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Published by: Ma. Alyanna Mae Lazaro Capiral on Apr 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CAPIRAL, Ma. Alyanna Mae L.Literary CriticismIII- 8 AB/ BSE LiteratureDr. MontealegreMythological Archetypal Approach on Narnia:The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Critiques say that in order for a text to survive, it must not only be wellwritten nor it’s just intellectually presented but it is universal in theme. Somewriter includes elements of myth in their work intentionally; some of the writers donot.Most of the readers would like a text when they could relate to it, link their lives, culture, and situation to the texts. With most of the world, having connectedby their collective unconscious could one way or the other empathizes with eachother. It’s a great proof that we are spectacles of this earth. Also that, some how,that idea defies time for that matter. The concept of immortality would also be inanother perspective as to the point that our ideas or unconscious will live onforever. Maybe until the human psyche is unchanged, also culture, even it isgradually changing, some of it will remain.In the text, Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the novel is fullof elements of myth. Some of the concepts in the novel are borrowed from Norseand Greek Mythology. The fauns, centaur, dryads, and minotaurs while giants,dwarfs are from the Norse mythology. Also, elements of folklore are also seen inthe novel, Father Christmas.Also, the battle between good and evil, Aslan’s camp versus the WhiteWitch camp. This is very common among stories, movies, novels, and eveneveryday life. White Witch wanted so much power that who ever rebels against
her will be punished and turned into stone The common ground of betrayal of trust, hence because of the Turkish delight Edmund sided with the White Witch.Most of us, one way or another has been blinded by so many things; we aredeceived by our eyes of what is good and true.The archetypes in the novel that I observed will be further discussed. Themythos of winter, it is said that in Narnia because of the White Witch power it’swinter but never Christmas, this explains the mythos of Winter: Irony. Being aWhite Witch seems to be someone good, hence the color white connotes but theWhite Witch is evil. Also, the world of Narnia, which is inside a huge wardrobeseems to be a vast land and not being limited by the wardrobe size. Hence, themythos of irony comes. The quest of the Pevensie children for the arrival of Aslan. Pevensie children as stated “ When Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone sits atClair Paravel all of Narnia will be saved.” In order, for the Pevensie to saveNarnia, they must undergo so many trials as I may say a long journey. Edmund isa hero of initiation. He undergoes series of ordeals in passing ignorance andimmaturity to realizing which side is the rightful side to the throne of Narnia.. As common to most of heroes, inner conflict is present with the children,mostly in Peter’s case.He wanted the safety of his siblings but upon realizing thatNarnia needs them, he decided to undertake in a greater cause that is to help thegood side. The Witch can be equated to the trickster; she uses her power to holdof Edmund as first. The use of children as the main character is a goodarchetype for innocence, and purity of their heart, children are viewed as alwaysgood. But choosing them as a hero is a bleak archetype though. Aslan signifies
the hope of people in Narnia, the lion is an Archetype of courage, strength, andleadership in this C.S. Lewis applied the archetypes well. Father Christmas isalso an archetype of someone who aids the good, he gave the Pevensie childrengifts that will aid them in a battle. The particular gift to Lucy is a container thathas healing water. Water connotes cleansing, mystery of creation, birth-death-resurrection. The number of the Pevensie children is four. The number fousignifies a circle,life cycle that one must pass in order to grow, and mature, alsothese could mean a never ending rule of the good people in Narnia’s throne.After reading Narnia, I believe deep down in my heart see what so goodabout that novel is that its carries so many things. May it be political, social,religious, it may appeal on many sense the readers deemed the novel. Thatmakes the novel or the series as I may say very good for interpretation, asidefrom the rich Mythological- Archetypal Elements, the text is rich in philosophicalunderpinnings. Also the novel, challenges every one of us to remain a child in our hearts.

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