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APFC Newsletter Issue 2 Final

APFC Newsletter Issue 2 Final

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Published by Toni Johnson
APFFC Newsletter Issue 2, May 2012
APFFC Newsletter Issue 2, May 2012

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Published by: Toni Johnson on May 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Akbar Pra Foundation For Chane
Issue 2 May 5, 2012
Central HS SJALecture Series
March 27, 2012Larry Hamm, People ‘sOrganization for Progress-
New Jersey's leading voicesagainst police brutality,February 24, 2012Sharifa Salaam Esq.,empowers young women toset goals, meet challenges andovercome obstacles.April 12, 2012Dr. Roger A. Mitchell Jr. NewJersey’s Medical Examiner discusses violence, health andhistory….and what we mustdo to bring change.
E.K.W.I.PA ChildWho Has AnIncarcerated Parent
By Akira Johnson
Are you a child between the ages of eleven and twenty-one, whose parent or guardian is presently incarcerated in afederal or state facility? Do you know ayoung man or young woman with oneor both parents incarcerated? E.K.W.I.Pis a not for profit group in it's nascentstages, set up to help the children of incarnated parents to navigate the socialand psychological minefields that often beset them as their parent serves his or her sentence.According to the Department of Justice(DOJ), in 2000, 2 million children hadincarcerated parents, double theAfrican American children are ninetimes more likely than white childrento have an incarcerated parent..According to DOJ, African American
 parental incarceration createsadditional challenges for children andfamilies often resulting in financialinstability and material hardship.Transient family relationships lack of structure, and residential mobility
 plague these kids. These problemscan lead to inappropriate school behavior; performance problems;shame; social and institutional stigma.These issues are even more severe for already vulnerable families andcaregivers who support contact between the incarcerated parent andhis or her child.
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Notes From the Editor’s Desk 
However, their climb cannot be donealone, unguided, unassisted. We cangive some of them, though not all of them a leg up, a helping hand, afighting chance. My friends,associates and family, we, you and Ican do this. We can aid their efforts, buttress their quest. We cannot insuretheir success, for success ultimately isabout individual effort. However,with our support, your support, wemay be able to increase the chancesof their success. We cannot insurethat despite their best effort they willnot fail, to greater or lessor degrees.However, we must try, not just for their sake but for our own as well.Here we must get in front of the problem, not behind it.If, you have expertise in any area,that you are willing to pass on tothese children, be that expertise or discipline successful novel writing;record producing or brick masonry;computer literacy or any other viableskill, then we invite you to join us, inour effort to shift the paradigm. Inclosing please leave your contactinformation and your area of expertise. If, you have a friend or family member that you think will bewilling to devote some time in thisregard, please inform them about thiseffort.. " We are the solution to our own problems. If not now, then when? If not you, then who. "Your brother, Akbar PrayVirtually each and every day, that weturn on our TV's, listen to our radios or read our local or national newspapers,there is somber evidence that theeconomic picture in this country,though improving, is still dire.Unemployment still hovers above 8 per cent for the general population andnear double that number for people of color. Indeed the only discernible dipin the unemployment rate for AfricanAmericans are for those that have hadthe benefit of a college education.Even there, where which should serveas a protectorate of sorts against theravishes of hard and trying times, thegravitational pull of the recession andall that it entails in urban and suburbancommunities alike remains daunting atthe very least.It is into this challenging employmentenvironment that we are now sendingour children to compete for jobs, fullor part time. There is an unfortunateline of demarcation that runs throughour communities. On one side of theline lay higher education jobs and allwhich that entails, on the other side of that line is a life lived on the slipperyslope of illegality, and all which thatchoice and poor options entails. Mostof us have sat idly by while thesedynamics have played themselves out,often right in front of our eyes. Yet,none of the consequences that poor choices make have spurred us tocollective action. Reaction...yeah,sometimes, but pro-action, not somuch. Our time-tested mantra to our kids in this regard has often been, " If,you make your bed hard, then youhave to sleep in it.Though the wisdom of this adage isobviously true, the results of allowingour children to live by it, has had acatastrophic effect on our kids and our communities. Not long ago, there once raged anhistoric debate between two toweringhistorical figures, Booker TWashington and W. E B Dubois.Though that debate had manycomponents, it essentially boileddown to this: whether AfricanAmericans should pursue degrees inthe Humanities or whether they shouldlearn trades i.e. marketable skills.As black colleges began a slow butsteady growth and integration, thoughvehemently resisted by the powersthat be, they gradually gained traction.The philosophy of W. E B.Duboisseemed to win the day and rule theroost, Humanities and Liberal Artscame front and center. Flash forwardto the 21st century, where theacronym of STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math)now rules the roost. Now engineers of every sort are often sought after with anear frenzy, while Social Scientist andLiberal Art majors find fullemployment a herculean task.Into this challenging andtechnologically driven environmentwe are now placing our “at risk” andsometimes barely literate children.The problem is not doubt difficult.The mountain they are asked to scale,decidedly steep. Yet, scaling it, perhaps not to its summit, is no fool’serrand or an impossible quest.
www.apffc.orgIssue 2, May 5, 2012
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Research suggests thatintervening in the lives of children with incarcerated parents to preserve andstrengthen positive familyconnections can yieldconstructive societal benefits.These include reducedrecidivism, less intergenerationalcriminal justice involvement, andthe promotion of healthy childdevelopment.To that end, we have established a board where you can discusswhatever issues are currentlytroubling you and expect to getsome feed back from others kidssimilarly situated, as well as aolder young woman (theorganizations founder) that has both experiential as well asacademic background to help youaddress your concerns.If, you are a young adult and areinterested in assisting us in thisendeavor, please contact me withyour ideasand interest.Come joinus and be a part of thismuch-neededeffort.
www.apffc.orgIssue 2, May 5, 2012
A Child Who Has An Incarcerated Parent
 by Rudy Williams
How important is money? Wait, hold up, don't betoo quick to respond.Before you do, let me re-phase the question somewhat:HOW IMPORTANT IS MONEY TO YOU?C'mon, Y'all, be brutally honest with yourselves: whatwould some of you "gangstas" do for anounce of crack? And all of you new house "niggers" for achance to be on a reality t.v. show, and15 minutes of fame? Or, in the case of us prisoners, for acigarette butt and 10 stamps?Would you blow the back of your man's head off? Air outyour dirty laundry--all of your littlestinking, fifty secrets? Stick a 12-inch shank into your "dawg's" ribs when he ain't looking?Don't laugh; it ain't funny. For little or nothing, we're dyingand killing each other like mosquitos!Money has become for us "the be all of everything" --our raison d'etre-- more valuable than life,love, loyalty, friendship, family, and even God Almighty.For the love of money and fame, moreand more of us are stealing, killing, and even squealing, onour own mothers. Money, money, money--anything for "the almighty dollar".
My goodness, what's going on? How did we allowourselves to fall to this dismal state of being?To succumb to the pathetic level of mercenaries,hookers and clowns? Greed and CorporateCapitalism!These two gods have reduced everything and everybodyto base commodities; life to mere buying andselling; the world to producer and consumers, ads,commercials and endorsers. So, my people, wheredo you fit in in the Amerikkkan Nightmare? Keep itreal; what do you have to sell? A mean cross-over, anice singing voice, or a "phat ass"? To let them tell it,without something to sell, you don't have nothingcoming.If you don't push a $300,000 Maybach, live in a milliondollar mansion, rock an iced-out Rollie and pop Cristalmorning, noon and night, your worth is zero in the eyesof society and the "new world order".Damn, whatever happened to black pride, black  power, black love and all that? Tell me, did someone blink their eye and vanish the whole 1960s and the'70s? Man, we have to stop destroying ourselves for money--for crumbs.That's exactly what the corporate powers want us to dowhile they continue to get richer and richer off of our blood, sweat and tears.Keep your spirits up; don't let Money Madness driveyou insane or into doing things you'll regret for the restof your life.
Check us out on Facebook:Empowering-Kids-With-Incarcerated-Parents-EKWIPAkbar Pray Foundation For Change-APFFC

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