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0003 Martinismo Ambelain Martinismo, Historia y Doctrina

0003 Martinismo Ambelain Martinismo, Historia y Doctrina

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Published by ANTENOR99

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Published by: ANTENOR99 on May 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Occult and Mystical Freemasonry
(1643 – 1943)
History and Doctrine
Editions Niclaus
34, rue Saint Jacques – PARIS (5
R. Ambelain Le Martinisme (1946) Translated by Piers A. Vaughan (2002)
“Receive, O Lord, according to the wishes of the Unknown Philosopher, our Master, the homage which we Thy Servants here present offer to Thee in this place. May this mysterious Light enlighten our spirits and our hearts, as they shone upon the works of our Masters in olden times. May these Flambeaux illuminate the Brothers, assembled at Thy call, with their living clarity, and may their presence constantly be a living witness of their union…”  And so, in the manner adopted by our Masters in olden times, let the Symbolsmanifest!” 
N.B. In the footnotes, if the initials ‘PV’ appear after the entry this is my comment. If there are noinitials, the comment appeared in the original book.
With the authorization of the Grand Master of the Traditional Martinist Order, we have usedthree extracts of the Ritual in this work.- 2 -
R. Ambelain Le Martinisme (1946) Translated by Piers A. Vaughan (2002)
This translation is the first in what we hope will be a series of bookstranslated from the original French pertaining to the Martinist movement.Martinism has been in existence in its present form for over one hundred years,and there is an abundance of source material, commentaries and modernexegeses available in French, but regrettably little had been translated intoEnglish for the benefit of the many anglophones who desperately seekinformation about this mystical current.Robert Ambelain was a singular force in the preservation andpopularization of the Martinist and Elus Cohen Orders, and this book isinteresting in both a historical and ritualistic sense, being written during the later years of World War II, when all esoteric societies in France were proscribed.The reader should note that this book was published in 1944, andtherefore should realize that later research has shown some of the assertions tobe outdated or incorrect. The reader should take this for what it is, a seminalwork on Martinism while remembering its history and the resources available tothe author at the time.I have tried to translate (convey the meaning) rather than transliterate(simply translate the words) as best I could. Any errors in interpretation are minealone.Finally I would like to thank my mentors and those who read versions of this documents for their interest and their help. These included Michael Buckley,Gilbert Tappa, Phillip Garvin, Ronald & Mary Cappello, Ronald Blaisdell, EliasIbrahim and Jason Sheridan.
Piers VaughanJanuary 2003
- 3 -

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