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My Experience on the Anabolic Diet 01 23

My Experience on the Anabolic Diet 01 23

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Published by BigNat7774

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Published by: BigNat7774 on Apr 16, 2009
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My Experience On the Anabolic DietYes. To guarantee a good start go the first weekend as normal on the AD. This will giveyou 12 days straight to wring every last bit of glycogen out of your hide and then you go5-5 1/2 days low carb, then 36 hours of food orgy. For mass of course. If you want tocut, then just have a slow dance and some heavy petting. ;-)Example. I start the AD on Monday, June 20th and go until Friday July 1st OR SaturdayJuly 2nd for my carb load.Best scenarios.#1 Standard. Start carbing from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. Give yourself abreak before bed Sunday night or you may not sleep well.#2 My current. Start carbing on Friday morning or at lunch and go till Saturday evening.Both ways give you *2* days effectively, but it's really @36 hours. That is a goodduration. That is the best way to understand your 2 day load. All day Saturday (fromabout 8am) and all day Sunday (till about 6pm).DH--The AD is a fun way to eat. During the week I'm eating eggs, steak, bacon, chicken,olive oil, feta cheese, and a multitude of I-talian cheese...along with things like saut.spinach and garlic in olive oil.Then, you can really look forward to that box of cereal or piece of cake on saturday.Oh boy, this is one sweet diet. I thought I would be sluggish, tired, week, and dying forsome carbs. I am experiencing the opposite of all of these. Here is a sample of my dietso far today.Meal 1: 1/2 scoop pro powder, six scrambled eggs, 3/4 cup of Cheddar cheese. eightpieces of bacon. 10 fish oil pills,1 liter of waterMeal 2: Same as above minus protein powder.Meal 3: Pre workout? two scoops of Power Drive mixed with some strong green teaMeal 4: PWO All you can eat BBQ beef, about 1-11/2 lbs. One huge salad with oil andvinegar. My training partner told me he has never seen anyone eat that much beef inone sitting:)Meal 5:Two Bubba burgers, four pieces of cheese(Swiss, and cheddar), 10 fish oil pills,and two tablespoons of sugar free fiber supp.My next meal will be the same as meal five and I will have some full fat cottage cheeseand more fish oil before bed. Today I was kind of lacking in the veggie department, but Iwill make up for it tomorrow. I have never consumed so much fish oil in my life.Hopefully I won't grow gills:) One more week until carb up, and I could care lees. I lovecheese!JoeIt IS a sweet ride. Just be aware that you might hit a wall, but tough it out. This makesall the difference. When I first did it, I was feeling like I had the flu by Friday. Few dayslater and I'm jumping out of the bed in the morn. GF was amazed as I always hatedmornings.DH
mdragon, that is a valid point and one that does play into your choice of CHO on the AD.The big one is that starches are broken down into glucose primarily with small amountsof fructose. Glucose preferentially fills the muscle while fructose heads to the liver.Sucrose (table sugar in your sweets) is a dissacharide and has a larger fructose contentthat will allow the liver to be full faster and then when you begin carb depletion, the liverwill continue to spike and drop your blood sugar levels for hours until it is depletedagain.Better to focus on filling muscle glycogen stores to the max. Also sucrose and fructosestimulate fat creating enzymes. So keep your loads smart. Have your goodies, but do itafter you've consumed quality carbs. You'll feel better, look better, and your appetitewon't get you into trouble by driving you to down a gallon of Ben & Jerry's.DHpretty much so. And I too am an all or nothing guy. Really a blessing and a curse isn'tit... Seems like your not you're own boss at times. ;-).The AD seems best for this personality type even more. The only time you have to"down shift" is when you walk away from the load on Sat or Sun evening. But it's easy tobear when you know another will be coming soon, and tomorrow morning ... eggs andbacon await. :0.On a standard diet, you have to become too involved for the all or nothing guy.DHIs it possible to due this diet witout eating Pork? I dont have pork in my diet kind like tokeep that way but like the sounds of the diet so far!Absolutely! However, how can you give up bacon man? Those crispy, little morsels areone of the things that make this diet so great. In all honesty, pork is the meat I eat theleast, aside from bacon and the occasional BBQ ribs (minus the BBQ sauce), and it is notnecessary that you consume it either. There are plenty of other low-carb, high-proteinfoods out there.If I remember correctly, DH himself eats little in the way of pork, although I do know weshare the same passion for "those crispy, little morsels". Steak, chicken and fish(Yes, iconsider it a meat. Who cares if no one else does!) are my main staples as far as meatgoes.So, as far as not wanting to eat pork, don't sweat it man!Thought DH?-BD "Long live the bacon!"Of course! I've done the Anabolic Diet off and on for the past 3 years (currently 5'6",205, single digit bodyfat), and I generally eat pork no more than once a week. You'll justbe eating more chicken, beef, fish, and eggs. As tasty as bacon and eggs are, they don'thold a candle to steak and eggs or a good jerk chicken omelet, IMO.I've actually got a vegetarian friend who follows the Anabolic Diet successfully.Chuck, looks great. Enjoy.And I'm still reeling from finding people on Earth who don't want bacon on the AD.. Stopthe Insanity...
I eat plenty of: olive oil, fish oil caps, some Cod liver oil in winter mostly, bacon (entirelyunnecessary)steak, pork steak, ground sirloin, ground chuck, chicken breast, whole chicken, eggs,cheese (real not cheese food), real butter, smart balance butter, almonds (raw), rawwalnuts, natural peanut butter, heavy whipping cream, cauliflour, brocolli, green beans,onions, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, cream cheese, deli steak, deliturkey, salmon steaks, shrimp, green peppers, cucumbers, red peppers, ceasar saladdressing, ranch salad dressing, mayonnaise, mustard, tomatoes (7g for a full one), everyherb and spice on Earth, and much more...Also for our pleasure:Hood low carb milk (choc and whole are my favorites).Low carb fajita shells (minus the fiber, I've found them as low as 5g each to be used forsteak and chicken fajitas or a breakfast burrito.)Sugar free jello with some Cool WhipHealthy Life low carb bread (minus fiber leaves 5g per slice. If you are smart AND haveALREADY adapted to the diet you can leave enough CHO from you limit to have a steakand cheese deli sandwich with the veggies and mayo.)Heinz low carb Ketchup (1g per tbsp)Pork Rinds with some low carb salsa is great too.And our good friend Splenda. Use for baking some low carb goodies, for your coffee withthe heavy cream, or mix it with your nasty hydrolyzed whey to remove that lovely aftervomit/jock strap taste.DHI am going to the store later today and will be buying:eggs-3 dozencheese, full fat-severalblocks,different varietiesspam-several cansham-1 largecream-1 pintsausage-several varietiesbacon-3lbscorned beef hash-5 canssteak-as much as I can affordground beef-as much as I can affordfish-several kinds,3 or 4 lbsa fiber supplementI've already got 12lbs of ground chuck at home, also butter, several cheeses andlunchmeats, some spam, olive oil, and some bacon.Sorry for the mix-up man, those foods above are what I plan on eating.My normal weekly fare consists of such items as:Lean beef, chicken by the truck load, many eggs, bacon or canadian bacon, spinach,broccoli, olive oil, flax meal, green tea, pork, salmon, the occasional lobster, crab orshrimp, red or green leaf lettuce, mixed nuts when I just need a little

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