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The Dave Tate Project, Part 2

The Dave Tate Project, Part 2



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Published by BigNat7774

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Published by: BigNat7774 on Apr 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dave Tate Project, Part 2by Dr. John BerardiTate Gets It DoneHave you ever met a person who simply does
it takes to be successful at
he puts his mind to? Sure, we're all taught that we
do whatever we put ourmind to, but it's the rare person indeed who makes good on this promise — a person whoactually gets it done. Over the last ten weeks or so, Dave Tate has proven to me that he'sone of those rare people. Dave Tate gets it done.In mid-February, Dave contacted me for some nutrition advice. (SeePart I.) Specifically,he came to me weighing in at about 300 pounds and about 18% body fat.A very big Dave TateNow, this in itself wasn't such a big deal. This is actually a solid physique for Dave'schosen sport of powerlifting. However, according to Dave, he needed to make somemajor lifestyle changes and had two reasons for doing so:1) The orthopedic reason: Dave's long-standing shoulder problems have gotten so badthat they're almost beyond repair.2) The health reason: Dave's blood work has worsened over time and things like hisblood lipids need to be brought back into their normal ranges.
With these two major issues going on at the young age of 38, Dave realized it was time tomake a change. In fact, let's have Dave describe exactly why these reasons were socompelling and why he was so motivated to make this change.The Orthopedic ReasonAccording to Dave: "I competed and trained for powerlifting between the years of 1983and 2005. I totaled my first Elite in 1987 and continued posting lifts that were in the top20 for my weight classes (broke the top ten a few times) for the rest of my career."Big Dave Deadlifting"Unfortunately, my injury total has also been accumulating. Here's a brief summary of allmy major injuries, starting with my first one in 1986. I'll begin with the calves and moveup. Also keep in mind that these are just the major ones that left me immobile for morethan a week:• Calves: I've torn both of them, leaving a huge indentation in each.• Right Knee: Back in the late 80's I strained my ACL and that left me on crutches fortwo weeks. I've had three other similar strains since that time.• Right Hamstring: I tore this hamstring so badly that I nearly needed surgery to fix it.• Left Knee: I've partially torn my patellar tendon. This wasn't bad, pain-wise, but it didmess up my squatting for four months.
• Quad: I pulled my right quad in the early 90's. It was so bad that it turned my entire legblack.• Groin: I've injured my groin on both the right and left sides. This was a year of hellwhere there was nothing I could do to get it fixed. So I just wrapped it up and dealt withit. After a year it got better.• Lower Abdominal: I tore my lower abdominal muscles seven years ago. I did this whilesquatting and it was perhaps the most painful injury I've ever had.• Spine: The following discs are herniated: L4, L5, C4, C5. C4 and C5 left my hand numbfor a few months. L4 and L5 occurred over 14 years ago and required me to take twomonths off training• Intercostals: I've strained two on each side over the past ten years.• Left pec: I tore this muscle at the tendon and needed surgery to repair it.• Right pec: I tore this muscle in half but decided to not have surgery since the tendonwas still attached.• Both pecs: I've torn each at least 20 times and each time caused the entire pec to turnblack and blue. All of these happened before the above pec injuries.• Right shoulder: I've had a torn supraspinatus, bone spurs, and now have arthritis. I hadthis shoulder cleaned up with the AC shaved down to allow more movement, but am nowexperiencing almost all the same ailments in the same shoulder. Doctors are talkingreplacement.• Left shoulder: This one also has arthritis, but isn't as bad as the other."Wow. Are you shaking your head in disbelief? I was too when I read this for the firsttime. Dave goes on:"Outside of one injury, I never took time off for any of them. I'd take painkillers and wrapthe injury tight and keep pounding away. Now, I don't say this to brag. Instead, I'mpointing all this out because I feel most of my injuries could've been avoided if Iwould've taken some time off to rehab them. Wrapping them up and pounding awayprobably lead to what I'm facing today."You see, my right shoulder has already been worked on twice, and now my arthritis hasgotten to the point where I've been given three options (from three different doctors):Option 1: They go in and clean up the shoulder. This would have a low success rate andwould likely lead to a total replacement within 12 months.

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