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The Pattern in the Mount.

The Pattern in the Mount.

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' ' After that He through the Holy Ghost had given commandments
unto the Apostles whom He had chosen." ACTS i. 2

' ' After that He through the Holy Ghost had given commandments
unto the Apostles whom He had chosen." ACTS i. 2

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE PATTER I THE MOUT.REV. H. S. HOLLAD, M.A.' ' After that He through the Holy Ghost had given commandmentsunto the Apostles whom He had chosen." ACTS i. 2.IT is impossible not to turn back, again and again,from the midst of our perplexities, to those greatForty Days, during which the mind of the Apostlespassed from out of the confusion and littleness of its Gospel-period into the firmness and the widthof the Epistles.What were the impressions then implanted ?What conception did they then receive from theMaster, as He came and went, of the work beforethem ; of the kingdom they were to establish, of the Church of which they should be the foundation ? When they emerged out of that strangehidden time emerged new men transformed, menon whom some wonderful experience had passed,124 THE PATTER I THE MOUT.which had broken up their old nature, and hadlifted them on to a new level, from which they sawwith other eyes than of old and spoke with otherlips ; when they emerged, what were the rulingideas which the power of the Risen Lord hadstamped upon their imagination ? What had theymainly gathered from Him as to the form and thefeatures to which He desired that His Church onearth should, under their handling, correspond ?So we ask ; and the answer is given in three orfour metaphors, invariably occurring throughoutthe Apostolic writings, which most certainly conveythe mind of the Lord about His Church, as HisApostles understood it. Three or four picturesHe left stamped ineradicably home. By theseth.ey were to work ; here were their examples, theircue, " the pattern shown them in the mount." Letus recall these figures that were to them so familiar
and so predominant ; let us recall them, eventhough their very recollection clouds us with thesorrow of a passionate regret, which the Spirit of God alone can lighten. Let us recall them, at theTHE PATTER I THE MOUT. 125risk of some repetition of what is already familiarto us, in order that we may, by bringing themtogether in one brief review, appreciate their weightand significance as a whole. They are the figuresof the household, the family, the body, the temple.First, the household. As He pictured to His heartthat after-work, He certainly hoped and plannedthat all Christendom should take the form of ahousehold whose master was gone for a time, butwhose returning presence was to be the goal of allefforts and the sanction of all toil. This Christendom of His should be, pre-eminently, from oneend to the other, an organized kingdom of work work, busy, earnest, urgent, unflagging, as of a manentrusted with his goods by a master who lookseagerly for his profit, for his fruits ; who delightsin the man who can turn five talents into ten,and two into five. It was to be, in every cornerof it, a busy home of progressive work, reapinginterest, ever laying hold of fresh earthly matterand turning it into Divine uses. And as such akingdom of business, nothing would be accidental,126 THE PATTER I THE MOUT.or fortuitous, or irregular. The household wouldbear the marks of plan, of deliberation ; everywhereactivity, nowhere disorder ; everybody with anoffice, a function to fulfil ; all united under a singlesystem, prosecuting a single aim, moving underfixed rules and an orderly commission. That iswhat He would leave behind Him, this MasterWho goes into a far country ; and so He prayedthat it should remain during the whole long timeuntil He come again. All were to be found there,each at his post the clerk at his desk, the servant
in the kitchen, the porter at the door, watching andworking on and on, with lamps trimmed, with loinsgirt, to the very moment when the Lord should besuddenly heard knocking at the gate.So the Lord pictured His Church, in its busywork of incessant advance. And then, looking atit in its continuity, as conveying down the traditions and experiences of the past, He saw it all as" one family." " A family." An organized life of fixed and intelligible relationships ; a life in whichobligations lie deep within the very nature of thoseTHE PATTER- I THE MOUT. I2/who are to fulfil them obligations stringent andbinding, outside all discussion. In the family,every separate life has worth; it must be considered ;its interests, its wants, its character, all justifythemselves by the mere act of existing. It is nomatter of choice or consent, of likes or dislikes ;for beyond all dispute the imperative claim holdsgood, " He is my brother, she is my sister boneof my bone, flesh of my flesh." And this inherentnecessity of kinship it is which gives such peace tofamily life that peace which is so dear to us allin our home the peace of feeling that nothing canoverride, or weaken, or destroy the moral bondswhich knit its members together. It is in the verydepth of the obligation that the secret of its joylies. Born into us, it buries itself beyond thereckoning of reason ; it penetrates our feelings ; itfuses itself with our emotions ; it imbeds itself within our instincts ; it rounds our waking life withlarger horizons. The family, the home these laynursing arms about us ; they convey into our bloodthe strength and the fragrance of the past ; they128 THE PATTER I THE MOUT.encompass us with warm and comfortable associations ; and within this comfortable warmth theaffections wake and stir, and sympathies come and

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