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In Weakness.

In Weakness.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I WEAKESS.BY REV. J. H. POTTS, A.M.,ARE faith, love, and devotion increasing, orare they declining ? A similar question wasasked more than eighteen hundred years ago :**When the Son of Man cometh, shall he findfaith on the earth ? "Sin has abounded in all ages, and the goodpeople of every generation have nearly despairedof realizing the Christian's blessed hope. Therehas been much to discourage, much to oppose.Only because God's grace abounds more than sincan his people hold on their way.'* The only star that never sets,Though all its sister fires may fly — The only flower that never droops,Though all its fair companions die — Is fadeless hope."A more practical question would be, Have I liv-ing faith in my own heart ? Is my love to Godstronger than in other days ? Am I more devotedand spiritual than ever before ? Am I in all re-spects ready for the coming of the Son of man ?50 In Weakness.Jesus answered the question put to him byspeaking the parable of the Pharisee and pub-lican, designing it especially for those ^' whichtrusted in themselves that they were righteous."That parable is peculiarly applicable at the pres-ent time. Self-righteousness now fairly reigns.The average man thanks God that he is not asother men are, especially such as exhibit thespirit of humility, and walk in all the command-ments of the Lord blameless. It is a great agefor boasting, not so much of fasting " twice in
the week," as of feasting seven times; not somuch of giving tithes of entire possessions, as of multiplying possessions and entirely withholdingtithes. There are too many who stand, as didthe Pharisee, and parade their good qualities;too few who really humble themselves and cryto God for mercy. It is the weakness and defectof all our worship and work that we trust Godtoo little and ourselves too much."We sometimes think and talk about the millen-nium, but few have any definite idea of what isto constitute its peculiar blessedness. They ap-pear to imagine that a great miracle will bewrought to usher in that glorious day, and thatby some external process or influence all heartsare to be thrilled with new joy, all eyes tilledWhy Kot Have the Millenniiim ow ? 51with wonderful visions, and all people clothedwith visible garments of righteousness. ot so.Though, as Pope sings," All crimes shall cease, and ancient frauds shall fail ;Returning Justice lift aloft her scale ;Peace o'er the world her olive wand extend,And white-robed Innocence from heaven descend ;"yet no miraculous exertion of divine power needbe looked for. Rather will the natural religiousaction of mind on mind, of heart on heart, underthe influence of the Holy Ghost, bring about thatgeneral reign of peace. The fire of God's lovewill burn brighter and brighter on every holyaltar until the flames of all hearts mingle to-gether, encircling the whole extent of the habit-able globe with a common warmth and unbrokenillumination.Why, then, may not the spirit of the millen-nium be now aroused and enjoyed ? Why may not
individual Christians have to-day the pure affec-tion and perfect rest of soul which will then beuniversal? God speaks to-day: " Be ye holy, forI am holy." " Love one another, for love is of God." " My presence shall go with thee, and Iwill give thee rest." We have the same Bible,the same Saviour, the same Comforter, the sameplan of salvation, the same field of action, and52 In Weakness.the same motives to be pure and spiritual thatChristians will have in the time to come. If theuniversal reign of righteousness is deferred athousand years, it will be simply because thepresent and immediately succeeding generationprefer " this poor dying rate " of spiritual life tothe fervent love and holy zeal and vigorous work which the people of some future time will showforth, thus realizing the fulfillment of the King'spromise: "All the ends of the world shall remem-ber and turn unto the Lord; and all the kindredsof the nation shall worship before thee."When we contemplate the goodness of God inproviding so amply for all our wants, and prof-fering his own almighty aid to help us in ourweakness, we can but say, How short-sighted,foolish, and vain is man, that the race is not al-ready delivered from sin, and the earth blossomingand blooming as the rose ! The difficulty is withourselves. The offense is our own. It is a weak-ness attaching to perverse human nature. Insteadof drawing near to God to receive the blessingshe offers us, we go away, refusing to receive hisbenediction. In our far-off state, our non-recep-tive attitude, we miss most if not all the preciousexperiences of the Christian life. Surely for thisno one is blamable but ourselves. If we choose3Ian Alone at Fault. 53to make our home under the shadow of a mount-

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