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Course Outline

Course Outline

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Published by dreamsohel

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Published by: dreamsohel on Apr 18, 2009
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American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)School Of BusinessMBA PROGRAMCourse Outline
Mathematics for Business Spring Semester: 2009Course Code: 00973, 00974, 01455 Class Time: ST: 06: 30 08:00 (A)Section: A, B & D (Room No. # 142(A), 142 (B) and 132(D)) MW:08:00-09:30 (B) : 06:30 – 08: 00 (D)Faculty:
Dr. Md. Showkat Ali
E-mail:msa417@aiub.edu Tel.: 01552-433663(M), 01712-283278(M),7162376(R)Office: Teachers’ Room, Ground Floor,Campus # 1Office Hours: ST (08: 00 - 09:00 PM)
Course Description:
 This course is designed to make students familiar with variousmathematical tools - used by stakeholders (managers, investors and creditors) tomake business decision. The course covers topics like linear equations, break-evenanalysis, logarithms, linear programming (optimization) and mathematics for finance.
Course Objective:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be ableto use mathematical tools to make business decision in real world.
Conduct of the courses:
Classroom lectures, tutorials including home assignments,quizzes and exams.
 Recommended Course Text:
Mathematics with Applications in Management and Economics, by Gorgon D.Prichett and John C. Saber, 7
 Edition, IRWIN.2. Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and SocialSciences, by Barnet, R.A., Zeigler,M.R. and Byllen, K.E., 7
Edition, Prentice Hall, NJ, USA.3. Business Mathematics, by Kappor V.K., & Sancheti D.C, Sultan Chand &Sons, India.
Performance Evaluation and Grading:
The final grade for this course will bebased on the points achieved on the following areas:
Mid Term SessionFinal Session
Quizzes(Announced/Unannounced)20%Quizzes (Announced/Unannounced)20%Assignments10%Assignments10%Class Participation5%Class Participation5%Class Attendance5%Class Attendance5%Mid Term Exam40%Final Exam60% Total80%Total100%
Converted into40%Converted into60%
Note: The instructor may alter the grading points if he finds it necessary.Individual Assignment and Quizzes:
After each chapter there will be a quiz. Itcould be either an announced or an unannounced quiz. Assignment dead line will bestrictly maintained.
There will be no make up quiz or make up assignment forany quiz or assignment missed without valid reasons.Mid Term Exam:
 There will be one mid-term exam at the middle of the semester. You can expect both short and long calculations.
Class Participation:
Students are strongly recommended to participate in theclassroom. Your attendance is also part of your class participation. Do not worryabout your answer whether it is correct or incorrect while participating. You may becalled upon randomly throughout the semester to give answers or comment on anyquestions or on any issues.
Final Exam:
Final exam will be based on the chapters covered after the Mid Termexam. Again you can expect both short and long calculation
Detailed Course OutlineSerialNo.#TimeFrame(ExpectedLectures)TopicsSpecific ObjectivesSuggestedActivitiesTeachingStrategy(s)
12EssentialConcepts of Mathematics:Real Numbers, Orderof Operations,Variables, Equations,and Inequalities,Properties of Zero,Exponents, RationalExpression, Factoringetc.Class roomdiscussionparticipationand Tutorial(Groupdiscussion).Multimedia /Visualpresentations,Lecture,discussionassignments andsolvingproblemsboth onpaper andon theboard.
21LinearRelationshipsand constrainedOptimizationLinear equations andfunction, and theirapplication in the realworld.Class roomdiscussion, Tutorial, quizand submissionof assignment.Same asabove2LinearRelationshipsand constrainedOptimizationEquations andInequalities, Functionsand Special Functions,Straight Lines andApplications of Straight lines, Fixedand variable cost,mark-up and marginClass roomdiscussion Tutorial andCase analysis.Same asabove2LinearRelationshipsand constrainedOptimizationBreak Even Analysisand LinearProgrammingClass roomdiscussion Tutorial, quizandassignment.Same asabove1System of LinearEquations andMatrices.System solution usingSubstitution andElimination Methods.Class roomdiscussionParticipation & TutorialSame asabove32Introduction toMatrixDefinition, differenttypes of matrices andtheir propertiesClass roomdiscussion andparticipation.Same asabove2MatrixOperationsAddition andmultiplication of matrices, Applicationsof matrices tobusiness problemsClass roomdiscussion andparticipation.Same asabove42AnalyticalGeometryBasic Definitions ongeometryClass roomdiscussion Tutorial & quiz.Same asabove
2 hours
52Exponential andLogarithmicFunctionsExponential functions,need for logarithms,rules of logarithms,common logarithmsand naturallogarithms,application of inversenatural logarithmsClass roomdiscussionParticipation, Tutorial, quizandassignment.Same asabove62Introduction totheMathematics of Finance.Simple interest andthe future value,Simple discount andpresent valueClass roomdiscussionParticipation, Tutorial, quizandassignment.Same asabove1Introduction totheMathematics of Finance.Bank discount andeffective rate.Class roomdiscussion andparticipation.Same asabove

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