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My Experience on the Anabolic Diet 24 34

My Experience on the Anabolic Diet 24 34

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Published by BigNat7774

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Published by: BigNat7774 on Apr 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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kurmatt wrote:Disc Hoss wrote:I'll get back to you, Kurmatt. Got a list of "free" veggies someplace on my computer. Theright ones allow for ample intake.Best,DHkurmatt wrote:I see that DH mentions to eat a lot of veggies but doesn't this conflict with staying below30g CHO? Or are the veggies considered a fiber and not counted?MattHoss-Appriciate it.I find it difficult to find a comprehensive book or list of the nutritional breakdown of foods. Ever try to find out how many carbs are in a piece of sushi? Pretty tough.kurmat, basically any vegetable that tastes like putrid ass is gonna be allowed on thisdiet. this is the shit you will mainly use i would think...1.spinach2.any other really dark leaf 3.tiny bits of broccoli and cauliflower4.asparagus(this shit is so ridiculously expensive)5.shrooms(tiny bits)6. cucumberthats it basically(IMO of whast you would be using often)...although you have the weirdass vegetables that no one will ever eat...but think shit like collard greens, hearts of palm(taste like putrid ass), romaine.Owen70, thank your lucky stars for two things.1. I'm eating CHO right now and they have a sedative effect.2. You're in HS and I suppose I was as much of a "shotgun mouth" as any teenager. Orso my father-in-law states. ;-)You are correct in one thing. You don't understand the "hypocritical" stance of myself and the originator of the diet. You keep the CHO this low NOT to attain ketosis, butrather to drop glucose levels low enough to trigger significant fat burning AND proteinsparring. If/when you ever fully adapt to the diet then ketosis is NOT a reality anymore.Want to know what happens when I whiz on a ketostick? Nothing. My blood glucosehovers around 90-95. Ketosis is nowhere to be found. Since I have ADAPTED, my bodyis no longer in the metabolic purgatory of ketosis. With the large quantities of CHO weingest on the load and the minimal daily value, we keep just out of ketosis. We're like aplane skimming the ground. We don't land, we hover.Dan "I'm wrong 99% of the time" Ducahine demanded NO CHO on mon, tues, and wed(?). He was focusing on forcing you into a rapid ketosis condition by eliminating ALLCHO, with concommitant liberal usage of VS and Metformin to plummet blood sugar.Now what Duchaine did NOT realize is that even at this rate, once the person adapted,
he would use FATTY ACIDS, and TRIGLYCERIDES as the primary fuel sources. But thenMauro says this is to be used as a lifestyle eating pattern, not just a 6 week diet solutionfor a contest. We are wave cycling here. That is why Doc D calls it a cyclical diet, ormacronutrient cycling, NOT a CKD.The focus on ketosis is like having me point at something while you just look at myfinger.You get your glycogen depleted during the weekdays. This allows for an enhanceduptake of both glucose and amino acids into the muscle. It is preferentially shuttled tothe muscle after this scarcity it has experienced. We use this to trick the body intoaccepting more than normal amounts of various substances to trigger an anabolicresponse. Here AGAIN Duchaine has his focus wrong. He thought that the aboveconditions leading to "kinetic cellular expansion" was the golden boy. NO. That is a realbenefit that has some value, but the real money is the HORMONAL cascade that thecyclical pattern sets in motion. To Duchaine it was all about ketosis->glycogensupercompensation. To Di Pasquale it is all about adaptation->hormonal maximization.Once you adapt then ketosis is not attained and neither should it be a goal.This whole fixation that causes people to miss the big picture reminds me of the trainingto failure controversy. It's not necessary and should not be sought as it increases CNSdemand. You can get "near" failure and still hit the necessary MU's to derive the effect.Both of these dogmatic "needs" (training->failure and ketosis) are doing nothing buttaking a good observation and coming to a bad conclusion.Anyway, ketosis sucks after an initial break in period. It is counterproductive to BB's andPL's whose activity is centered around anaerobic exercise that is fueled by glycogen.We drop down "close" to ketosis where we have the full benefits (once adapted) of usingfat as THE premier fuel source. During this time the body holds stored glycogen like a fatcop does a donut. We use it ONLY for weight training purposes. During this time insulinis low/healthy, thus it continues to do it's job of nutrient transfer but won't be able todeposit anything into fat very easily (unless you eat a freakin' cow). Amino acids aresent to muscle as normal BUT and here is the real purpose, testosterone levels areelevated, GH is elevated (as it often operates in an antagonistic fashion with insulin),glucagon is bumped up for fat loss (not too much so), and neurotransmitters that allowfor alertness are in ample supply and used. We have an anabolic cocktail going on rightthen NOT ketosis. The value of the ketostix are about as much as the urine you spill onthem at this point.Then as we load we derive the benefits of the mother of all insulin surges and haveanother fascinating ADAPTATION phenomenon happen, we get BOTH insulin and GHelevated during at least the first 24 hours of the load. Yup, that's right. Doc D has foundthat for the first day of loading at least, you are continuing to burn fat at a higher thannormal rate and we can actually have GH and insulin working in tandem. This is normallynot a possibility. The benefit and purpose is to wave your CHO to cause a hormonalcascade that allows for anabolic action during BOTH the low carb phase and the uptakephase.Try to offer comments and assistance instead of argumentative jabs. When you don'tunderstand something then say so, don't come across as a jilted authority, bro. You'll betaken more seriously and you'll show you have a normal respect for the opinions/experiences of others. You can question me all you want, but you should familiarizeyourself with the Metabolic Diet by Di Pasquale before you implicate him as?hypocritical?. What you?ve been is HYPER critical You?ve got too much Lyle andDuchaine in your understanding.This is the Anabolic Diet thread. We want growth. It is the best cutting diet too, but the
key is muscle growth. We want the best of both worlds. The AD is just that.Best,DHIf you are familiar with BO then you'll notice that Duchaine wanted a standardbodybuilding workout on Mon for 1/2 body, then tues for the other 1/2. Then you dickeraround on wed, thurs, and then Friday began the circuit. The whole BO program wasbased on poor conception and application of training protocols. You are hitting abodypart once a week with any real effect then you sit in a metabolic/training dead zonewaiting for the all important 2 hour marathon depletion workout. Blind to the max, andagain DanD was seeing the finger instead of what the finger was pointing at. Di Pas'swork "stimulated" DanD to do BO and he screwed it all up. It was classic Duchainestealing the ideas of others, not understanding the mechanisms fully, and thenpresenting himself as an authority. A guy who never had any success in weight training.Now, I think Dan was funny and entertaining, but I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade.You do not need to waste time waiting all around for the grand depeletion. We are BB's,PL's, SM's, etc... We shouldn't and don't need to make a program overhaul for adepletion workout when it will happen anyway from your standard training.I have said, and this will be the last time I beat this dead horse so help me, that IF youwant to monkey around with this then do two things:1. Make it in addition to your split. It should be an addendum not the plot.2. Do a Westside/Waterbury AR workout. This will facilitate recovery and benefit byutilizing a proper intensity load.My point is that it is fine to do but DanD built BO all around a heavy workout at thebeginning of the week and a pointless, no growth 2 hours waste of time that was of minimal use and ultimately unnecessary and made it an integral part of the "success".The OTS program that followed along with the commercial introduction of the AD was aconjugate periodization scheme that allowed for high frequency, sufficient load,controlled volume sessions that actually BUILT muscle and were more than sufficient todeplete glycogen.The diet, once you've adapted, removes all of the need for focus on ketosis, rebounding,etc... Duchaine saw the "small" picture and suggested the BO for a quick fix. Mauro is aexpert who has more credentials professionally and academically than Ducahine hadperverse statements.BB, don't mistake my tone. It just gets tiresome to hammer the same things and mymood is sour anyway. For this I apologize. It's not directed toward you. Check out someof the earlier posts and the one I sent out for Owen70.Best,DHYou'll make the shift either way. Serious cardio will simply have adverse effects on yourmuscle building goals and is often foregone for the use of HIIT. Cardio can be used judiciously for help with fat loss. Again, one needs to utilize a sufficient loadingparameter (ie intensity, speed) before an activity moves from aerobic to anaerobic. Theanaerobic work will give you the depletion. My rock bottom thougts? It's not worthagonizing over trivialities. If you keep all variables in your life the same, you'll reach

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