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Illuminati: Rise to the Top!

Illuminati: Rise to the Top!

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Published by Jonathan Janssen
My Game Chef 2013 entry! A role-playing game where you compete against other players to reach the top of the pyramid.
My Game Chef 2013 entry! A role-playing game where you compete against other players to reach the top of the pyramid.

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Published by: Jonathan Janssen on May 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If the Joker is drawn, the player who drewit discards it and is dealt two more cards.Players compare their cards to the OriginTable and choose one origin from what theyhave drawn. They record the traits of thatorigin on their sheet.For the Affiliations round, shuffle only theface cards together. Each player is dealthree cards and compares them to the Af-filiations table. Again, if the joker isdrawn, that player discards it and is dealttwo additional cards. The players select anaffiliation from among their cards, re-cording the traits to their sheet.For the Hobbies round, remove the face cardsand shuffle the deck. Each player draws twocards, compares them to the Hobbies Tableand records the traits to their sheet. Ifthe Joker is drawn, that player discards itand is dealt an additional card. That playerreceives a Hobby trait for all three cards.After all the traits are recorded, playerscreate a name and short back story to tellthe other players about themselves. Thisdoes not have to be accurate in any way.In Illuminati: Race to the Top! Players takethe roll of agents in various organizations,trying to beat each other to the top of theIlluminati pyramid. They each have their owntricks up their sleeve to make sure theykeep the other potentials down.Materials:Character SheetsPencilsPyramid ChartTokens for CharactersStandard Playing Cards (At least one deckfor GM and one for players) Remove jokersand face cards from the GM deck.Preparation:Copy or make a pyramid chart for the game.If possible, make copies of the charactercreation tables for each player, it willspeed up character creation.Character Creation:Character creation takes place in threephases: Origin, Affiliations, and Hobbies.Each player begins with a character sheet.For the Origin round, remove the face cardsand numbers over 8 (Aces count as 1) from adeck and shuffle it. Each player is dealtthree cards, keeping them hidden.
CHALLENGESWhen a player draws a challenge card, the GMconsults the Challenge Chart and describesthe challenge to them. Challenges can be one
of four varieties, depending on the card’s
suit: Corporate (Diamonds), Media (Hearts),Violent (Clubs), or Political (Spades).The number of the card determines the diffi-culty of the challenge. After the GM de-scribes the circumstance of the challenge,the player describes how their characterhandles the situation using the appropriatetrait. Then, the player draws a card from
the players’ deck, adds their score in the
trait to the drawn card, and compares thetotal to the challenge card. If the total isequal or greater, they succeed, if the total
is less, they fail. If the drawn card’s suit
matches the suit of the challenge, this is acritical success. The player draws anothercard
Example: On Otis’s turn, he draws a chal-
lenge card, the 7 of Clubs, a Violent chal-lenge. The GM says rivals send a motorcyclegang to cripple his character, Papa. Otissays Papa is going to load his shotgun and blast his way to safety. He draws a card 
from the Players’ deck, 3 of Diamonds. Add-
ing that to his Violence trait of 3, he gets6.
Game Play:The oldest player goes first.
Player’s begin as lowly agents in the bottom
ranks of the Illuminati pyramid. They placetheir token on any space on the base.
On each player’s turn, they may choose to
move any number of spaces horizontally, up
to a maximum of their character’s MOVE
trait, before attempting a CHALLENGE. Then
they draw a card from the GM’s deck for a
CHALLENGE (described below).If the challenge is passed, the player addsone point to the trait they used to defeatthe challenge. They also may move their to-ken up on to the next level of the pyramidto a space that touches their current spaceif they wish. They may wish to remain on thecurrent level for personal reasons.If they fail the challenge, they must dropdown to the next level of the pyramid to aspace below that touches the space their to-ken currently occupies, unless they are al-ready on the base of the pyramid, in whichcase they remain there.Regardless if they pass or fail, the
player’s turn ends and it is the nextplayer’s turn.

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