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Marked Series Launch Party

Marked Series Launch Party



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Published by S. J. Day
Invitation to the launch party for the Marked series
Invitation to the launch party for the Marked series

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Published by: S. J. Day on Apr 17, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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thewalkinggirl reviewed this
Rated 4/5
Romantic urban fantasy with a lover's triangle: brothers Cain and Abel (yes, that Cain and Abel) both have feelings for Eve (no, not that Eve), who has been Marked as a sinner and must work off her penance by fighting Infernals. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I started, but got sucked in immediately by the writing. And the first part of the story is quite possibly the best cliff-hanger ending I've ever read. (The plotting is non-linear; it might be in media res in terms of the series as a whole, but I'm not sure what the term would be in terms of this novel in itself.)Much of the world-building heavily references the Christian Bible, but some of the Infernals are from different mythologies (Nix, tengu, etc.). The whole angels, demons, heavenly hierarchy thing isn't something I'm really into personally, but the author provides enough explanation of how things work that I can follow along. (How much of it deviates from any official canon, I really couldn't say.)I liked the characters. I liked Eve and Cain and even Abel (although I could totally understand why Cain kept killing him) -- they were all vibrant and, even though they make mistakes, you could tell that they were trying. Even the supporting characters were very dynamic.Also, as an aside, this is one of the few novels-with-food that made me really hungry (Eve's mom kept making onigiri, curry rice, other yummy sounding dishes).I'm still curious about what sin Eve committed that was bad enough to get her Marked (because if making a mistake in choice of bed partners is enough to get a person Marked, there'd be a lot more running around) but I think that's built in to the whole story arc and may get revealed later in the series.
readingfanatic1 reviewed this
Rated 5/5
"I absolutely loved this book. It has all the elements of a great book- great action, a mystery, many scary creatures, a love triangle, and a main character that we feel for and come to care about. Do not be intimidated by the religious references or the talk about the “sex” in the book. Both are well done and not, in any way, offensive whether you are highly religious or not religious at all. I liked the book so much I did not want to wait to read book 2 and 3. I went right out and bought both of them."
thebooknerd reviewed this
Rated 4/5
This is an excellent book, and I wish I had read is sooner. It's entertaining, original, sexy, and all sorts of other nifty adjectives. I mean, what's not to love about Cain and Abel, still alive and still fighting in the modern day? Especially since they're both so very appealing. Throw in a stubborn, smart-mouthed heroine and you've got a love triangle rife with drama and sexual tension. On a more serious note, though, this book is very well-written. The characters are nicely developed, the plot is catchy and intriguing, the writing style is fluid and clever ... again, all good things. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of this series.
9days_1 reviewed this
Rated 4/5
Fans of the steamiest sort of urban fantasy/paranormal romance should enjoy this book. This is much less tame than genre favorites like the Dark Hunter and Anita Blake series'. For those who like hot, explicit sex scenes and plenty of bloody ass-kicking (and I know I do), you owe it to yourself to pick up this book. I have to admit that, for me, the characters outshone the storyline. They could have been doing anything for all I cared. Eve is a fantastic protagonist that manages to be both strong and vulnerable, a combination that most authors can't pull off. And even though one is inherently more likable than the other, both brothers, Cain and Abel, are irresistible. I can't wait to get my hands on the other books in the series.
jjmachshev_1 reviewed this
Rated 5/5
Sproingg...thud. That was the sound of me jumping on the "Eve of Darkness" bandwagon. S.J.Day has penned a fascinating tale twined around the ultimate legend regarding good and evil--the story of Cain and Abel. Of course, in Day's version the Bible didn't quite get the whole story...and so far neither do we. But I got enough hot sex, mythological mystery, and rumbling action to keep me glued to the pages.Eve lost her virginity to a rock-star, handsome and sexy stud on a Harley. Then he disappeared. Although it's ten years later, she's never forgotten him. When she catches sight of a man that closely resembles him when leaving a job interview, she's stunned by the almost magical sexual pull. Though she knew better, she couldn't seem to help herself...and now she's been given the mark of Cain. Her new job will be to take out Infernals (demons, werewolves, and a multitude of other assorted evil critters) under the guidance of a kind of heavenly corporation run by angels. As if that's not enough to blow a girl's mind, Eve has become the bone (HAH HAH HAH) of contention between two brothers...rather famous brothers actually--Alec Cain and Reed Abel.I loved this story. I'm guessing the author has probably received a fair share of nasty-grams from the Moral Majority--unless they're too uptight to read paranormal romance! I personally found her twisted take on the age-old story riveting and very, very clever. Poor agnostic Eve, thrown into the middle of an ancient rivalry of Biblical proportions. She's attracted to, feels for, and is torn between the two brothers whose enmity is total and unending. It's very easy to identify with Eve. A normal woman with a normal childhood who gradually grew away from organized religion is now suddenly faced with a reality she can barely grasp. God and Satan exist, and so do Heaven and Hell, not to mention the factions of the heavenly host and satanic minions living here on Earth, trying to keep the eternal battle a secret from humans. "Eve of Darkness" begins with the ending in a way. The rest of the book smoothly unfolds the story so far and the action is mostly non-stop. While there IS an ending, readers should know that reading this first book will only make you drop whatever you're doing to rush out and buy the next to continue with Eve's story. That's what I plan to do first thing tomorrow. S.J. Day's entry onto the paranormal romance/urban fantasy scene gave me a thrill and a hunger for more.
allthesedarnbooks reviewed this
Rated 2/5
I received this book as an Early Reviewers copy. I read quite a bit of paranormal/supernatural urban fantasy, but I just could not get into this one. The storyline was overly complicated and the theology was confusing. The sex scenes were also, in my opinion, more gratuitous than hot. I was unable to finish it, and won't be looking for more from this series.
ancientgirl reviewed this
Rated 3/5
This is a fun read, that really stands out from the rank and file of urban fantasy novels, although the premise does remind me a little of the television show Reaper. Eve is a Mark, a hunter of the supernatural and damned, who is torn between two brothers, the biblical Cain and Abel. As a recent recruit, she is busy learning the ropes while dealing with Infernal creatures such as the tengu and the Nix. When Infernals start appearing with no scent or sign of their identity, is Eve way over her head?This book, the start of a new series, has a lot going for it, and most of my criticisms have to do with personal preference more than anything else. Eve is a strong character, and I like that, although receiving her Mark gives her superhuman abilities, it's often her intelligence that gets her out of trouble. I tend not to like books that use Bible stories, demons and angels as plot devices---a preference that the agnostic Eve herself might understand. However, the world here is multi-cultural, with the Infernals being creatures out of various world myths, and I like that, and I also like the notion of the archangels as Mafia kingpins----it's just amusing. What I didn't like about the book: the first chapters of the book are very, very steamy, and I found myself wanting to skip over all the sex scenes. I'm not a romance reader, and I dislike both Alpha males and love triangles, particularly when they involve two men fighting over a woman. (Yeah, it may be flattering, but to me it always seems to rob the woman of choice.) So I really liked Eve better than Alec Cain and Reed Abel, who seemed both condescending and somewhat superficial; sure Eve was talented and intelligent, but the brothers were initially drawn to how hot she was. As the book moved on, however, the sexual content was a bit toned down, and I found myself being curious about how the brothers came to be rivals. (There are hints throughout the book, borne up by the brothers' personalities, that the Bible doesn't tell the whole story). So I do plan to read the next book (of which I also have an ARC, whee!), because I think the story has real potential and I'm eager to spend more time with Eve!
scarletcorset reviewed this
Rated 5/5
As a consequence for sleeping with the wrong man, the life Eve's created for herself has been ripped away. Finding out if she's strong enough to survive what her life has become, is the stuff Urban Fantasy dreams are made of.Humans ignorantly co-existing with creatures of good and evil. Uniquely fierce and amusing Baddies not down with G.O.D. Heavenly hierarchy taking shady corporate rat race shape, where even Angels have gray or dark motives. Just enough old testament nuggets to add heft and substance without going into preachy snore territory. Full fleshed out characters and motivations. This book is sexy as hell, but it doesn't detract from the story quality. Day weaves the tension and action like a pro, so it adds depth and texture to the motivations of the players in this drama.
dlgiddings reviewed this
Rated 5/5
I fell in love with this book as soon as I started reading it. I highly recommend it to everyone I know that reads this type of book. I plan to pick up the next books in the series as soon as I can. I absolutely love the characters of Cain and Abel. They want she writes them makes me want to be a mark so I can see both of them
oelusiveone reviewed this
Rated 5/5
I loved this book so much I'm going to ask the library system I work for to buy it as well as the rest of the trilogy. I can't wait for the next 2 books. No need to go into the storyline as the other reviewers have already done so. This is just such a fresh take & so action packed that it's a must read for anyone that enjoys this genre. Hats off to S.J. Day, what a great first book!

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