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Innopinion Ltd and Pocket Venture crowdfunding service

Innopinion Ltd and Pocket Venture crowdfunding service

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRESS RELEASE, PUBLIC IMMEDIATELY, May 20, 2013Innopinion Ltd and Pocket Venture crowdfunding service
Pocket Venture and Innopinion will launch a significant value-adding servicefor crowdfundingThe crowdfunding service Pocket Venture and the Finnish crowdsourcingstartup Innopinion have agreed to launch a significant value adding serviceto Pocket Ventures’ clients. The new service is based on Innopinion’s patentpending method of engaging the participants to evaluate the ideas invarious ways. The service will enable the potential investors to gain deepunderstanding of the business potential of the idea, and enabling thecompanies to better understand their potential investors as well as creatingmarket analysis of their potential customer base.
Pocket Venture is a new crowdfunding platform for International markets. The CEO of Pocket Venture Markku Mutanen comments the soon to be launched value addingservice, ”I believe that in order to better and faster raise funds in the means of crowdfunding, the companies must understand the dynamics of the crowd, and wewant to be servicing the participants from both sides with significantly better analysisthat is nowhere to be found yet. We’ve found nothing even close to the level of analysis and engagement that we’re going to deliver with Innopinion!”Innopinion CEO Tom Laine says their goal is to provide service both to the potentialinvestors as well as to the companies raising funds. “We’ve been drafting the servicefor quite a while now, a model that would benefit all parties involved. Pocket Venturewas an interesting and logical companion to launch this service with, as theircrowdfunding model is interesting in so many ways, and global from the start insteadof those most often geographically very restricted services.” Laine believes the newservice to be setting a significant milestone in the still developing industry of crowdinvesting. The first concrete outcome of the collaboration are Pocket Venture live events in LosAngeles and New York early June, soon followed by the launch of the new service.Pocket Venture is running the pitching events together with Innopinion, The FinnishConsulate, and Vendorio. Pocket Venture’s crowdfunding model is global in reach, andcombines various means of crowd investment under one roof. The service is in privatebeta, soon to launch public beta. The new service with Innopinion is targeted to helpunderstand the business potential of ideas as well as building market analysis for theparticipating companies.Innopinion’s patent pending gamified crowdsourcing platform is focused on idea andfeedback campaigns, offered as a service. The process enables managing campaignswith minimal resources and input, but building deep customer engagement. Theprocess reports market analysis to better understand clients and potential targetmarkets. Innopinion has clients in the U.S., Finland, Sweden and Afghanistan.Innopinion solutions are targeted to organizations that want to understand and engagetheir customers better to the company and its products. Innopinion was chosen as oneof nine promising Finnish startups to ring the Nasdaq bell Oct 8, 2012.More information available at:Innopinion Ltd, CEO Tom Laine Mob. +358 400 296 196

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