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The Greek Voice - Issue 24.4

The Greek Voice - Issue 24.4

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Published by UWIFC
Published May 6th, 2013
Published May 6th, 2013

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Published by: UWIFC on May 24, 2013
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Panhellenic Greek Previewby 
 Jonathan Iwazaki
t is that time again; the long, cold, andrainy winter has ended and brought outthe University tour groups that paradeacross campus, ull o wide-eyedseniors and transer students pondering tothemselves, “How am I ever going to nd my classes next year?”Te Greek community attracts its own vast array o potential new members as well.Many with their rst big question answered:“Am I coming to UW next year?” Tis isanswered with a resounding yes, but theirsecond big question remains: “Am I goingGreek next year?”Walking around and surveying dierentchapters can only provide so many scenicanswers, and let’s ace it, nobody takes thetime to read anymore so it is doubtul thatall potential new members will scan throughevery inch o the UW Greek website. Terehowever remains a great alternative that giwraps all the research and guesswork intoone attractive package.Greek preview serves as an inormativepeek into what this community has in storeor potential new members. On May 11th,the Greek community will welcome any students curious about joining its network o thriving societies. An orientation o sorts, that is intended to provide a clearerpicture o the principles behind the variousorganizations and bodies that govern them.Both the UW Panhellenic Associationand the UW Interraternal Council willprovide a dierent variation o Greek preview, which coincides with theirrespective chapter organizations. UWPanhellenic is responsible or overseeing18 dierent sororities in the University o Washington community. Tese sorority chapters will put together an appropriateglimpse o what women are to expect asuture sorority members. It will be in essence,an introduction o the all recruitmentprocess.For these women, the day begins witha short orientation at Kane Hall about theunique sorority lie experience within theUW Greek community. From there, all o the potential new members will have theopportunity to tour six dierent sorority chapter houses.Tese will not be run-o-the-milltours though; they will be a chance to getacquainted with the dierent rounds o the ormal recruitment process. Potentialnew members will have one-on-oneconversations with active sorority membersthat may mimic what to expect during thereal deal when all comes around. Womenwill receive brie introductions to the chapterhouses, but the tours are not intended toadvertise any chapter over another, they areto sell going Greek instead.Tis is in not a substitute or ormalrecruitment in the all, but instead a tasteo what the process consists o. WhileGreek preview is only intended to be anintroduction, it could also be considered amental preparation or a slight head start.As a raternity man, the sorority ormalrecruitment process is a very oreignconcept and thereore it makes completesense to get a rundown o what is to come.Now, it should not come as a surprise thatI cannot provide any rsthand PanhellenicGreek preview experience into this article,but luckily some sorority women were kindenough to lend some additional perspective:
It was nerve wracking at rst but was great prep or real recruitmen
It was great because it gave me a really  good idea o what to expect in the sense o what the conversations would be like. It got me amiliar with many o the houses and I ound I was less nervous going in to recruitment onthe all! 
It rearmed my decision to go Greek! 
I was not going to go Greek because I only knew the stereotypes since none o my  amily went Greek. I saw a fier or Greek preview and I did it. I started talking to the girls and realized they’re just like me. I highly recommend it and it’s extremely helpul.
Tose may all sound like biasedstatements, but they were all quotes romsorority women across the community. Teconsensus: potential new members haveound the event to be extremely un andhelpul.Clearly, Greek preview will be aneasy way to better understand the ormalrecruitment tactics that sororities will hostin the all, but it will also be a chance tomeet people rom all over. Any and all arewelcomed and encouraged to try out Greek lie, because in a community this big anyoneis bound to nd the right t.Diversity is a term that has always beenthrown around, but preaching it is dierentthan living it and any chapter would be opento someone a little dierent than the one thatcame beore. It explains why the community takes Greek preview so seriously. Te pointo the Panhellenic Greek preview remainsas a guide or any potential new member,rom a 3rd generation legacy to a studentwho’s the rst in the amily to go Greek. Temessage remains the same: Go Greek.
IFC Greek Previewby 
 Luke Picking 
or many incoming UW studentsand potential new members(PNMs), inormal recruitment canseem like a daunting endeavor. ohelp introduce PNMs to the UW Greek community, the Interraternity Council(IFC) will once again host Greek Preview onMay 11th.During Greek Preview, PNMs areintroduced to several chapters in the Greek community. Beginning at noon, the new UW students will be split into groups andled around to dierent chapter houses.At each house, the chapter’s recruitmentchairmen will lead a tour or the PNMs ortheir parents in order to give a glimpse into
Issue 4 ■ Volume 24 ■ Monday, May 6th, 2013 ■ University o Washington
Greek Preview Welcomes New Dawgs to the Greek Community 
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UW Greek Lie
Greek Week ‘13
Interview withKrista Bennitt 
Pikes HouseMom Dinner 
continued on pg. 3
 An in depth look into what potential new members will experience during both the IFC and Panhellenic events
Luke Picking 
Te Greek Voice 
 Luke Picking ‘15
Interraternity CouncilVice President o Public Relationsuwgreekvoice@gmail.com
 David Gillam ‘14
Kim Downing ‘15
Stephanie Hamill ‘15
 Aleksander Posielski ‘16 
 Evan Rumpza ‘16 
 Marissa Freeman ‘14
Panhellenic AssociationVice President o Public Relationsuwgreekvoice@gmail.com
Contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns. Editors-in-chie are available to meet by appoint-ment at least two days in advance. Our oce is located in HUB 236 (M-F, 9-5)
Graphics Editors
 Nicholas Franko ‘16 
 Desi Schatz ‘16 
Greek Voice Editorial Staff Extra
Interested in contributing to The Greek Voice? Our application islocated on the IFC website, which can be found atwww.uwgreeks.com.Interested in having your chapter featured in the next issue? Knowof a story pertinent to the UW Greek community? Send us anemail at uwgreekvoice@gmail.com.
Te content o this newspaper accurately represents the current values o the University o Washington Greek community. All contributions are made by active Greek members in good standing with his/her respective chapter.Te opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily the opinions o a member’s chapter, the Greek community, or the University o Washington.
In Issue 23.3, ASUW Road to Election,” candidates AlexFraser and Daniel Nguyen’s names were spelled incorrectly.Kyle Curtis is a member o Delta Lambda Phi
riginally built in 1949, the student union orUW, now known as the Husky Union Buildingor HUB, is home to student government andorganizations, recreation and dining acilitiesand houses various oces and services.Both student and aculty and sta anticipated theopening o the original 71,000 square oot building withan enthusiastic reception. Seen as the “hub o campus lie,”the Washington Daily coined the term “HUB” in the early 1950’s, just beore the 1952 addition that more than doubledthe size o the building.Tis expansion added another deck to the building witha ballroom, game room, barbershop and additional oodservices. Over the next decade, the HUB saw continuousadditions that brought it to its present 262,000 square eet.From 2010-2012, the most current renovation, drivenby student initiatives, was meant to reach our goals o creating a welcoming space, open the building, connect tothe campus and build community. With a reopened andtotally redesigned foor plan, the HUB oers Huskies thetools required or any necessity.Open Monday – Tursday 7am to 11pm, Friday 7am tomidnight, and Saturday 8am-midnight, the HUB still oersall the amenities o the original building plus many more.Students will nd the basement space lled with ameditation room, the RSO oces, a bowling center, billiardsand table tennis as well as many other games. Te groundfoor is home to the University Bookstore, which carries agreat collection o Husky gear similar to the Ave location.You will also nd many dining halls and even a Subway!Going up to the other foors, students will nd theStudent Organization Resource Center (SORC), ASUWCommissions and Services, the Oce o Fraternity andSorority Lie (home o the Greek Voice production!), EventInormation, lounges, and especially, the ASUW BikeShop, Commuter Commons with Dawg Prints Station, andLyceum.Te ASUW Bike Shop provides ast and aordablebicycle repairs to promote healthy activity and ways o transportation. Some o their services include, but aren’tlimited too, ull bike tune-ups, brake adjustments, fat xes,and parts ordering.o learn more about the nonprot undergraduatestudent government at the University o Washington,ASUW, visit them in HUB 121! Tey house many programs,services and events or students on campus. Te ASUWworks closely with the Student Advisory Oce (SAO) andthe Graduate and Proessional Student Senate (GPSS) inproviding services or not only undergraduates but alsoclubs and graduate studentsLocated in HUB 236, the Oce o Fraternity and Sorority Lie (OFSL) serves as the main contact in the coordination o individual Recognition Agreements between the University o Washington and the raternities and sororities associatedwith the Panhellenic and Interraternity Councils.Te OFSL is used by the executive boards o bothcouncils, and is also used by our sta at the Greek Voice.Fraternity and sorority member requent the oce to turnin orms, meet with advisors, and check out grade reports.Nearby these important oces, the Lyceum andballrooms, as well as many other meeting / event rooms onthe second and third foors are oered at discounted ratesto provide students and student organizations meeting andevent space in the HUB.Student organizations are eligible or one meeting ortwo hours or less per week in small and mid-sized meetingrooms or ree as long as they are requested at least threebusiness days in advance. Larger rooms are listed onthe HUB’s ratesheet to refect only the room reservationcost. Additional charges will be applied or equipment,urnishings, ood services, cleaning, etc. o access thesereservation costs and receive step-by-step directions on thereservation process, have your student UWNetID ready and visit HUB Event Services.o nd more inormation about the HUB and all that itoers or you to get involved, there are events and importantupdates daily on their Facebook, Foursquare and witteraccounts as well as the main webpage, hub.washington.edu.
Contact Sarahsberkes@gmail.com
 What a Year It Has Been in the New HUB
Sarah Berkes
Luke Picking 
corner stone located on the ground oor 
Luke Picking 
Monday, May 6th, 2013 
OFSL Interview with Krista Bennitt
What is Your Most Embarrassing Childhood Story? 
or Panhellenic Advisor KristaBennitt, going Greek was somethingthat she never really pictured hersel doing. Growing up in OklahomaCity, Oklahoma, she watched as her oldersister became a Chi Omega at OklahomaState University. Bennitt showed herrebellious side by expressing disinterest inollowing in her sister’s ootsteps.Bennitt explained, “I had the little sistersyndrome,” revealing that it was her motherwho made her go through recruitment aershe too decided to attend OSU. “I wentthrough recruitment saying ‘I reuse to be inChi Omega’ but I kept going back and allingin love with it,” she described. So in the allo 2004, contrary to previous notions, Kristabecame a member o the au Beta chapter o Chi Omega.In college Krista earned the nicknameo “Campus Climber” through her extensiveinvolvement both within her chapter andon campus. She was a member o theCardinal Cabinet she was in charge o campus activities and served as reasurer.Her experiences changed her outlook as shemade relationships with many interestingpeople and honed in on her leadershipexperiences.She explained that the things she extractedrom her time in her chapter weren’t just theriendships. Rather it was learning how todeal with dierent personalities, be a leader,hold people accountable, and understandmutual respect, all things to bring with herinto the proessional world.As Krista wrapped up her undergradat OK State she still had desires to run orPanhellenic. She knew several o the boardmembers and was oered a part timeadvisor position, a job usually reserved orgraduate students.. Realizing that pursuingher accounting career by getting a CPAseemed less and less appealing, she decidedto browse dierent grad programs andound hersel wishing that she could keepdoing what she was doing or a living.“I got more joy out o tutoring the womenin my chapter and seeing them achieve theirpotential than I did with taking upper levelclasses” Bennitt explained in regards toaccounting. Ten in 2010 she earned hermasters Educational Leadership and CollegeStudent Development and ound that shecould in act pursue her dream career.Aer applying to similar positions at various universities all over the country,she was oered the position o Panhellenicadvisor and co-director o the Oce o Fraternity and Sorority Lie here at theUniversity o Washington.“It’s a lot o meetings,” Krista described,as she pointed to the jam-packed calendaropened up on her laptop. She explainedthat as assistant director, her work is very hands on. With weekly meetings with every exec ocer, bi-quarterly meetings withchapter presidents, her job requires constantcorrespondence and checking in on things.However, she claried that the ocershave been elected into their positions so shewants them to be the leaders. “I advise thembut it’s their decision to make. I always wantthem to succeed but sometimes they need toall beore they learn,” Bennitt said. Learningby many o her own ailures, she believesthat it’s not about the ailures themselves,but about how you respond which is crucial.While her goals change with every quarter,she explained there are specic underlyinggoals that she aims or. She plans to ocuson working with the board to streamlineprocesses by emphasizing the importance o transparency, communication, and stayingon task.Continuing to oster relationships withother departments as well as alumni isalso an important goal, which she plans toachieve by making meaningul connectionsto allow her to be the best resource orstudents. Te last main goal she addressedwas ocusing on the why o things. “A loto the things we do whether it’s what I doon a day to day basis, or in the Panhelleniccommunity, I want students to ocus onpurpose and intention.In regard to the remainder o the quarter,Bennitt expressed her excitement or beingin recruitment mode as chapter ocers andPanhellenic ocers are doing an excellent job o pushing recruitment as a good areaor women.Specically, Bennitt looks orward toBe Bold Day as a chance to ace issues oncampus about women empowerment. Asto what keeps her job interesting year-to-year, Bennitt explained that it is “getting awhole new board with new people to meeteach with dierent personalities in charge o dierent things, and learning how to balancethem.”
Contact Marinamarinataylor@yahoo.com
cont. from cover 
 Marina Taylor 
 Jordan Graham
“My junior year o highschool, we had a re drilland we all had to evacuateto the ootball eld. On my way back to class, I took ashortcut up the hill. While Iwas walking up the hill my oot slipped, and I ell andslid down in the mud. WhenI spent the rest o the day covered in mud rom my waist down.”“When I was little, my biggest ear was thunder andlightening. One day I was inthe back yard in playing in therain, all o a sudden lighteningstruck the ground in my neighbors yard and I fippedout. I booked it inside to ndmy mom. I ran up to her andtried to put my head betweenher knees and yelled “I wantto go back in!” Tat’s when my mom gured out I knew wherebabies came rom.”“Flashback to thoseexciting middle school pepassemblies when everyoneis dressed up and ready todominate the other classesin “un” competition. Outin ront o a ew hundredkids, two other kids and Iwere about to partake in anintense ood eating contest!Basically they blindoldedus and the rst to nish thecaramel ‘apple’ won... Peopleliterally didn’t talk to me orover a week because o how badly I reeked o onions.”
 Joel MickelsonRebecca Endrizzi
Rachael Levine
“When I was little I was atdaycare and ound a driedbean on the foor. I tried toput it in my riends ear butthey wouldn’t let me so I putit in my own ear, aer like amonth my mom noticed thatI couldn’t hear as well andthought I was going dea soshe took me to the doctorand they ound out I had abean in my ear...”
 Assistant Director of the Ofce of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Panhellenic Advisor 
what raternity lie is like at UW.Te day will conclude with a trip to see
Iron Man 3
at a private showing. PNMs willthen have the opportunity to spend the nightat a chapter house.While many recruitment is in ull swingat most chapters, with high school seniorsrom local high schools requenting thecommunity, Greek Preview primarily givesout o state students a chance to see whatGreek lie is all about. For these students,Greek Preview provides a great opportunity to experience the Greek community duringthe academic year, something that is notpossible or many.
Added last year, the overnight optionhas urther incentivised non-resident PNMsrom attending the event. Te option was rstintroduced by past IFC VP o Recruitment,and current President Cody Saben as a way to introduce new member live-in to thoseunamiliar to this unique opportunity.Current VP o Recruitment MichaelJohnson again brought the idea to theassociated presidents, who passed itunanimously. Along with the overnightoption, the raternity presidents agreed to a24 hour no alcohol policy beginning noonon Saturday, and ending on Sunday.Keeping the Greek community dry promotes values based recruiting at theoreront, an eort the IFC is committed toupholding. Tis policy also is congruent withthe Fraternal Inormation and ProgrammingGroup (FIPG) guidelines on recruitmentpractices. As with the exchange policy, allmember chapters o the IFC are committedto upholding these guidelines.Last year, the Saturday concluded witha poker night, at which the recruitmentchairmen rom each chapter were welcometo attend. Tis year, the PNMs will be seeing
Iron Man 3
at a private showing.While recruitment chairs were ableto attend last year, they will not be able toattend the movie screening this year.VP o Recruitment Michael Johnsonexplained that this allowed or PNMs totake a break rom the intense recruitingthey experience during the day. Attendingthe movie without chapter recruitmentchairmen will allow the PNMs to relax andeel revitalized or their overnight stay at achapter house.While Greek Preview gives PNMs anintroduction to the UW Greek community,it is not a substitute or the inormalrecruitment process. Aer attending theevent, PNMs are encouraged to keep incontact with the chapters they are mostinterested in joining.Greek Preview provides the opportunity or chapters to recruit new Greeks, ratherthan just new chapter members. Whilerecruitment chairman may constantly be thinking about extending their nextbid, Greek Preview provides a weekendto reocus on what it truly means to be araternity gentleman, and why it is truly thebest choice one can make to go Greek.
Panhellenic Greek PreviewContact Jonathan jiwazaki@uw.eduIFC Greek PreviewContact Lukeuwgreekvoice@gmail.com

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