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ECWANDC Minutes - April 15, 2013

ECWANDC Minutes - April 15, 2013

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May Board Meeting Minutes
May Board Meeting Minutes

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ECWANDC Meeting Minutes | Page 1
Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2013
DWP – Crenshaw Community Room * 4030 Crenshaw Blvd * Los Angeles, CA 90008
Present Excused Un-excused
Present Excused Un-excused
David Winston, Chair X Wendell Conn (Area 2) XDenise Stansell, Co-Chair X Carl Morgan (Area 2) XYvonne Ellett, Rec.SecretaryX Lark Galloway-Gilliam (Area 3) XJackie Ryan (Area 3) XRonda Brown (At Large) XMadeleine Renee-Walters,Corresponding Secretary /Interim TreasurerXKaren Caesar (At Large) XMary Jones-Darks (Area 1) X Jason Lombard (At Large) XWilson Washensky (Area 1) X Johnnie Raines (At Large) X
Call to Order & Roll Call:
The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by David Winston, Chair. A quorum was present. Davidread the rules of the meeting. Everyone introduced himself or herself.
Elected Official & Public Agency Announcements
:No Public Officials were available for comments.
Public Comment
An Edgehill Drive stakeholder alerted the Board to a serious car accident that occurred on 43rd/Edgehill. A car hit a parking lotwall and totaled the car. The driver was coming from a drug house in the area.
The Edgehill Drive stakeholder requested repaving for her street. She said the residents have requested it for years and thestreets surrounding them have had work done. A stakeholder suggested contacting City Hall or trying a petition. Madeleine advisedher to send an email to Albert Lords and Silvia Lacy at Councilman Wesson’s office. She was also directed to Valerie Shaw’soffice/Department of Public Works.
Valerie Shaw will be attending the May Town Hall meeting.
District Square will make a presentation at the June Town Hall meeting.
Sylvia Jones announced the June 1 Senior Fun Day in Leimert Park Village. There will be a dancing competition, entertainment,and food trucks. The Neighborhood Council will have a tent. She was asked to send an email to the Board with the official flyer.
Johnnie announced the Police Commissions’ meeting on April 30 at 6:30 p.m. It will be taking place at the John W. Mackelementary School on 3020 Catalina Street.
Blaire Larson from the LA Drama Club announced her kids’ (7-14) free Shakespeare performance at Club Fais Do Do on Adams.
Yvonne announced the Leimert Park Feeder Ride to CicLAvia on April 21. She also gave background on the main event. Lark saidthe N/C would send out an email blast.
Operation Hope is having a meeting at Baldwin Hill Crenshaw’s Community Room on April 20, 10 am – 12N.
Item:Bay Delta Conservation Plan – Brenna NortonDiscussionHighlights:
Brenna directed everyone to the handout for the big water project being constructed in Sacramento.
Voters are not involved. The $1.7 billion cost will be passed to Southern California rate-payers.
The DWP already has an urban management plan to reduce and conserve water use.
Lark noted the project is more complex than just “rates going up.” Carl and Jason said it is a time-sensitiveissue. David said the separate tunnel is being constructed for ecological reasons. Lark suggested writing a letter tothe City Council asking them to wait for stakeholder education and input before making their decision on the topic.
Conner Everts of the Southern California Watershed Alliance added the EIR is in progress but his organization issuggesting the DWP continue its engineering process. The Metropolitan Water District is behind the project.
Yvonne suggested that David give the Board and stakeholders a basic water presentation at the Town Hall
ECWANDC Meeting Minutes | Page 2meeting since he would be able to put the subject into simpler terms. She is willing to help with any Powerpoint.
Action /Follow-up:
Tabled until the Town Hall meeting.
Item:Outreach – Denise StansellDiscussionHighlights:
The logo decision was made. The business cards will have the logo and the City seal.
Item:Public Land Use and Beautification – Carl MorganDiscussionHighlights:
Crenshaw Live at 3939 Crenshaw Blvd. has applied for a new license that would allow them to expand to a fullsit-down restaurant.
Chipotle at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw has applied for its beer and wine liquor license
Item:Safety Committee – Johnnie RainesDiscussionHighlights:
No safety report.
Item:Ad Hoc Mayor’s Budget Committee – Romerol Malveaux, Mayor’s Budget Advocate AlternateDiscussionHighlights:
The Committee had a meeting on 3/26 with the Mayor and spoke about fixing revenue collections, layoffs, andpensions.
It requested for DONE and the Neighborhood Councils to be fully funded.
Mayor Villaraigosa was receptive to the suggestions.
The Budget Advocates are preparing for the City Council Meeting review.
David reminded everyone ECWA has a parking pass for City Hall and to request it instead of paying for parking.
Denise asked if the new Mayor can change the budget. Answer: There will be a mid-year correction.
Romerol said the City Council is beginning to listen to the Regional neighborhood councils bodies. Neighborhoodcouncils are beginning to move towards regional decision-making.
The $3 billion street bond issue has been resurrected. South LA’s hearing will be later in April.
Item:Ad Hoc Joint Neighborhood Task Force - LarkDiscussionHighlights:
All of the stumps are gone. The Crenshaw Blvd tree-plantings have begun. King Blvd plantings will be next. Thetree trimming list has been submitted to the Science Center with an estimate.
Next up: Summer Camp recommendations, 250 linear feet of sidewalk repair, training on tree maintenance.
The list of 36” & 24” box trees will have locations for the plantings.
Item:South Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (SLAANC) - LarkDiscussionHighlights:
* SLAANC will be co-sponsoring a Candidate’s Forum for the upcoming election. They will be presenting their listof expectations. Each N/C will prepare a list of questions for the round table discussion.
Item:Approval of MinutesDiscussionHighlights:
The April 6, 2013 minutes were emailed and reviewed prior to the meeting.
Corrections: Mary and Jason’s absences were corrected to ‘excused’.
There was additional discussion for clarification, not errors.
Action /Follow-up:
Denise motioned to approve the April 6 minutes with corrections. Jason seconded.YAYS – 12 ABSTENTION – 1 (Wendell)

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