reveals to us on thescale of the vast the microscope reveals onthe plane of the minute. How many130THE WIDEIG UIVERSE.spheres as large as an orange or even afootball would it take to fill the area of ourglobe? And yet such an inconceivablenumber of spheres are packed into everydewdrop, and science discovers that in each

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