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Final Shame on You

Final Shame on You

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Published by sjplep
'Shame on you, Theresa May'. Academic paper in which BritCits and allies are mentioned.
'Shame on you, Theresa May'. Academic paper in which BritCits and allies are mentioned.

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Published by: sjplep on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Shame on you Theresa May”:Ethnography of the UKBA
Key to termsAPPG
All Party Parliamentary Group
Indefinite Leave to Remain
Joint Coalition for the Welfare of Immigrants
Migrants’ Rights Network 
United Kingdom Border Agency
United Families Fight for Love
 Key Words
family migration, human rights violations, UKBA, discrimination, structural violence, bureaucracy, state policies
The purpose of this project is to highlight the draconian immigration policiesimplemented on the 9
July 2012 by the current UK government. Due to the relativelyshort time since the family migration policies came into effect there is littleanthropological research surrounding this topic, however, this paper contributes to thewider body of academia concerned with migration. By engaging with grassrootsmovements and established organizations dedicated to supporting migrants, I have become a part of a wider community which is working towards the reform of thesemigration policies. Specifically I explore how these policies are in violation of Article 8of the European Convention of Human Rights and Article 16 of the Universal Declarationof Human Rights. During my research many individuals expressed feelings of marginalization. As I will illustrate, these policies discriminate against people based on2
3318640502their class, gender, race, sexuality, age and region. Ethnographic accounts are integral tothis report as they demonstrate the suffering experienced by individuals across the UK and globally who have been separated from their families by these migration policies.
On 9
July 2012, the Conservative Government of the UK made four changes tofamily migration policy. These measures were an attempt to meet the goals set by the present government to restrict migration. In the words of the Prime Minister, DavidCameron, the goal of the current administration is to “limit migration from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands.” The administration refers to its approach to immigrationas “soft touch”; a review of the history of migration and the current policies suggests theterm “soft touch” is far from the truth. Britain has a long history of anxiety towardsmigration and migrants, fueled by fear of abuse of the countrys resources andxenophobic attitudes among some groups within society. The concern in some quarters,that certain groups are incapable of integrating into British society is arguablyexacerbated by immigration law and media representations. Using family migration as a prism through which to view the global movement of peoples, this essay highlights thestate’s attempt to restrict the freedom of movement. This issue has risen in importanceover time, as the falling cost of travel, and the virtual connections offered by the internet,has meant we inhabit a world that is continuously interconnected. In this paper, personalaccounts of lives affected by migration policy are described, as a counterpoint to theusual polemic, which are often based on economic arguments.
The aim of this research was to critically analyze the stipulations applied tocouples that marry across borders. At present, within the UK, couples are required toconform to the states definition of what constitutes a marriage. However after thechanges in family migration came into effect on 9
July 2012, my focus was shifted.Originally my attention was drawn solely to the income requirements but after adiscussion with two fellow campaigners, I decided to highlight all four changes to family3

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