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Published by Carol Broos
This is a paper on seven significant things that form a music educators views for the direction of their curriculum.
This is a paper on seven significant things that form a music educators views for the direction of their curriculum.

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Published by: Carol Broos on Apr 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Significant Seven – Curricular needs and interests
Autobiographical Reflections as a Learner – How has your ownlearning history influenced
My two choir directors in my church growing up are my idols and mentors;there is not a day that goes by without me thinking about their teachingstyle. They had the personal touch and allowed me to perform. They believedin me and I model much after them. Miss Connors was my elementary and junior high church choir director, and Mr. Bonavert, my high school churchchoir director. They took the time to rehearse with me until I was comfortableto perform. They were excellent musicians, but it was personalization thatmade them excellent teachers. One of my turning points was being a cherubat Northwestern University the summer of my senior year in High School. Iloved the challenge of level 3 music theory, the private voice lessons, thechoirs, and honors choir. It completely changed my life and directed me to bea music teacher. However, the main reason I became a music teacher is notbecause of them, but high school choir director. My high school experiencewas quite a different matter. I have a passion for music and love seeing thatpassion intensify within others. My high school director played favorites,screamed, and basically was an ineffective teacher. He wasn’t a very goodmusician either, and could barely play the piano, which I feel every musicteacher should have some piano skills. My love for music was larger, and Iwas in the choir and band all four years of high school. The same people gotthe leads year after year. There was
lead. Many were turnedaway. If you didn’t “look” the part, you were in the chorus. Over the coursemy high school experience I had
one line
during my four years. (Where isWang Ta?) I felt driven that I could teach music with passion and alloweveryone to participate, not just a select few, but EVERYONE. Each and everyperson should have the opportunity to perform and talent comes from hardwork. My childhood dream is to transform music education to involveeveryone and teach everyone, not the select few. This is the reason I have sixdifferent casts, allowing for anyone who wants to participate in a show, be ina show. Parents are often amazed that there are so many shows and arethankful that I offer such an opportunity. This is how it works, for one showthe student might have their “bigpart and the other shows they in
Carol BroosCurriculumSignificant Seven
Significant Seven – Curricular needs and interests
secondary roles. I feel it important that students are in all the shows; so theyhave the opportunity to experience the show in from different aspects of theproduction, be it stage crew, chorus, or the lead.
Treasured Values as a Teacher
Listed are some of my favorite quotes that are core my curricular thinking.Music is a hands-on activity, only then can it be discussed and appreciated.Motivate to Learn - Carol Broos video
-“All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have anequal opportunity to develop our talent.”John F. Kennedy 
-“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’llunderstand.”Chinese Proverb-“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empowerothers”Bill Gates-"In music the passions enjoy themselves."Friedrich Nietzsche-“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."AlbertEinstein-“High touch involves the ability to empathize with others, to understand thesubtleties of human interaction..."Daniel Pink-“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with adesire to learn is hammering on cold iron.”Horace Mann-“Engage me or enrage me.”Marc Prensky-“There are many respects in which America, if it can bring itself to act withthe magnanimity and the empathy appropriate to its size and power, can bean intelligent example to the world.”J. William Fulbright"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be donewithout hope and confidence."Helen Keller
Carol BroosCurriculumSignificant Seven
Significant Seven – Curricular needs and interests
-“Find what the student’s passion is and build upon that. Electricity in theclassroom will move mountains.” “Teachers are not the “keepers’ of information anymore. Today we must motivate others.” Music is a hands-onactivity, only then can it be discussed and appreciated.”Carol BroosIn conclusion, the personal relationship that I have with my students isevident even after I have finished teaching them, many students come backand tell me all the musical activities they are doing with THEIR children. I amthe LAST music teacher for many of them. I love hearing the positive storiesand to see how they still love and involve music is their lives.
Fresh Perspectives and New Ideas
I am innovative and strive for new technologies using new avenues toincorporate music in everyday living for the masses. Just the few weeks Ihave been here it has opened my eyes to the research and readings I need todo. I feel curriculum needs to change with including more “generalpopulation” classes. We already have the best subject in town, students listento more music that anything else, so why do we make it so boring? In manyhigh schools, they involve only the performing groups, leaving the composersand creators to compose/create on their own. If there is a MIDI lab, it is onlyfor the musicians to study theory. I have many general education studentscome back to see me and ask me why there isn’t any music classes “like Ihad with you,” in the high school and this high school is considered one of thebest in the country.My students create a vast amount of projects, many are posted online, and sostudents all have the opportunity to view, discuss, and comment upon thework. This has created a culture of sharing and raised the bar for creating.Students delight in creating something that “no one else” has done before.Each year the projects get more interesting and creative.
Carol BroosCurriculumSignificant Seven

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