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An Answer To A Sacred Challenge (Unedited/Untitled/Unfinished/In Progress)

An Answer To A Sacred Challenge (Unedited/Untitled/Unfinished/In Progress)

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Published by Markus Grier
An answer to a sacred challenge... A reply to challenge in Qur'an, Baha'i writings, etc...
An answer to a sacred challenge... A reply to challenge in Qur'an, Baha'i writings, etc...

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Published by: Markus Grier on May 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unedited/Untitled God cannot be destroyed because God will not destroy himself. If he can be destroyed then he is not God. He is always God. If he destroys himself he will no longer be considered God even by himself. God has the ability to do anything he wishes, but decides not to do so because he will no longer be God. Even a person would not destroy himself if they were wise. Wisdom is having knowledge of all things and acting in common sense and to the p
 leasure of one’s self. God is
 everywhere by being able to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste, plus all unknown senses to man, without making movement from his current space except with that  of the senses. God is king of the universe because he has the ability to enforce his will without the consent of another person, place, thing, idea. God is one, but istwo separate beings, male and female, because they work together, are married, have common interests besides that of their gender preferences. Acting in accord  is always considered acting as one. Acting as one is one becaus
 e… God does not oppose itself. If it did it would not be considered one, but only two. There is a dual 
 nature to all things. When speaking of God one is mentioned because both have the same ability, do not oppose each other, and never will or be divided. God is usually considered to be a he because the first universe will be destroyed by the masculine personality it. Also
is mentioned because of the nature of 
translation and the predominance of the males above the female within God’s creation. In the Qur’an the name Allah is neither plural nor feminine because the
 masculine personality of God will destroy the universe. Plural is two or more entities, but God is not plural because they are one in every sense of the word  because they are collectively call 
 ed God and without one there would not be the other; therefore, “god is neither plural nor feminine” means that being a colle
 ctiveGod has disclosed what God is not, but not exactly what God is. God is exact in everything he does. Throughout this document he is used because I am a male, and  feel comfortable with using that term to denote God. While God is God he is all-powerful, but once he creates a being stronger than himself he will not be God, soGod will not destroy himself. God is all-knowing because he can every-sense everything. He can every-sense everything because he exists eternally and that is how he exists. Since he was not born he always is with faculty which he has possessed time immemorial. Being not born explains the point that he is and never was not. Some questions do not make sense because there may not be root cause to a person, place, thing, or idea. How God is all-powerful? He is all-powerful because he has the ability to do all things. Is God all-powerful? That question need not be answered because this knowledge is merely based on hope, blind faith, signs in creation, and by the revealing of himself. The faculties of hope, love, etc was not instilled in us without some force behind it. By God being eternal means that he will never destroy himself. There should be no cause to figure out if God exists, but only by signs in creation. God created everything in his image, so it is alsotwo. If we are in the image of God then God is two. There is no argument between the God personalities because they are wise, all-knowing, and since they are wise they know to compromise. God is compassionate because he has no reason to show animosity because we are far from being compared to him. Everybody talk  about somebody possibly being an angel, but you will not always know who may be God. God is above his creation in every sense of the concept. If he wanted to incarnate into human form within this world nobody can stop him. Anybody can see God, but knowing what constitutes God can either end for the better or worst.
 For the worst would be destruction by God and for the better… For the worst would be plotting against God. You would be destr
 oyed the first exact minuscule fraction of a second if the sentence before was the case. For the better would be not plotting against God. Since there is no common sense record of there being aGod, trying to explain that God exists will not be undertaken. We will assume that God exists for the disclosure of this document because of the limited language humans possess and the limited terminology thereof. God is incomprehensible because there is no extensive comprehensive knowledge of his constitution and there is not  enough terminology and expressive language at the time for the dissemination of his constitution. There is good and evil potential to everything in the universe, so if a human knows God and he is evil then he may or may not like God because God is good. And even though he may know that he cannot defeat God he may try to commit evil acts because he will know that God may postpone his punishment and he may be so evil and mischievous that he may wallow in his thoughts, actions, and  intentions. Everybody has the ability to love and hate. God would not keep a person away from his presence since God has the ability to steer an evil person to do good and God has been, is, and always will be wise, so there is evil in the world, and 
there is a heaven and hell. Wise is one of God’ 
 s attributes. Being far away
 from God’s presence as hell, and close to God’s presence as heaven
(as the Baha’is have it) is just another explanation of these two extremes. God never changes
 absolutes; however, he does change physical-
 related concepts and laws. Explanations are only changed to suit the current generation’s needs. What will God say
 about heaven and hell during the proclamation of his next religion? The proximity to God can bring up many images from a discerning mind if one was to contemplatethe words of the great prophets. The proceeding sentence is a partly a requisite written and spoken by all prophets since Adam. Nothing should be taken as face value unless scrutiny of the voices and documents deems it otherwise. It is written that God is not begotten and does not beget, but what is creation? Someone who is kin is considered that only because he came from a certain person or people.
 How can there be incorrect translations when the Qur’an cannot be changed and angels
 guard it, but only the language may be strange in a different language, but can
 be adapted quickly? And the print of the Qur’an is no matter, but the words of God  are what matter. Plus Islam is for the whole population of the earth as stated in the Qur’an. Why is there verses in the Qur’an that are considered “only Allah knows” when the whole Qur’an is supposed to be an evident sign of Allah? 
Why does God not show himself if he has pride? If Islam was for the whole world, then how can somebody come after Muhammad and say the same thing he did, but say that he is the first one to do that? Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi are the official 
 interpreters of the Baha’i Faith, but anybody can interpret the teachings only with scrutiny from the one listening, reading,
etc o(of) the unofficial  interpretations. Being the official interpretations means that every effort should be made to arrive at the answers and that they will, unless he is not able, but  still those teachings should be followed until the answer be revealed or death occurs
 in order to be considered a Baha’i 
 . Those teachings need not be followed if not  found to be true by study and meditation and there is no wrong in that. Unofficial interpretations, when cannot be found to be true, need not be found true with effort. How can you go from there being an end to the world to there being more than one world on a continuous stream? How can there be an end to this world, but there be more prophets coming after one another on a continuous stream. How can there be judgment (with descriptions), but that end up being a symbol for the
 coming twin-prophets. What if the next prophet say that the teachings believed to be literal today of the present prophet are only symbols of something even greater or something else? Were we given the mind in order to figure out these types of things for ourselves? Of course we were. Everything was created with wisdom. God is not without wisdom, for he is all-wise. If God is incomprehensible, but we can know God through the prophets why is there such little knowledge of God. Knowing all things you have no choice, but to act accordingly.
The writings state that you don’t have to practice religion in order to be accepted by God.There isn’t any way to tell whether a verse is a symbol or
 not without scrutiny. Plus these plain, but esoteric lines within all religions are all supposed to be signs that God has appeared in the world now and soon will be made manifest. For someone has come with an eye opener! Now there is a document that threatens the very fabric of scriptures past, but those scriptures need not be thrown away. Even though they are not always literal, they should be studied for an ocean is coming soon that will never be forgotten by those who will take heed.
 How can Christianity be true when the literal interpretation of both the Qur’an and Bible contradict themselves, and both be true under the Baha’i Faith? Can God change his mind when the new testament and the old te
 stament differ? How can Jesus saythat he did not come to destroy the law, but fulfill it, and change some of the laws? Why will war never end? Why did the United States fall when other countries got tired of her? Was Muhammad the last prophet, messenger, or both or as one? How is God eternal if he is not effected/affected by time? Why was
the world created if humans do not take away or add to God’s kingdom? If God said that Iblis was a Djinn, why is there no dev
 il? Have you tried to combine the writings of past prophets and the present one and tried to comprehend it literally and figuratively? You are surely allowed to combine just two major ones and see what happens. Remember the missing books. Since there are prophets
messengers according to Islam, and there be some who are both
 doesn’t tha
t mean that 
 Baha’u’llah is just a prophet if all givers of Allah’s direct or indirect word are manifestations? Read again and take heed.
 Is this not a response to a challenge inthe sacred books? 
 Just because angels can’t enter a house where there is a dog
and angels follow rain drops to the ground (angels being childish and in wonderment)
 doesn’t mean angels are in that house of the dog where the rain drop falls. Imagination is one of the keys to interpretation
 since God is all-powerful. Since God is all-p
 owerful doesn’t mean angels (or any other being) don’t have special powers of their own. Who can add to God’s words, but God himself? How is
 man not comparable to God? Have you thought about contrasting man with God? If man has two arms, but God has no arm
 s as man has, doesn’ 
t that mean that God 
 can be many armed? If man has one face and God has no face like man, doesn’t that mean that God has many faces? The same goes
for legs, feet, eyes, ears and  head. For the torso, if there is no comparison, then there is a contrast. Since there are signs in creation, then there must be signs within objects that are man- made. For the purpose of this document, create (and its derivatives) means from nothing and without tools; and make (and its derivatives) mean fashion with tools, such as computers. And since God created man, are there not signs within man himself and what he makes. What makes you think that God will not reward or punish you for what is contained within your mass (mass is truly only known by God)? What makes you think that when God arrives there will not be a mass disclosure of information relating to reality (creation
made objects)? What makes you think that knowledge is all there is as far as knowing, etc (other words

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