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Nzara 76 - Nyawela Sides

Nzara 76 - Nyawela Sides

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Published by Jon Noble
Nzara 76 audition sides for Nyawela
Nzara 76 audition sides for Nyawela

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jon Noble on May 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCENE IINT. NZARA HOSPITAL - DAYThe doors swing open. James and Peter stand in the threshold.The windows are boarded, the walls patched, lined with canvascots divided by white sheets. A few local nurses tend togaunt shadows of human beings, stretched skin over bones,bleeding, writhing in pain.SUPERIMPOSE: Sudan, Nzara 1976Near the back of the building a young nurse, NYAWELA [early20’s], who helps a family tend to a dead patient, whisperingprayers and washing the body in oil. Nyawela see’s theDoctors and immediately starts towards them.NYAWELA Are you the World Health doctors?JAMESSorry, We’re looking--Dr. MathisLaurnet?NYAWELA He said there would be more. Whereare the others?!PETERWhat others?JAMESWhere’s Mathis?INT. NZARA HOSPITAL - DAY - LATERNyawela leads James and Peter to a small cot, pulls away thesheet, revealing a white man in his early 50’s, dead.NYAWELA He got sick, like the others. Hepassed a few days ago. We allthought it was Malaria.PETERWe talked to him two weeks ago,over the mission radio. He wasfine.JAMESAnd you treated with Quinine?
NYAWELA We did. It is not Malaria. It isnothing we’ve seen before.CUT TO:MONTAGE- James and Peter bring equipment into the hospital.- James talks with some of the nurses, passes out respirator masks and clean suits. NYAWELA translates.JAMES (V.O.)Mathis said there was anotherdoctor--NYAWELA (V.O.)He fled. Tried to board up thehospital. I took charge.INT. NZARA HOSPITAL - DAY - SAMENYAWELA Some nuses died. Others have fled.I don’t blame them.JAMESOk. We need everything you have;documents, patient charts.Nyawela hands James a small leather-bound book.NYAWELA Mathis’ notes.James flips through the book.PETERThose are the sick?NYAWELA The dead.SCENE IIAcross the room, Nyawela yells as a DELIRIOUS MAN grabs ather protective suit, ripping it. Peter rushes forward andviolently grabs the patient, forcing him down into the cot.NYAWELA (CONT’D)You’re hurting him!Nyawela jumps to her feet and SHOVES Peter off.2.

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