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Worcstershire Source19
Worcstershire Source19

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Published by: agenzia massonica internazionale on May 22, 2013
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Issue 19 Winter 2013The Newsletter of Worcestershire Freemasons
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‘It has been a privilege and a pleasure’
Nine years at the helm
 A special message from our retiring Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Richard Goddard 
I wish to take this opportunity of sending to all members of the Province of Worcestershire my most grateful thanksfor your support and friendship over the past nine years. It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to have beenyour Provincial Grand Master – indeed, an honour I shall always cherish. I wish each one of you good health andfortune for the years ahead and feel confident you will accord my successor the same support you have alwaysshown me. May the Great Architect of the Universe bless you all.
 At magnificent celebrationsfor Wyche Lodge No.3638 Centenary Meetingon 29 January, brethrenwitnessed the ProvincialTeam putting on theirexcellent ceremonial ledby the Provincial GrandMaster, Richard G. H.Goddard.During the meeting, thePGM announced theimmediate promotionof Dr. Andrew C. Horn,PPrGSwdB to the rank of PPrJGW.The Provincial GrandMaster Designate, RobertC. Vaughan, then surprisedthe audience by naminghis new team.
VWBro Robert C Vaughan and the man he will succeed, the RWBroRichard G H Goddard.
Simon Rogers, an initiate,was visiting a Kidderminsterlodge for the first time andfeeling rather lost. Thenhe saw another visitormomentarily on his own sohe said “Hello,” I’m Simon,what’s your name?”“I’m Richard,” was the replyand they proceeded tohave a pleasant chat beforeeverybody went in to openthe lodge.Only then did Simon, amember of Vernon Lodge No.560, realise that he’d beentalking to none other than theProvincial Grand Master!The new team who will leadthe Worcestershire Provincefrom 15 June: VWBro RobertC Vaughan, Provincial GrandMaster, his Deputy, WBroStuart I Edwards, and three Assistant Provincial GrandMasters , WBro Stephen JWyer, WBro KeithM Evans, and WBroGeorge W Barrow.“I’m a fourth generationLewis,” said Simon, “andI’d been advised to extendthe hand of friendship – so Idid. My father Peter is also amember of Vernon and whenhe told me I’d been talkingto the PGM I was amazed.It made me realise that wereally are a band of brothers.”The story sums up thepersonality of RWBroRichard George HamiltonGoddard, the gentleand modest ruler of theWorcestershire Province whowill have served for nearly tenyears when he hands overthe reins to his successor,VWBro Robert C Vaughan, atthe AGM on June 15.He has guided the Provincewith a firm but genial handthrough a difficult timewhen, as they have with allother social organisations,numbers have tended to fallas the demands of modernlife and economic pressuresmake their mark.Throughout those years theRWBro Goddard has metthousands of Masons andhis friendly demeanour hasnever changed. Everybodywho meets him is left with awarm feeling that here is aman who truly believes thatall Freemasons are equal.
Truly a brother among brothers...
New teamto take over
Indeed, he says: “We are allbrothers together, membersof a wonderful organisation,and we need to do all we canto keep it that way.”With that guiding principle,the PGM has presided over aseismic shift in Freemasonryto clear away the imageof the Craft as being amysterious and secretiveaffair not to be trusted. Hehas played a leading role inthe introduction of a fresh
By Peter Ricketts
The two new Provincial Assistant Grand Masters to be – KeithEvans and George Barrow.
Adams Hill, Clent, DY9 9PS
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policy of openness with thepublic, and the creation of amentoring system to ensurethat every newcomer is madeto feel very welcome from theday he joins.“The days are gone whenProvincial officers did not talkto initiates,” he says. “I alwaysmake a point of talking toinitiates. After all, they are thefuture of the Craft.”Worcestershire Masons maytake for granted the constantpresence of acting Provincialofficers at their lodgemeetings but go to someother provinces and you finda marked difference. In someparts of the country it is rareto see senior Rulers even atinstallation ceremonies.“I have been very fortunatein having such a strong teamaround me,” says the PGM.“We are more active than inany other province I know.”He also praises the hugesupport he has had from hiswife Helena. “Without herhelp I could not have done it.” Ask him what has been thehighlight of his years in officeand he immediately cites the2011 Festival. “The amountraised during the five-yearcampaign – over £1.67million – was astonishing,” hesays. “That was a wonderfulachievement .“Other special occasionsfor me have been theconsecration of three newlodges - Morgan, GeorgeTaylor and Wenceslas –and the building of the newtemple at Kidderminster. Thatwas a fantastic achievementand shows what can be doneif everybody pulls together.”He also nominates the closingof the Stechford centre as amemorable event.“While it was naturally asad occasion, Stechfordhad its own triumphs whenall the lodges there weresuccessfully accommodatedelsewhere and the sale of the premises allowed us toset up our special buildingfund amounting to around£200,000. This now allowsus to lend money to Masoniccentres who want to improvetheir amenities and donecessary repairs.”So how will the PGMspend the extra time that“retirement” will bring?“Well,” he says, “I have myLodges in the Province haveresponded enthusiasticallyto an invitation to donate toa special fund as a tribute tothe retiring PGM. At his request, the fundwill pay for a Day of Musicat Worcester Cathedral inperpetuity. He expressed aown Masonry still, of course,and will be able to devotemore time to my othergreat hobby – the Goddard Association.”This is a world-wide societywith about 300 members of the Goddard clan. It beganin America and our RW Broof that ilk has been a leadinglight in setting up a GB branchand as its president producesa quarterly newsheet.His own personal researcheshave so far traced ancestorsback to the 14th century.He says he will also havemore time for his largegarden at his home at LeighSinton, near Malvern. “Mindyou, Helena does the expertstuff, I’m just the labourer.”
W Bro Peter Ricketts is a member of the Lodge of Hope and Charity No 377 
A lasting tributeA strong team around me
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Every Master Mason inthe Province is eligibleto attend the Installationof the new PGM.It will take place atabout 10.45am onJune 15 in the GreatHall at the University of Birmingham.The Provincial AGM willtake place in the GreatHall after lunch. Detailswill be given in the AGMsummons sent to everybrother.
Wall-to-wall Provincial Wardens was a rare sight when they supported RW Bro Richard Goddard (centre) as heofficiated at his last installation as PGM.The Wardens had all been appointed by the PGM during his years in office. Theevent took place at Northfield when W Bro Tony Swain assumed the Master’schair of the Province’s youngest lodge,Wenceslas No 9836.With the PGM are Maynard Burton, MikeDancer, Bob Clark, Gerrard Oldham,Chris Firminger, Kerry Parkes, JulianTurner, Joe Marzouk, Alan Dally, KeithEvans, Rick Abbotts, Stephen Wyer,Charles Dyer, Bob Gameson, IrvingHome, Patrick Firminger, George Barrow, and John Phenix.
An historic event
wish that he did not receive apersonal gift.The chosen day is 19 Januarythe PGM’s birthday and italso coincides with the birthof St Wulstan, the Saint mostclosely associated with thecathedral.
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Memories of great occasions
By Robert Vaughan -
Deputy Provincial Grand MasterHaving accepted the greathonour of being invited tobe the next Provincial GrandMaster of Worcestershire,I am very conscious of following in the footsteps of RW Bro Richard Goddard,to whom I have been Deputysince his installation in 2004,and before him the RW BroBarrie Cooper, both of whomhave made significant andlasting contributions to ourProvince.Working so closely with BroRichard has given me thebest possible grounding forthe task that lies ahead, andI pledge to do my very bestto apply the same dedicationand application as he hasshown, when I succeed himin June.The recent years have left uswith indelible memories of great occasions.W Bro Richard’s installationitself on 29 January 2004 at theThree Counties Showground,near to his home and toMalvern College, where hetaught, was a splendid day of cloudless blue skies with thesnow capped Malvern Hillsas the backdrop.In 2006, many members of the Province accompaniedthe Provincial GrandMaster to Andorra wheretogether we took offices forthe consecration of a newlodge, the Andorran LodgeMasonry Universal No 6, andits associated Royal ArchChapter. Many of us becamehonorary members and retainclose contact with Andorra.I have happy memoriesof a visit to Malvern tocelebrate the 100th birthdayof Richard’s mother, a livelyand strong-minded lady whoreminisced of meeting SirEdward Elgar in her youngerdays, and who lived on to theage of 104. A highlight of 2009 was thevisit of the Grand Master,HRH The Duke of Kent, to theLibrary & Museum at RainbowHill, Worcester, where he then joined the Provincial GrandMaster for lunch.More recently, our ProvincialGrand Master oversaw anddedicated an impressivenew Masonic Centre atKidderminster. This wasthe first new temple in theProvince for many years,designed and built byKidderminster brethren.Perhaps the pinnacleof achievement duringRichard’s time as ProvincialGrand Master has been the2011 Festival in aid of theRoyal Masonic Trust for Girlsand Boys, which raised themagnificent sum of £1.67million and culminated in asplendid Festival celebration.Richard will carry on servingas an influential member of the Grand Master’s Counciland 2013 continues to bea busy year for him, withthe centenary celebrationsat Wyche Lodge and atCampbell Lodge and aBanner Dedication for ThistleLodge.Will I match his enthusiasmand dedication as yourProvincial Grand Master andbuild upon the foundationsthat he and his predecessorshave laid? Well, it certainlywon’t be for the want of trying. I hope that, with thesupport of the brethren of Worcestershire, we shallhave similar successes in thefuture.
 An occasion to treasure... the PGM and Deputy flank the Duke of Kent duringthe Grand Master’s visit to the Library and Museum at Worcester.

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