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Chatter, June 2013

Chatter, June 2013

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Published by Irving Bible Church
The monthly magazine of Irving Bible Church
The monthly magazine of Irving Bible Church

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Published by: Irving Bible Church on May 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 JUNE 2013
In an effot to “Diaz-inate” mself 
— a term I developed in college or “working out”a la Cameron Diaz — I have been expanding my small horizons. I started by upping theintensity level on the Stair Master. (What a mistake!) Still believing mysel capable o more, I signed up or a barre class. (Don’t you dare orget the double-r and “e” at the end.)When that was just too precious and pedestrian, I rolled the dice with a mode o exercisethat nally ended up being way beyond the pale — Nia. The web site described Nia as “a sensory-based movement practice that draws rom martial arts, dance arts and healingarts.” While the “healing arts” part put some strain on my evangelical tendencies, thewhole thing in general seemed like a Vegas buet o cardiovascular un.The class began in an un-air-conditioned room that eatured one wall o mirrors, a wallo windows that aced the street, a brick wall with a barre (double-r, e!), and a sheet rockwall with a big white lotus painted on it. The eight o us were encouraged to remove ourshoes and begin connecting with our “inner sense o time.” Our instructor was wearinggaucho pants that owed like an inky mystery around her legs. She tucked the large bil-lows into her waistband, which made her vaguely resemble Aladdin. “Thirteen joints andtwenty digits,” she crooned, her wrists twirling, her ngers wiggling, and her head rollingaround on her shoulders. “Don’t begin to move until your inner sense o time permitsyou…” The music was gaining intensity. I wondered when the structured portion o theclass would begin, which turned out to be the height o wishul thinking.Then, without warning, Aladdin began waddling. “Walk like a duck!” she commanded,and suddenly we were all swaying side to side in time to the beat (well, to the beats o ourvarious inner times), heel-ball, heel-ball, heel-ball, QUACK!Wait, did she just quack?Yep. Unmistakably.“And QUACK, and QUACK, and QUACK!” While I couldn’t bring mysel to audibly quack,I believed my internal quacking was on a much more sophisticated level. I was alsobecoming aware o something happening with two o my twenty digits: my big toes wereblistering.“Now take a wide stance,” she said, bringing her hands together over her head like “IDream o Genie.” With one uid motion, her whole body turned serpentine as arms, hips,legs, and back writhed like one o those blow-up dancing guys they put out in ront o cardealerships. She was breathless: “And UNDULATE, and UNDULATE, and UNDULATE!”When I caught sight o my undulation in the mirror, I wished that we could all go back tothe good old days o duck-walking. Things only got worse.“I want you to connect with your thumbs,” she continued, still undulating, apparently notgiving anything other than mental assent to the existence o her thumbs, which proveddifcult or me to do. Ater all, who can think about two very specic ngers when tryingto support movement only perormed in Hookah lounges — on blistered eet?I caught sight o the other women in the room. It was difcult to appreciate their indi-viduality because i I thought too much about how they each probably got up that morn-ing and ate a bowl o cereal and brushed their teeth and checked Facebook, the scene o them all together undulating and connecting with their thumbs would surely send meinto hysterics. And while most any orm o personal expression seemed welcome in theNia room, hysterics didn’t seem to be one o them. The women all appeared so deliber-ate, so born to connect with their inner senses o time. They truly danced like no one waswatching, much as the plaque in your mother’s kitchen suggests. Yet I couldn’t help butsteal glances. I couldn’t help but try to make mysel look better than them. They werecaught up in the mystery o whatever was happening under the watchul lotus ower; Iwas caught up in sel-consciousness and scrutiny.It takes great aith to let yoursel go, to trust someone outside o yoursel, even i it is justan exercise instructor. How much harder it can be to ollow the promptings o God’s HolySpirit, to release control to the one who made me and who is or me and who wants tomove through me. When it really matters, I struggle to escape my own sense o proprietyand sel-possession that stands in total contrast to the childlike trust Jesus requires.Psalm 25:3 holds a promise or people like me: “No one who hopes in [God] will ever beput to shame.” Best word rom that verse?
I only as much could be said or Nia.
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 Wh ae we hee?
IBC is on a journey committed to lie transormation through Jesus Christ. We engagethis journey by growing in Christ, connecting in community, and joining the mission.This commitment comes rom Jesus’ words in the Great Commandment(Matthew 22:36-39) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).
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Gowing in Chist
At the heart o the journey is the gospel o Jesus Christ, the story o the Son o God coming into our dark world to bring light, lie, hope and transormation. The journey begins when we trust Christ, but it doesn’t end there. God’s desire or eacho us is or our hearts and lives to become more like the one who has saved us(Ephesians 4:11-13).
Connecting in Communit
The gospel story draws us into a community o people whose lives have been trans-ormed by Jesus. This journey is not one that we undertake alone. We are designedto do lie together as a community o Christ-ollowers. It is essential that we walk withone another on the journey (John 13:34-35).
 Joining the Mission
The gospel tells us that one day God will take all that is broken in this world andmake it whole. Those o us who are on the journey together are called to be peoplewho do what we can to make glimpses o that day show up in our day. We do thisby telling the gospel story and demonstrating gospel-shaped love to a needy world(Matthew 28:18-20).
Pht Upt:Prpl & Schlwrks
IBCers plugging into the heart and mission o IBC through the Propel class (P). Schoolworksvolunteers and IBC sta honoring Irving ISDteachers at the annual Teacher AppreciationLunch at Townsell Elementary (S).

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