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Catholic Social Services Include MR' s Volunteer Policy & Procedures

Catholic Social Services Include MR' s Volunteer Policy & Procedures

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Published by mpriceatccusa
Catholic Social Services Include MR' s Volunteer Policy & Procedures
Catholic Social Services Include MR' s Volunteer Policy & Procedures

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Published by: mpriceatccusa on May 23, 2013
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Volunteer[Policy Page 1
Mental Retardation ServicesPolicies and ProceduresSubject Volunteer PolicyEffective Date July 1, 2011Review Date January 1, 2012RegulationsPolicy Volunteer PolicyPurposeThe purpose of this policy is to set forth official operational procedures for people to participate as volunteers within the facilities and programs of the DevelopmentalPrograms division of Catholic Social Services.DefinitionsA volunteer is an individual who provides services to or for the benefit of one of thefacilities and programs of the Developmental Programs division of Catholic SocialServices of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia by free choice and who does not receivecompensation, directly or indirectly, for those services. There are three classes of volunteers:1. Formal volunteers are persons who participate in regularly scheduled activitiesand may be in a one-on-one unsupervised situation with a client
.(not sure about this,
as the CSS policy states that clients can’t be left alone with folunteers)
2. Casual volunteers include persons who participate in occasional volunteer activities and never are in a one-on-one unsupervised situation with a client.3. Group Volunteers have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 40 casual volunteerswho volunteer under the auspices of an outside organization.Individuals performing directed service such as court-ordered community service,confirmation projects, etc. are not considered volunteers.An intern who is registered at an educational institution and providing time without monetarycompensation in exchange for a class requirement or credit is not considered a volunteer. (However, CSS requires that they provide us with The background checks) A Formal volunteer must be at least 16 years of age unless accompanied by an adult,have completed the volunteer screening and orientation by the site supervisor and obtainsigned Young Person Volunteer Authorization form if under 18 years of age. Nondiscrimination PolicyThe Catholic Social Services nondiscrimination policy extends to all aspects of volunteer service including recruitment, selection, training and termination.Policy for the Protection of Children, Young People, and People with Intellectual Disabilities
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Volunteer[Policy Page 2
All volunteers are to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia regarding Child and Youth Protection, which are available at:http://archphila.org/protection/DocArchive/Policies/pap_main.htm Scope of ActivityThe role of the volunteer is to assist, but not replace or assume, the professional or  paraprofessional responsibilities or authority of staff of any of the facilities and programsof the Developmental Programs division of Catholic Social Services.Volunteers shall follow all applicable rules, regulations and administrative proceduresand guidelines concerning the conduct of the professional and paraprofessional staff of the Developmental Programs division of Catholic Social Services.ProcedureThe on-site Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing the utilization of volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator responsibilities include:
Identifying possible placement opportunities.
Recruitment, screening, and placement of volunteers. A Placement Supervisor,identified by the volunteer coordinator, is responsible for the direct supervision of a volunteer.
Coordination, with the Director of Training, of orientation and training of volunteers.
Record keeping, including monthly reporting of volunteer hours.
Recognition and evaluation of volunteers.RecruitmentRecruitment for volunteers will be coordinated through the Volunteer Coordinator in athoughtful, planned manner with recruitment strategies suited to community resourcesand local needs. Methods of recruitment may include, but are not limited to group presentations, mass media, and the involvement of local resources such as private business, volunteer referral centers, schools, churches, senior service programs, andemployment offices. To meet affirmative action goals, appropriate media outlets andcommunity organizations that support under-served audiences are to be used.Volunteers from other agencies (VISTA, etc.) may be used as appropriate. In such cases, policies of the agency must not violate policies of Catholic Human Services of theArchdiocese of Philadelphia.ScreeningFormal volunteers are required to:1.
Volunteer[Policy Page 3
complete a volunteer application form and an initial interview;3.
complete, submit for approval, pay for and file in the Human Resources office of corporation on whose behalf the volunteer renders such services all background checks asrequired by the Safe Environment requirements of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia:a.
Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check (Act 34). b.
Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151).c.
Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) in a manner prescribed byeither the Department of Public Welfare or the Department of Education. c.d.
Effective July 1
, 2008, at the time of hire/recruitment all employees of CatholicSocial Services in the job scope defined above, will be required to submit requestto the Federal Bureau of Investigation (B) and to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Criminal Background Clearance and Child Abuse clearance.By obtaining FBI fingerprint-based record checks, Catholic Social Servicescomplies with Pennsylvania Act 73 0f 2007Current residents of states other than Pennsylvania and/or those who have livedoutside of Pennsylvania at any time in the past two (2) years will be required tosubmit a request to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in place of their criminalclearance and to apply to each previous state (s) for their child abuse clearances.d.e.
Once the required clearances are on file, the Formal Volunteer will be required,on an annual basis, to sign an affirmation that they have not perpetrated or beenconvicted of any offense that would preclude their employment by any of thefacilities or programs of the Developmental Programs division under Act 34 or Act 151 ("Volunteer Affirmation"). Volunteers will be required to renew their Act34 Criminal History Report and Act 151 (Child Abuse) Clearance Statementevery 5 years.4.
 provide evidence that they are free of communicable disease;5.
complete orientation and training; and6.
sign the Volunteer Acknowledgement Form.Casual Volunteers will be required, on an annual basis, to sign the Volunteer AffirmationForm attached to
this policy, in the presence of the administrator or administrator’s
designee.Group Volunteers will be required to submit a Group Volunteer Application Form, and, if  placed, adhere to policies as outlined on that form.Placement/SupervisionPlacement of the Formal Volunteer is a negotiated activity involving the Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers, and placement supervisor working together. There should beflexibility for a volunteer to try out a placement and for a supervisor to dismiss or reassign a volunteer.

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