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The Secrets to Body Transformation

The Secrets to Body Transformation

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Published by BigNat7774

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Published by: BigNat7774 on Apr 16, 2009
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The Secrets to Body TransformationRemembering the Forgotten Ingredientsby Dr. John Berardi
Nowadays, when a guy gets interested in bodybuilding, body transformation, or buildingsize and strength, all he has to do is pop open his internet browser and type in a few selectkeywords. Within seconds he's transported to a world of training programs, dietprograms, and more.However, it's a huge mistake to think that finding an awesome training program and dietplan online is all it takes to build the ultimate body. In this article Dr. Berardi shares twointangibles that go beyond sets and reps, calories and proteins; two intangibles that willabsolutely make or break your progress.Pumping IronIn 1975, George Culp and Wes Brown, aspiring bodybuilders in their mid-20s, decided totake a road trip. You see, George and Wes lived in New London, North Carolina and,well, New London isn't exactly a body-transformation haven. In fact, in the mid-1970s,New London didn't even have a gym. Yet that wasn't going to stop them; George andWes built their own modest gyms and trained at home.So one day, toward the end of harvest season, Wes, a tobacco farmer at the time, calledup his buddy George and told him to pack his bags."Hey buddy, we just got all the tobacco in the barns, let's go to Gold's."Now, for those of you who don't know anything about "Gold's", Wes was referring toGold's Gym, at the time the most well-known gym in perhaps all the world. Gold's Gym,located in Venice Beach, California, was owned and operated by Joe Gold and hadbecome
place to train.In fact, some of the top competitors of the time had moved to Venice just to train in whatseemed to be the ultimate bodybuilding environment. Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger,Franco Columbo, Robbie Robinson, Ed Corny, and many other bodybuilding greats couldall be found training at Gold's, eating at one of the local restaurants, or lounging onVenice Beach. Talk about creating the right environment for success!So, although George and Wes trained regularly, had developed pretty impressivephysiques, and actually had both competed at the Mr. North Carolina bodybuildingcontest, they both knew that if they really wanted to take their physiques to the next level,they would need to learn from and train with guys better and more experienced thanthemselves. So, at the end of the 1975 harvest, they traveled the 2500+ miles from New
London to Venice Beach. They were determined to enlist the best in the world to takethem to the next level.Interestingly, although they only planned to stay in California for about 2 weeks, not onlydid they get to train with the best in the world, they ended up walking into Gold's Gym atthe same time that George Butler and his crew were filming the classic bodybuilding flick 
Pumping Iron
 According to George Culp, "Until we got out there, we had no idea that
Pumping Iron
 was being filmed. George Butler couldn't believe that two country boys from NorthCarolina came all the way across the country to train with Arnold. So they included us ina lot of scenes. Of course, many of our shots ended up on the cutting room floor.However, we did end up in two scenes. You may remember the one in which Arnold wasteaching a smaller blonde guy how to pose."Well, that blonde guy was Wes. And the guy with the moustache in the scene wasGeorge, standing along side and learning from the master.Wes and George in a Pumping IronInterview

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