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Activity Ch17 YouAreThere

Activity Ch17 YouAreThere

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Published by Anthony Valentin

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Published by: Anthony Valentin on May 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Activity_Ch17- You are there!Background
The Renaissance, not limited to works of art, leads many to ask the same type ofprobing questions in fields of religion and politics that it did in the fields of architectureand the arts.
Two historical figures that deserve further attention for expanding thought intoareas once prohibited by culture and societal norms were Niccolo Machiavelli andMartin Luther. This assignment will allow us to step in their shoes and act, for amoment, as if we were there.
How best to get started?
Get yourself organized. Assign a group member to aparticular element of the task.
You and your fellow “Thinkers” must create two 60 - 90 second videos in whichtwo members of your group will assume the character of Machiavelli and Luther. Inthese videos, the historical figure is presenting their argument to their patron (Luther =>German Prince; Machiavelli => Medici) for support of their views.Produce a a type-written document containing the transcript of the video plea eachhistorical figure is making. On a separate page, it must contain completeresponses to the questions that were posed at the end of the sources Mr.V willprovide to you. The document must be constructed in the MLA format as discussedin class.The document must contain, at the bottom of the last page, a list of groupmembers’ names. These names must be their official names. The studentresponsible for submitting all the materials to Mr.V must have their name at the topof the document.Be sure to include, as a separate and last page, a “Works Cited” list (“Works Cited”should appear at the top of the page and centered). This will contain a list of thetwo sources Mr.V will provide to you as background information.The title of your document will be:
You Are There! 
Label your PDF file in this format: Pd#_YourFullName (no spaces in file names andinclude the Underscore).The file must be converted to a PDF and submitted via email to Mr.V prior toarriving in class on 28 May (Tuesday).mr.v@worldhistoryreview.org. The
of your EMail message must contain the following: “Pd#_Last Name FirstName-You Are There PDF.”To record the video, the group should use the available iPad and/ or other portabledevice with a camera capable of capturing video. Cellular phones may be used,but the phone feature must be disabled during the school day. The video lengthcannot be less than 60 seconds or more than 90 seconds. To avoid editing of thevideo, rehearse the scenes before filming.

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