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Hermetic Bibliography

Hermetic Bibliography

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Published by Kristina Sip
Hermetic Bibliography
Hermetic Bibliography

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Published by: Kristina Sip on May 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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=================I. Brief listing=================Title Author Publication----- ------ -----------The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn ***************************and Hermetic QabbalahInitiation_into_  _Hermetics F. Bardon ? (Germany, 1970)The_Key_to_the_True_  _Quabbalah F. Bardon ? (Germany, 1971)The_Practice_of_Magical _Evocation F. Bardon ? (Germany, 1960)The_Mystical_Qabalah D. Fortune Ernest Benn, London, 1935The_Book_of_Black_Magic _and_of_Pacts A.E. Waite ? (London, 1898)Transcendental_Magic E. Levi (trans Waite) Rider, 1968 (1896)The_Key_of_the _Mysteries E. Levi 1959 ()The_History_of_Magic E. Levi 1969 ()The_Sacred_Magic_ofAbramelin_the_Mage Mathers ?The_Kabbalah_  _Unveiled Mathers Weiser, 1968 [1887]The_Key_of_Solomon_ Routledge & Kegan Paul, _the_King Mathers 1968 (1887)Foundations_of_  _Practical_Magic I. Regardie Aquarian Press, 1979Garden_of_Pomegranates I. Regardie ?The_Middle_Pillar I. Regardie Llewellyn, 1970Golden_Dawn I. Regardie Llewellyn, 1971 (1938)The_Tree_of_Life I. Regardie Weiser, 1976 (1929)Enochian_Golden_Dawn_  _Magic Zalewski LlewellynThe_Sword_of_Wisdom Ithell Colquhoun ?? Ellic Howe, ?? R A Gilbert ?Yeats'_Golden_Dawn George MillsHarper ?Unicorn Virginia Moore ?Yeats_studies_annuals _(?) ed. Warwick Gould ?An_Introduction_to_the_  _Mystical_Qabalah Alan Richardson ?A_Kabbalah_for_the_  _Modern_World Migene Gonzalez-Wippler LlewellynAleister Crowley and the Thelemic Tradition ***************************Magick_in_Theory_  _and_Practice A. Crowley Dover, 1976 (1929)Enochian_World_of_  _Aleister_Crowley: _Enochian_Sex_Magick Crowley, Aleister;
DuQuette, Lon Milo;and Hyatt,Christopher S. Falcon Press, 1991Magick_without_Tears A. Crowley ?The_Eye_in_the_Triangle I. Regardie ?777_and_other_  _Qabbalistic_Writings _of_Aleister_Crowley A. Crowley Weiser, 1973Miscellaneous other Enochian ***************************The_Complete_Enochian_  _Dictionary Laycock, Donald C. Askin, 1978Enochian_Sex_Magic Lon Milo Duquetteand Christopher Hyatt ?John Dee and Edward Kelley ***************************Heptarchia_Mystica J. Dee Hermetic SourcebooksTHe_Heptarchia_Mystica, _of_John_Dee Robert Turner Magnum OpusSpirits_and_Apparitions J. Dee ?The_Enochian_Evocation _of_Dr._John_Dee James, Geoffry Heptangle Book 1988John_Dee P.J. French Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972Ancient Egypt **************************Egyptian_Magic Sir Wallis Budge Citadel Press, 1991 (1899)Ancient Mystery Tradition **************************Metamorphoses/Golden_Ass Lucius Apuleius ?Renaissance Neoplatonists **************************Egyptian_Secrets Albertus Magnus ? (Germany)De_Occulta_Philosophia Cornelius Agrippa ?Giordano_Bruno_and_the _Hermetic_Tradition Frances Yates Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1964The_Rosicrucian_  _Enlightenment Frances Yates Paladin, 1975 (1972)The_Art_of_Memory Frances Yates Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984 (1966)The_Occult_Philosphy_  _in_the_Elizabethan_  _Age Frances Yates Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979Elizabethan_Magic:_The _Art_and_the_Magus Robert Turner Element Books 1989Cognitive Science ***************************Actual_Minds_Possible_  _Worlds Jerome Bruner ?On_Knowing Jerome Bruner ?Ways_of_World-making Jerome Bruner, Goodman,Nelson ?
Fact,_Fiction,_Forecast Jerome Bruner ?The_Social_Construction _of_Reality. Peter Berger,Thomas Luckman ? (London, 1967)Metaphors_We_Live_By Lakoff, George. ?Invented_Reality Paul Watzlawick ?Play Jerome Bruner,A. Jolly, K. Sylva (ed.) Penguin, 1976The_Child's_Conception _of_Reality Jean Piaget Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1930Metaphor_and_Thought A. Ortony (ed.) Cambridge Press, 1979Language_and_Mind N. Chomsky Harcourt,Brace, and World,1968The_Nature_of_Human_  _Consciousness R.E. Ornstein (ed.) Viking, 1973Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Psychology and AlchemyMysterium_Coniunctionis C.G. Jung ?, 1963Anatomy_of_the_Psyche Edward Eddinger Open Court PressAltered States Psychology ****************************The_Varieties_of_ Religious_Experience William James ?Transformations_of_  _Consciousness ? ShambhalaAltered_States_of_  _Consciousness Charles Tart ?States_of_Consciousness Charles Tart ?Waking_Up Charles Tart ?The_Joyous_Cosmology Alan Watts ?The_Doors_of_Perception Aldous Huxley ?The_Natural_Mind Andrew Weil ?The_Varieties_of_  _Psychedelic_  _Experience Masters and Houston ?Licit_and_Illicit_Drugs Brecher et al. ?The_Varieties_of_  _Mystical_Experience D. Goleman Irvington, 1977Ethnology and Anthropology *******************************The_Golden_Bough Sir James Frazer London, Macmillan, 1922 (abr.)Persuasions_of_the_ Witch's_Craft T.M. Luhrmann Harvard University Press, 1989(Yaqui series) Carols Casteneda ?The_Savage_Mind C. Levi_Strauss Chicago Univ. Press, 1966(works) Mircea Eliade ?E. Native American traditions **************************Being-in-dreaming Florinda Donner HarperSanFrancisco 1991.Shabono Florinda Donner Delacorte Press 1982.Shabono_:_a_visit_to_  _a_remote_and_magical_  _world_in_the_South_  _American_rainforest Florinda Donner HarperSanFrancisco 1992.

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